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Pixar’s Inside Out 2 has become the studio’s highest-grossing movie ever, passing 2018’s ‘Incredibles 2’. The sequel to the popular 2015 film has earned over $1.251 billion worldwide, making it the fourth highest-grossing animated film to date. The road to making it Pixar’s highest grossing movie of all time came relatively quickly as the movie isn’t even a month old.

Inside Out 2’s success can be attributed to its emotional story, strong franchise, and positive feedback from both critics and audiences. The movie’s portrayal of emotions within a young girl’s mind has resonated with viewers, appealing to both children and adults. Pixar’s achievement with Inside Out 2 reinforces its standing in the world of animation, receiving acclaim from moviegoers and critics alike.

Inside Out 2’s Box Office Triumph: Pixar’s New Champion

Soaring Past the Competition

Inside Out 2 has officially claimed the title of Pixar’s highest-grossing movie ever, surpassing the previous record held by Incredibles 2. It achieved this milestone by raking in a staggering $1.251 billion in global ticket sales, surpassing Incredibles 2’s total of $1.242 billion.

Global Box Office Rankings

As of July 2024, Inside Out 2 holds a notable position among the top-grossing animated films of all time:

RankMovie TitleGlobal Box Office (USD)
1Frozen 2$1.451 billion
2The Super Mario Bros. Movie$1.361 billion
3Frozen$1.274 billion
4Inside Out 2$1.251 billion
5Incredibles 2$1.242 billion

Reasons for Success

The sequel’s success can be attributed to several factors:

  • Strong Franchise: The original Inside Out was a critical and commercial success, establishing a loyal fanbase eager for a sequel.
  • Emotional Appeal: The film’s exploration of emotions resonates with audiences of all ages, making it a relatable and engaging experience.
  • Stellar Voice Cast: The returning cast, including Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, and Bill Hader, deliver captivating performances.
  • Positive Reviews: The film has garnered positive reviews from critics, praising its humor, heart, and animation.
  • Family-Friendly Appeal: Inside Out 2 is a movie that the whole family can enjoy, leading to repeat viewings and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Future Potential

With its continued box office performance, Inside Out 2 might climb even higher in the rankings, potentially overtaking Frozen and even The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Its long-term success solidifies the franchise’s popularity and Pixar’s ability to create enduring animated stories.

Key Takeaways

  • Inside Out 2 is Pixar’s highest-grossing movie ever.
  • The film has made over $1.2 billion globally.
  • It has surpassed the success of Incredibles 2.

Unprecedented Success at the Box Office

“Inside Out 2” has shattered records and reached amazing heights at the global box office. It has become the highest-grossing Pixar movie, driven by its strong appeal across various international markets.

Breaking Records and Setting New Benchmarks

The movie had a stunning opening weekend, pulling in massive ticket sales. “Inside Out 2” quickly crossed the $1 billion mark at the global box office, becoming the fastest animated film to do so. It surpassed previous Pixar successes like “Incredibles 2” and even “Frozen.”

“Inside Out 2” set a new benchmark for animated movies, with its total earnings reaching $1.25 billion. This incredible performance solidifies its place as Pixar’s top-grossing film of all time.

International Appeal and Market Performance

The sequel’s success isn’t confined to North America. International markets played a huge role, especially regions like Japan and Europe, contributing significantly to the box office totals. The movie’s universal themes and relatable characters had a broad appeal.

In North America alone, the movie’s performance was strong, but the international earnings pushed it past previous animated hits like “The Super Mario Bros. Movie.” The film’s worldwide box office success is a testament to its widespread popularity and effective marketing in diverse markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Inside Out 2” has achieved remarkable success since its release. Below are specific details about its box office performance and other key achievements.

What records has ‘Inside Out 2’ broken in box office sales?

“Inside Out 2” has set a new record for the highest-grossing Pixar film. It surpassed “Incredibles 2” to achieve this milestone. Additionally, it became the fastest animated film to cross the $1 billion mark in just 19 days.

How much worldwide revenue has ‘Inside Out 2’ generated since its release?

“Inside Out 2” has generated over $1.251 billion globally. This impressive figure marks it as the top-grossing Pixar movie to date.

What factors contributed to the financial success of ‘Inside Out 2’?

Several factors contributed to the success of “Inside Out 2.” The film’s unique portrayal of emotions resonated with audiences. Strong marketing and positive reviews also played a significant role.

Which Pixar movies are in the top five for highest-grossing films ever?

The top five highest-grossing Pixar films include:

  1. “Inside Out 2”
  2. “Incredibles 2”
  3. “Toy Story 4”
  4. “Toy Story 3”
  5. “Finding Dory”

How has ‘Inside Out 2’ impacted the ranking of animated movies in box office history?

“Inside Out 2” now ranks among the top animated movies in box office history. It has reshaped the landscape by setting new standards for global earnings.

What awards has ‘Inside Out 2’ won or been nominated for since its debut?

Since its debut, “Inside Out 2” has been recognized for its storytelling and animation. It has received nominations for major awards and won several, celebrating its creative achievements.

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