iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen
iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen

Dropped your iPhone 14 Pro Max and shattered the glass? Before you panic, remember that it’s possible to replace the glass and restore your device to its former glory. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through the iPhone 14 Pro Max glass replacement process.

1. Before You Begin

Gather Essential Tools

  • Pentalobe screwdriver
  • Y000 Tri-point screwdriver
  • Plastic spudger or pry tool
  • Suction cup
  • Tweezers
  • Replacement iPhone 14 Pro Max glass (ensure it’s genuine and compatible)

Prepare Your Workspace

  • Find a clean, well-lit space.
  • Arrange all tools within easy reach.
  • Use a small container to hold tiny screws and components.

2. Opening the iPhone 14 Pro Max

Power Down the Device

  • Ensure your iPhone is turned off to prevent electrical complications.

Remove Pentalobe Screws

  • Unscrew the two Pentalobe screws located at the bottom, adjacent to the charging port.

Detach the Display

  • Apply the suction cup near the shattered area and gently lift.
  • Carefully wedge the spudger between the frame and glass. Glide it around to separate the two.

Caution: Ribbon cables are delicate. Handle with care to avoid any damage.

3. Disconnecting Battery and Screen

Unscrew Battery Connector Plate

  • With the Y000 screwdriver, remove the screws holding the battery connector plate.
  • With tweezers, lift the plate, and use the spudger to disconnect the battery.

Detach the Screen

  • Unscrew the display connector plate.
  • Gently use the spudger to disconnect the ribbon cables linked to the screen.

4. Preparing the New Glass

Test Before Full Installation

  • Before proceeding, connect the new glass to ensure it functions correctly.

Transfer Components

If your replacement glass doesn’t come with a front camera, earpiece, or other components, you’ll need to transfer these from the broken glass to the new one.

5. Reinstalling the Display

Attach the New Glass

  • Carefully connect the new display’s ribbon cables.
  • Secure them with the display connector plate and corresponding screws.

Reconnect the Battery

  • Reattach the battery connector.
  • Place and screw in the battery connector plate.

Reassemble the Device

  • Align the display with the frame starting from the top, pressing downwards.
  • Once the display is seated correctly, screw in the Pentalobe screws at the base.

6. Testing the New Glass

  • Power on your iPhone 14 Pro Max.
  • Check if the touch functionality is intact, and look out for any display anomalies.


Replacing the glass on your iPhone 14 Pro Max can be a meticulous task, but it’s doable with the right guidance and patience. If at any step you feel uncertain, it’s recommended to seek professional help. Remember, the key is to work slowly and deliberately, ensuring you don’t damage any internal components.

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