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Find my iPhone

Have you ever wondered how to keep your whereabouts a secret while using Find My iPhone? Whether it’s planning a surprise party or needing some private time, there are several ways to temporarily hide your location on your iPhone. This article will guide you through practical and easy-to-follow methods to achieve this, drawing insights from real-world scenarios, expert advice, and user experiences.

Understanding Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is an incredibly useful feature for locating lost devices, but it also means your location can be visible to others. Sometimes, you might want to keep your location private without alerting others. Let’s explore how you can do this effectively.

Methods to Hide Your Location

MethodTemporary HidingAdditional Notes
Turn Off Share My Location:Yes– Go to Settings > [Your Name] > Find My. – Tap Find My [Device] and toggle off Share My Location. – Others will no longer see your location in Find My. – Still allows you to locate your device if lost.
Airplane Mode:Yes– Briefly disables all wireless connections, including GPS. – Others will see “No location found” for your device. – Disrupts other communication features like calls and messages.
Turn Off Find My:Yes– Drastically hides your location by disabling the entire Find My service. – Others will see “Offline” for your device. – Cannot locate your device if lost until Find My is re-enabled.
Use Private Location:Limited– iOS 16 feature for Find My app. – Creates a fake location within a set radius of your actual location. – Others will see a nearby, inaccurate location. – Feature may not be available on all iOS versions or devices.
Use Another Device:Yes– Go to Settings > [Your Name] > Find My > Find My iPhone > Find My network. Choose another device for location sharing.


  • Temporary solutions: All methods listed only hide your location temporarily. The location will become visible again when you:
    • Turn on Share My Location again.
    • Exit Airplane Mode.
    • Turn on Find My.
  • Impact on others: Hiding your location might affect others who rely on it to find you, like family or friends.
  • Alternative options: Consider temporary location sharing with specific people instead of completely hiding your location.

1. Turn Off Location Services

Disabling Location Services is a straightforward way to stop sharing your location.

  • How to Do It: Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn it off. Remember, this will affect all apps that use your location.

2. Airplane Mode

Turning on Airplane Mode will also stop location sharing as it disables wireless connections.

  • How to Do It: Swipe down from the top-right corner and tap the Airplane Mode icon.

3. Stop Sharing on Find My App

You can choose to stop sharing your location with specific people in the Find My app.

  • How to Do It: Open Find My > Select People > Choose the person > Stop Sharing My Location.

4. Share ETA Only

In Maps, you can share your estimated time of arrival without revealing your constant location.

  • How to Do It: In Maps, select Favorites, tap the Info button, and manage the Share ETA section.

5. Use Another iOS Device

You can set your location to be displayed from another iOS device. This is handy if you want to appear as if you’re still at home while you’re actually elsewhere.

  • How to Do It: Go to Settings > [your name] > Find My > Find My iPhone > Find My network. Choose another device for location sharing.
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Real-World Applications

  • Surprising Loved Ones: Like the Reddit user planning a surprise engagement ring purchase, you can hide your location to keep a pleasant surprise under wraps.
  • Personal Time: Sometimes, you just need a break without questions. These methods can help you enjoy your time privately.

Summary of Facts

  • Find My iPhone can be used to share your location with others.
  • Using another iOS device for location sharing can mask your real location.
  • Disabling Location Services stops all location sharing.
  • Airplane Mode is a quick way to go off the grid.
  • Stopping sharing in Find My App lets you control who can see your location.
  • Sharing ETA in Maps is a limited way to share your location.


How can I hide my location without them knowing?

You can use another iOS device for location sharing or turn off Location Services entirely. Both methods won’t notify others.

Will turning on Airplane Mode stop sharing my location?

Yes, turning on Airplane Mode will stop sharing your location as it disables wireless connections.

Can I stop sharing my location with just one person?

Yes, in the Find My app, you can select a person and choose to stop sharing your location with them specifically.

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