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Turn Off PS5: Steps

Controller1. Press the PlayStation button on your DualSense controller.
2. Select the Control Center icon in the bottom right corner.
3. Scroll all the way to the right and select the power icon.
4. Choose Turn Off PS5.
5. (Optional) Confirm by selecting Turn Off again if prompted.
Power Button1. Locate the power button on the front of your console.It’s a long, thin button below the eject button (or the only button on the Digital Edition).
2. Hold down the power button for a few seconds.You’ll hear two beeps when the console starts to turn off.
3. Release the button when you hear the second beep.

Additional Notes:

  • Rest Mode: Both methods also offer the option to put your PS5 in Rest Mode instead of turning it off completely. This keeps the system in a low-power state, allowing you to quickly resume gameplay and receive downloads/updates.
  • Manual Confirmation: Depending on your PS5 settings, you might need to confirm your selection before turning off the console completely.
  • Customizable Options: You can personalize your power options in the PS5 settings menu. For example, you can choose to turn off the DualSense controller automatically when entering Rest Mode.

Turning Off Your PS5

Whether you’re winding down after a gaming session or need to power off your console for maintenance, shutting down your PS5 can be done in various straightforward ways.

Using the Power Button

For a quick power-down, you can use the PS5 power button located on the front of the console. A single press on the slim, rectangular button will bring your PS5 to a halt. If the console is in Rest Mode, press and hold the button until you hear a second beep to completely shut it off.

Through the Control Center

To turn off your PS5 from the comfort of your couch, press the PS button on your DualSense controller to bring up the Control Center, which is a menu that appears at the bottom of your screen. Navigate to the right end of this menu to find the power options. Select ‘Turn Off PS5’ to proceed with the shutdown.

Via the DualSense Controller

Without even moving to your console, the DualSense controller allows for turning off your PS5 in a few button presses. Press and hold the PS button for a moment until you see the quick menu, then select the ‘Power Options’ and choose ‘Turn Off PS5’ to power the console down.

Power Settings and Features

The PlayStation 5 offers a range of power settings, including options for power saving and a unique Rest Mode feature, which help manage electricity usage and system operations.

Customizing Power Saving Settings

The power saving settings on the PS5 allow users to control how their console uses electricity when it’s not in active use. Users can navigate to the system settings to adjust features such as the set time until the PS5 enters Rest Mode. This can be customized to occur after a certain period of inactivity, affecting both power consumption and convenience. Options generally include settings to turn off the system after several hours of inactivity or suspending gameplay, which saves the current state of the game.

Understanding Rest Mode

Rest Mode is a low-power state where the PS5 remains on but uses minimal electricity. While in Rest Mode, the system can still charge controllers, download updates, and even install games. It’s a handy feature for those moments when you step away but plan to resume playing without a long wait. Activating Rest Mode is straightforward: either select it from the power options or lightly tap the physical power button on the console. It provides the perfect balance between keeping the system ready at a moment’s notice and conserving energy when not actively gaming.

Additional Turn-Off Considerations

When powering down your PS5, there are a few factors to consider that impact updates, controller charging, and the system’s longevity.

Game Updates and Downloads

The PS5 can automatically download updates for your games and system software even when it’s not fully turned on. To benefit from this feature, use Rest Mode rather than shutting down completely. This allows the console to refresh content and install game updates seamlessly, keeping your games up-to-date.

Controller Charging and Management

Shutting down your PS5 completely will stop your controllers from charging if they’re connected to the console with a USB cable. If you want your controllers to continue charging, switch the console to Rest Mode. Through the system’s quick access menu, you can manage power saving settings to define how long the console provides power to USB ports during Rest Mode.

Effect on Console Longevity

Regularly turning off your PS5 can contribute to the console’s longevity. Fully powering down conserves energy and gives the hardware a break, potentially extending the life of your system. However, always make sure to turn off the PS5 via the menu or by pressing the physical power button to prevent damage to the console or digital edition’s internal components.

Frequently Asked Questions

Turning off your PS5 properly is important to maintain your console’s performance and save your game progress securely. Here are the answers to some common questions on how to power down your PS5.

What are the steps to power down the PS5 using the DualSense controller?

To shut down your PS5 using the DualSense controller, press the PlayStation button to open the Quick Menu. Navigate to the Power icon, select it, and choose ‘Turn Off PS5.’

Is there a way to remotely shut down the PS5 via the official smartphone app?

Currently, there is no feature in the official PlayStation app that allows users to remotely power down their PS5 console.

How can the PS5 console be turned off directly from the home screen interface?

From the home screen, navigate to the top-right corner to access the Power options. Here, you’ll have the choice to put the console in Rest Mode, Restart, or Turn Off. Select ‘Turn Off’ to power down the console.

Can the PS5 be turned off manually without using a television or monitor?

Yes, you can manually shut down your PS5 by pressing the physical power button on the console. Press and hold until you hear a second beep to turn it off completely.

Where can I find the physical power button on the PS5 console?

The physical power button on the PS5 is located on the front face of the console, towards the bottom for the standard edition, and on the bottom front as a small button for the Digital Edition.

How do I disable the console light on the PS5?

The light on the PS5 console indicates its status and cannot be turned off without powering down the console itself. However, its brightness can be reduced through the system settings under ‘System’ and ‘LEDs’.

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