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Discord, a popular communication platform, has become a hub for various communities, including those interested in digital art and AI. One of the fascinating tools that has emerged in this space is MidJourney, an AI that assists in creating unique art. If you’re curious about how to use MidJourney on Discord, you’re in the right place. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get started and make the most out of MidJourney.

How To Use MidJourney: Step By Step

Here’s a table outlining the steps on how to use Midjourney:

1. Create a Discord account (if you don’t have one):Midjourney works exclusively within Discord, so you’ll need to sign up for a free account at https://discord.com/.
2. Join the Midjourney Discord server:Visit the Midjourney website (https://www.midjourney.com/) and click on “Join the Beta.” This will lead you to a Discord invite to join the Midjourney server. Accept the invite.
3. Subscribe to a plan:Midjourney offers various subscription plans. Choose the one that suits your needs and budget. You can explore the plans on their website.
4. Access the #newbies channel:Once you’re in the Midjourney server, navigate to the #newbies channel. This is a designated space for new users to learn and experiment.
5. Use the /imagine command:Type /imagine followed by your prompt. For example, “/imagine a cyberpunk city at night.” Midjourney’s AI will then start generating images based on your description.
6. Select your preferred image:Midjourney will usually present you with several different image options. Choose the one that you like best.
7. Enhance or modify (optional):If you want to make adjustments to the image, you can use various commands:
/enhance: Improves the quality of the image.
/variations: Generates similar images with slight variations.
/upscale: Increases the resolution of the image.
8. Save your image:Once you’re satisfied with the image, click the “Save” button to download it to your device.

Additional tips:

  • Experiment with different prompts: The more specific and descriptive your prompts are, the better the AI will understand what you’re looking for.
  • Use keywords and art styles: Incorporate keywords related to art styles, techniques, or emotions to guide the AI’s creation.
  • Provide visual references: If you have specific images in mind, you can provide links to them as additional guidance for the AI.
  • Join the community: Engage with other Midjourney users in the Discord server to share ideas, tips, and inspiration.
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  • Free trials: Midjourney may offer limited free trials, but they may not always be available.
  • Terms of Service: Before using Midjourney, ensure you read and agree to their Terms of Service.
  • Community guidelines: Respect the community guidelines to maintain a positive and respectful environment for all users.

Understanding MidJourney and Discord

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Before diving into the specifics, it’s essential to understand what MidJourney is and how it integrates with Discord. MidJourney is an AI tool that helps users create digital art through simple text commands. When paired with Discord, it offers a seamless experience for collaborative creativity.

Setting Up Your Discord Account

To begin, ensure you have an active Discord account. If you’re new to Discord, setting up an account is straightforward. Visit the Discord website, sign up, and verify your email to get started.

Adding MidJourney to Your Discord Server

The first step in using MidJourney is adding the MidJourney bot to your Discord server. This process involves authorizing the bot and configuring it to interact with server members.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding the Bot

  1. Visit the MidJourney website and navigate to the section for adding the bot.
  2. Follow the prompts to authorize the bot on your server.
  3. Choose the server where you want to add the bot and grant necessary permissions.

Interacting with the MidJourney Bot

Once the bot is added, you can start interacting with it using specific commands. The bot responds to text commands, allowing you to create art based on your descriptions.

Common Commands and Their Uses

  • /help: Displays useful information and tips about the MidJourney Bot.
  • /new: Starts a new art creation process.
  • /edit: Allows you to modify an existing art piece.

Creating Your First Artwork

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To create art, type a description of what you envision. The MidJourney bot will interpret your text and generate corresponding images. You can refine your search with additional commands to get closer to your desired outcome.

Tips for Effective Descriptions

  • Be specific in your descriptions.
  • Use descriptive adjectives to guide the AI.
  • Experiment with different phrases to see varied results.

Collaborating with Others

One of the exciting aspects of MidJourney on Discord is the ability to collaborate with others. Share your creations with the community and get feedback, or work together on a joint project.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you encounter issues while using MidJourney, there are several steps you can take:

  • Check if the bot is online and functioning.
  • Ensure your commands are correctly formatted.
  • Consult the MidJourney documentation for additional help.

Advanced Techniques and Tips

As you become more familiar with MidJourney, explore advanced techniques to enhance your creations. Experiment with different styles and commands to discover new possibilities.


Using MidJourney on Discord opens up a world of digital art possibilities. Whether you’re an artist looking to explore new mediums or a hobbyist interested in AI-generated art, MidJourney offers an accessible and exciting platform.

FAQs About Using MidJourney on Discord

  1. Can I use MidJourney for free on Discord? Yes, MidJourney offers a free trial period, after which you may need to subscribe for continued access.
  2. Do I need any special software to use MidJourney on Discord? No, you only need a Discord account and access to a server where the MidJourney bot is added.
  3. How do I improve the quality of the images generated by MidJourney? Refine your text descriptions and use specific commands to guide the AI towards better results.
  4. Can I save the images created by MidJourney? Yes, you can download and save the images generated by MidJourney.
  5. Is it possible to collaborate on a single artwork with other users? Yes, MidJourney on Discord allows for collaborative projects where multiple users can contribute ideas and feedback.

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