Airpod Tracker
Airpod Tracker

Are you looking to disable the tracking feature for your AirPods? Whether for privacy reasons or simply to avoid unnecessary notifications, turning off your AirPods tracker is a straightforward process. This article will guide you through the steps to disable tracking for your AirPods and answer some common questions related to the topic.

Understanding AirPods Tracking

AirPods can be tracked through iCloud’s Find My feature. This capability is especially useful if you misplace your AirPods. However, in certain situations, you might want to stop them from being tracked, either temporarily or permanently.

Steps to Disable AirPods Tracking Notifications

  1. Using the Find My App: Open the Find My app, go to Devices, and tap on your linked AirPods. Swipe up to reveal more options. Under Notifications, toggle off the button next to ‘Notify When Left Behind’​​.
  2. Pausing Safety Alerts: If you receive ‘AirPods Detected’ alerts, tap the alert and select ‘Pause Safety Alerts’ to stop receiving these notifications​​.

Turning Off AirPods Tracking Completely

To completely disable tracking for your AirPods, there are a couple of options:

  1. Factory Resetting AirPods: This method removes your AirPods from your iCloud account and stops them from being tracked.
  2. Deactivating Find My Feature: You can turn off the Find My feature in your iCloud settings. This will stop tracking your AirPods through the Find My network​​.

Considerations Before Disabling Tracking

Before you decide to turn off the tracking feature for your AirPods, consider the following:

  • Risk of Loss: Without tracking, if you lose your AirPods, locating them might be difficult or impossible.
  • Privacy Concerns: If privacy is your primary concern, disabling tracking can give you peace of mind.
  • Temporary vs. Permanent: Decide whether you need to disable tracking temporarily or permanently based on your needs.

Reactivating AirPods Tracking

If you change your mind and want to reactivate tracking, simply reverse the steps:

  1. Re-enable ‘Notify When Left Behind’ in the Find My app.
  2. If you had factory reset your AirPods, pair them again with your device and they will automatically appear in the Find My app.


  1. Can I still use my AirPods normally with tracking turned off? Yes, turning off tracking does not affect the regular functioning of your AirPods.
  2. How do I know if my AirPods are being tracked? If your AirPods are connected to your iCloud account and appear in the Find My app, they are being tracked.
  3. Is it possible to track AirPods when they are not in use? AirPods can be tracked as long as they are connected to your iCloud account and within the Bluetooth range of any of your devices.
  4. Can someone else track my AirPods without my knowledge? As long as your AirPods are connected to your iCloud account, only you have access to their location.
  5. Will turning off AirPods tracking save battery life? Disabling tracking may have a minimal impact on battery life, as the tracking feature does not significantly drain the battery.
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