How To Straighten Bent iPhone 12
How To Straighten Bent iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 has a VERY strong frame – so bending it is quite a challenge. But if that has happened to you, you might be able to do some things to bend it back. A lot of times the force required to actually bend the phone might ruin the components inside the phone so you’ll want to check everything out. Additionally, the force required to bend the phone back to its original position can also cause severe damage to the parts of the phone itself so be mindful of that and always back up your data first. The following guide provides some steps for addressing this issue.

Understanding and Addressing a Bent Frame in iPhone 12

Assessing the Damage

  • Gauging the Severity: Begin by assessing the extent of the bend. Is it a minor dent or a significant warp? This assessment will guide the subsequent steps and precautions​​.
  • Risk Assessment: There’s a risk that internal components might be damaged further if not handled correctly​​.

Preparing for Repair

  • Backup Your Data: Always back up your iPhone to iCloud or a computer before attempting any repair. This ensures your data remains safe in case of further damage​​.
  • Gather Required Tools: Have a soft cloth, a flat wooden or plastic tool, and a stable flat surface at hand. These aid the straightening process without causing additional harm to the device​​.

The Straightening Process

  • Positioning & Safety: Lay the iPhone on a flat surface with the bent side facing upwards. Ensure it’s stable​​.
  • Gently Applying Pressure: Use the flat tool to gently apply even pressure to the bent area. Move slowly and continuously check the progress. Avoid exerting excessive force to prevent damaging the internals or cracking the screen​​.

Post-Straightening Care

  • Screen and Hardware Inspection: Check for any additional damage, like screen distortion or loose buttons​​.
  • Testing Features and Functions: Test all the phone’s features – camera, microphone, speakers, and touch response to ensure they work as expected​​.

Considering Frame Replacement

  • Frame Replacement Option: If internal components are not damaged, replacing the frame/housing might be the easiest way out. This requires checking all internal components for damage and functionality. Be cautious, as attempting to screw in a bent OLED or logic board into a straight frame could result in cracking​​.

Seeking Professional Help

  • Professional Assistance: If the bend is severe or if you’re uncomfortable with DIY attempts, it’s advisable to seek help from Apple or a professional repair service​​.

Replacement vs. Repair

  • When to Consider Replacement: In some cases, such as when the frame damage is extensive, it might be more feasible to consider utilizing Apple’s replacement program or upgrading to a new device​​.

Additional Insights from User Experiences

  • Commonality of Repairs: It’s common for iPhones to be repaired and refurbished after accidents. Many used iPhones sold on platforms like eBay are refurbished devices​​.


  • Is DIY Safe?: While minor bends can sometimes be rectified at home, caution is advised. If unsure, seek professional help​​.
  • Warranty Concerns: Attempting to fix physical damage on your own can void the warranty. It’s advisable to check with Apple or your provider beforehand.


Repairing a bent iPhone 12 frame requires careful consideration of the damage’s severity and the risks involved. While minor bends might be manageable at home, significant warping usually requires professional intervention or frame replacement. Always prioritize the safety of the device and its functionality over aesthetics. In cases where the damage is beyond repair, considering a replacement might be the best course of action.

Assuming the internal components of the phone are still fine (and also not bent) a new frame / housing may be the easiest way out of this. You will want to check all of the internal components you’ll be transferring over (the logic board, screen, battery, etc.) for damage and test functionality. Anything that is bent beyond repair and/or not functioning would have to be replaced. One thing of note with a frame replacement is that if you try to screw in a bent OLED or logic board into a straight frame you run the risk of cracking it. If your components bent along with the frame you might be best off just keeping things the way they were.

If you’re going the other route of trying to bend it back, you must realize that the frame on the iPhone 12 is really sturdy and will require a lot of pressure. Even with a lot of pressure you may still not be able to straighten it out. So first remove whatever components would be at risk with the pressure you’re going to apply (definitely take off the screen, remove the logic board, battery, cameras, etc.). You’ll risk breaking the back glass on any sort of attempt to bend the frame so please be aware of that.

Once you’re down to basically just the frame you’ll then be able to try to bend it. Some technicians recommend using the edge of the table and applying pressure to try to bend it. Others would recommend using something like a C-Clamp with wooden blocks to apply uniform pressure across the frame.

No matter what way you go about it, though, you might run into a hurdle with how strong the frame will be – it’s going to require a serious amount of force. Bending it back with just your hands is going to be almost impossible under most scenarios.

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