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In the dynamic world of technology, a few names stand out, not just for their longevity but for their innovative prowess and commitment to shaping the future. Hewlett Packard Enterprise, commonly known as HPE, is one such name. Let’s embark on a journey to understand who HPE is and why it remains a titan in the tech industry.

The Genesis of HPE
Hewlett Packard Enterprise, or HPE, sprouted from the iconic brand, Hewlett-Packard (HP), a company founded in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. These visionaries began their journey in a modest garage in Palo Alto, which many consider the birthplace of Silicon Valley.

The Great Split
Fast forward to 2015, HP made a strategic move to split into two entities:

  1. HP Inc.: Focusing on PCs and printers.
  2. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE): Concentrating on enterprise IT solutions, including storage, servers, and network solutions.

This split allowed HPE to zero in on aiding businesses with advanced tech solutions, catering to the evolving needs of the enterprise sector.

HPE’s Core Offerings
HPE provides an extensive range of products and services designed to streamline and enhance businesses:

  • Hybrid IT: Incorporating traditional IT infrastructure with cloud capabilities.
  • Edge Computing: Processing data closer to its source, such as IoT devices.
  • Financial Services: Tailored financial and asset lifecycle solutions.
  • Advisory and Transformation Services: Assisting businesses in digital transformations.

Innovations and Acquisitions
To stay at the forefront, HPE has made strategic acquisitions over the years, including companies like Nimble Storage, Cray, and SimpliVity. These acquisitions expand HPE’s capabilities, ensuring they remain a leader in providing cutting-edge enterprise solutions.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility
Beyond technology, HPE is committed to a sustainable and inclusive future. Their focus on environmental sustainability, ethical governance, and community empowerment showcases a holistic approach to global betterment.

Closing Thoughts
Hewlett Packard Enterprise, with its rich legacy and forward-thinking approach, is more than just a tech company. It’s a beacon in the enterprise sector, lighting the way for businesses to navigate the ever-evolving technological landscape. As we propel into an era dominated by digital transformations, companies like HPE will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in sculpting the future.


  1. Why did HP decide to split into HP Inc. and HPE?
    The split allowed for a sharper focus on individual market needs, with HP Inc. catering to consumers and HPE to enterprises.
  2. Does HPE sell personal computers or laptops?
    No, HPE focuses on enterprise solutions. Personal computers and laptops fall under HP Inc.
  3. How has HPE contributed to advancements in AI and ML?
    HPE has made strides in AI and ML through its offerings and acquisitions, especially with companies like Cray, renowned for supercomputing.
  4. What is HPE GreenLake?
    HPE GreenLake is a unique as-a-service offering that combines the flexibility of the cloud with on-premises IT infrastructure.
  5. Are HPE and HP Inc. still connected?
    While they originated from the same parent company, post the 2015 split, they operate as separate, publicly-traded entities.
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