Macbook Won't Turn On
Macbook Won't Turn On

How To Troubleshoot and Revive a MacBook Air That Won’t Turn On

Experiencing a MacBook Air that refuses to turn on can be distressing, but it’s a problem often solvable through some troubleshooting steps. This guide covers a variety of methods to get your MacBook running again.

Common Causes and Fixes for a Non-Responsive MacBook Air

  1. Check for Overheating and Update Glitches: Overheating is a common cause for MacBooks not turning on. This could be due to internal errors leading to high temperatures, prompting an automatic shutdown to prevent damage. Also, glitches from recent macOS updates can render your MacBook unresponsive​​.
  2. Examine Power Connections: Before diving into complex solutions, ensure your MacBook is properly charged and the charging cables and adapters are functioning correctly. Avoid third-party cables, as they may damage your battery or be less effective​​.
  3. Disconnect All Peripherals: External devices connected to your MacBook could interfere with the booting process. Remove all peripherals like hard disks, mice, and keyboards, then attempt to restart your MacBook​​.
  4. Perform a Power Cycle: If you have an Intel-powered MacBook, a power cycle might help. This involves shutting down your MacBook, disconnecting all power cables, and pressing the power key for 10 seconds before restarting​​.
  5. SMC Reset: The System Management Controller (SMC) manages many vital functions, including the power button. Resetting the SMC could resolve the issue, especially if you have a MacBook with a T2 chip or a model with a non-removable battery​​.
  6. Attempt Recovery Mode: If your MacBook repeatedly fails to turn on, try recovery mode. This mode allows you to set your Mac back using Time Machine, reinstall the operating system, or use Disk Utility to recover your drive​​.
  7. Software Solutions: Issues like corrupted caches, incompatible login items, or broken hard disk permissions can also cause your MacBook to not start. Using a maintenance tool like CleanMyMac X can help detect and fix these issues​​.
  8. Shake the Device: Sometimes, a loose internal connection might be the culprit. Gently shaking your MacBook while holding the power button could jostle loose connections back into place​​.
  9. Explore Other Boot Methods: If your MacBook is stuck in a deep sleep or facing OS issues, booting in Safe, Recovery, or Diagnostic Modes might help. These alternate boot methods can provide different pathways to diagnose and resolve startup issues​​.
  10. Consider Charging Issues: If the MacBook’s battery has died and the charger is failing, try using another charging method or port. Ensure you’re using a genuine Apple charger and check for any damages in the charging port​​.
  11. Adjust the Temperature: Extreme temperatures, either too hot or too cold, can affect your MacBook’s ability to turn on. Adjust the MacBook to room temperature and try powering it on again​​.
  12. Clean the MacBook: Dust or debris around the power button or charging port can prevent proper functioning. Clean these areas thoroughly to ensure proper connections are made​​.


Most MacBook Air power issues can be resolved with the above steps. However, if your MacBook Air still won’t turn on, consider visiting an Apple Store, an authorized service provider, or a Macbook repair shop like GadgetMates for a professional diagnosis and repair.

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