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Infinite Craft Logo

Infinite Craft is a game that grabs players’ attention with its unique mix of creativity and strategy. It challenges players to combine different elements to create new ones, simulating a fun crafting experience. One intriguing challenge in the game is to create ‘Discord,’ a unique element within the game. The process involves specific steps, combining elements to eventually achieve ‘Discord.’ Players start with basic elements like Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind, and combine these to create new entities such as Steam, Plant, and Storm, unlocking possibilities step by step. Crafting Discord requires logical thinking and careful planning to decide the sequence of combinations.

How To Craft Discord In Infinite Craft

To get to Discord you simply need to combine Apple + Apollo = Discord. Here’s how:

Earth + Water = Plant
Plant + Plant = Tree
Wind + Plant = Dandelion
Dandelion + Wind = Seed
Tree + Seed = Apple
Wind + Wind = Tornado
Earth + Wind = Dust
Dust + Eart = Planet
Planet + Tornado = Cyclone
Planet + Cyclone = Jupiter
Jupiter + Tornado = Zeus
Earth + Planet = Moon
Zeus + Moon = Apollo
Apple + Apollo = Discord

Crafting Guidance and Strategy

Infinite Craft is a game where combining various elements leads to new creations. This section will help you understand how to combine elements effectively.

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