Dropped phone in water
Dropped phone in water

What to Do If You Drop Your iPhone in Water

Dropping your phone in water can be distressing, but taking quick and appropriate action can minimize the damage. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to do, based on information gathered from various reliable sources.

Immediate Steps After Dropping Your Phone in Water:

  1. Remove it from Water Immediately: The longer the phone stays in water, the higher the risk of irreversible damage​​.
  2. Power Down: If your phone is still on, turn it off immediately to prevent short-circuiting and further damage​​​​.
  3. Remove Removable Components: Take out any parts like the case, SIM card, battery (if possible), and microSD card. This aids in drying the phone more effectively​​.
  4. Wipe the Phone: Use a damp cloth (if the phone fell into a liquid other than water) followed by a dry, lint-free cloth to remove excess moisture. Be gentle to avoid scratching the phone​​.
  5. Dry the Phone: Bury the phone and its components in a container of uncooked rice or use a cell phone water damage kit. These methods help absorb the moisture. It’s recommended to leave the phone in rice or with desiccants for at least 24 hours, or longer if needed​​​​.

Additional Tips and Considerations:

  1. Disinfect if Necessary: If the phone fell in a toilet or another unclean environment, disinfect it thoroughly using disinfecting wipes or an alcohol-based cleaner applied to a microfiber cloth​​.
  2. Alternative Drying Methods: If you don’t have rice or a drying kit, place the phone on an absorbent cloth in a well-ventilated area or near a window for air drying. This is slower but can help in the absence of other materials​​.
  3. Testing and Further Action: After drying, test if the phone turns on. If it doesn’t, try charging it. If it still fails to turn on, or if it turns on but malfunctions, consider professional repair or replacement​​​​.
  4. Monitor for Long-Term Issues: Even if the phone appears to work normally, keep an eye out for any unusual behavior or malfunction, as liquid damage can have delayed effects​​.
  5. Special Case – Saltwater Exposure: If the phone was exposed to seawater, rinse it with tap water before drying to remove salt residue, which can cause severe damage once evaporated​​.
  6. Consider Phone Insurance: For future protection, consider getting phone insurance to cover such accidents​​.

In summary, while dropping your phone in water is a serious issue, prompt and correct action can sometimes save the device. Always prioritize safety and avoid using methods like heat drying or freezing, which can cause additional damage. If you’re unsure about any step or if the phone doesn’t work properly after drying, consult a professional repair service.

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