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Creating a Nether Portal in Minecraft enables players to explore the Nether, a rugged and dangerous dimension with unique resources and terrains. Constructing a portal requires precision and resource gathering. With the right materials, a Nether Portal becomes a gateway to interconnected dimensions, providing access to various biomes and treasures not found in the game’s overworld.

How To Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft


ItemQuantityHow to Obtain
Obsidian10-14 blocksMine with a Diamond pickaxe (find naturally or create with lava/water interaction)
Flint and Steel1Craft with 1 iron ingot and 1 flint


1. Frame BuildingCreate a rectangular obsidian frame. Minimum size is 4×5 blocks (inside hole). Maximum size is 23×23 blocks. Corners are optional, saving Obsidian.
2. ActivationUse your Flint and Steel to light a fire on the inside of the obsidian frame. The center will turn purple when active.

Additional Tips

  • Lava/Water Method: If you don’t have a diamond pickaxe, you can create obsidian. Find a lava pool and use buckets to build a mold for your portal frame. Pour water over the contained lava to turn it into obsidian.
  • Ruined Portals: These often spawn partially built in the Overworld and Nether. You may only need to complete and activate them.

To start building a Nether Portal, players need to obtain obsidian, a durable material created when water touches a lava source block. The portal must be a rectangular shape with a minimum size of 4 blocks wide and 5 blocks tall. Once the frame is built, the portal is activated by using flint and steel on the inside of the obsidian rectangle. Igniting it will reveal the swirling, purple gateway that signifies the passage to the Nether is open.

Key Takeaways

  • A Nether Portal is constructed from obsidian and is a gateway to the Nether dimension.
  • The minimum frame size for a portal is 4 blocks wide by 5 blocks tall.
  • Activating the portal requires flint and steel to light the inside of the frame.

Constructing the Nether Portal

Before building a Nether Portal, players must collect the necessary materials, construct an obsidian frame, and then activate the portal. This gateway serves as a passageway between the Overworld and the fiery Nether dimension.

Gathering Materials

Players will need to find or make obsidian. To do this, water must flow over a lava source block. Players can mine obsidian with a diamond pickaxe. Crafting a portal also requires flint and steel, which players can make using iron ingot and flint from a crafting table. Alternatively, you can use a fire charge to activate the portal.

  • Required Materials:
    • Obsidian (minimum 10 blocks, ideally 14 for full frame)
    • Flint and Steel or Fire Charge (for portal activation)
    • Diamond Pickaxe (optional, for mining obsidian)

Building the Frame

The frame for a Nether Portal must be a vertical rectangle with a minimum size of 4 blocks wide by 5 blocks tall. Four corner blocks are not necessary, although players might include them in the design for aesthetics.

  • Frame Specification:
    • Width: 4 blocks
    • Height: 5 blocks (including the corners or minimum 3 blocks if corners are not included)

Activating the Portal

After the frame is built, players activate the Nether Portal using flint and steel or a fire charge. To do this, stand inside the frame and use flint and steel or a fire charge on the lower inside blocks of the obsidian frame, igniting it and creating the purple, swirling portal interface needed to enter the Nether.

  • Activation Tools:
    • Flint and Steel
    • Fire Charge

Remember, safety is key. Players should ensure they are well-equipped before stepping through the portal into the Nether, as it is a dangerous place with many hazards.

Exploring the Nether

Navigating the perilous Nether in Minecraft requires planning and the right equipment. With dangers at every turn, it is vital to prepare thoroughly before stepping through the portal.

Preparation and Safety

Before embarking on an expedition to the Nether, equip yourself with quality armor and weapons. Full armor is essential for protection against hostile mobs like ghasts. Bring along an abundant food supply to refill your health and saturation. Ensure your inventory includes the essentials:

  • Armor: Ideally diamond or netherite.
  • Weapons: Sword and bow (with arrows).
  • Food: A full stack (64 units) is recommended.
  • Other items: Cobblestone, glowstone, nether quartz, and a flint and steel.

Remember to craft a few spare nether portals in the Overworld to move and teleport back safely. Some nether fortresses contain valuable loot but are guarded by dangerous mobs.

Navigating and Transport

In the Nether, establishing identifiable landmarks is crucial as it’s easy to get lost. Use torches or place blocks in unique patterns to mark your path. When it comes to transport, consider these methods:

  • Foot: The traditional but risky way to explore.
  • Rails: Safe and quick if you build an enclosed track.
  • Potions of Fire Resistance: Provides protection from lava.

Chunk borders can also play a role in navigation. Use the ‘F3’ screen to ensure that nether portals align correctly with their Overworld counterparts to prevent creating multiple unwanted portals.

Remember, survival mode is challenging in the Nether. Pay close attention to your surroundings and manage your resources wisely to ensure a productive journey through this treacherous landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common inquiries about crafting and using Nether portals in Minecraft, providing straightforward answers for the most efficient gameplay.

What is the required size and structure for a Nether portal in Minecraft?

A Nether portal’s standard size is a rectangle built from obsidian blocks, measuring four blocks wide by five blocks tall. The corners of the frame are optional; including them makes the portal a total of 14 blocks of obsidian.

How can a Nether portal be ignited in Minecraft?

To activate a Nether portal, players need to use flint and steel or a fire charge. They must stand inside the obsidian frame and use the item on the lower blocks of the structure to ignite the portal.

Is it possible to create a Nether portal using just water and lava?

Yes, by using water and lava, players can form obsidian without needing a diamond pickaxe. This method involves strategically placing lava and allowing water to flow over it to solidify it into obsidian.

What are the differences between building a Nether portal in creative mode vs. survival mode?

In creative mode, players have unlimited resources and can instantly break blocks, allowing for quicker construction of the portal. Survival mode requires gathering materials and careful construction due to the limited supply and the need for appropriate tools.

Can a Nether portal be built horizontally on the ground?

Nether portals must be constructed vertically. Building a portal horizontally will not activate the portal or transport the player to the Nether.

Can Ender and Nether portals be constructed in the same way in Minecraft?

No, Ender and Nether portals have different designs and activation methods. Ender portals are generated in strongholds and require Eye of Enders, while Nether portals are player-built using obsidian and can be activated with fire sources.

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