Turn Off Facetime
Turn Off Facetime

To stop FaceTime calls from coming through on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac (or other Apple devices), there are several methods you can employ depending on the device and your specific needs:

1. Disabling FaceTime on iPhone, iPad, or Mac

a. On iPhone and iPad

  • Through Settings: Go to the Settings app, then tap on General. Find the Restrictions option and enable it if it’s not already. You’ll need to set a passcode for this. Then, simply toggle the switch next to FaceTime to disable it​​.
  • Directly in FaceTime: You can also open the FaceTime app, go to the top menu bar, click on “FaceTime,” then on “Preferences.” In the Preferences window, uncheck the “Enable This Account” option. Alternatively, you can disable FaceTime by clicking the “FaceTime” option from the menu bar and then selecting “Turn FaceTime Off”​​.

b. On Mac

  • Through FaceTime Preferences: Launch FaceTime, go to the top menu bar, click “FaceTime,” and then “Preferences.” Here, you can disable your account​​.
  • For Phone Calls on Mac: If you want to stop iPhone calls from coming through on your Mac, go to Settings > Phone > Calls on Other Devices, and then toggle off the option next to your Mac​​.

2. Blocking Specific Callers in FaceTime

If you’re looking to block FaceTime calls from specific contacts, you can do this directly within the FaceTime app:

  • Open the FaceTime app, and in your call history, tap the information icon next to the contact you want to block.
  • Scroll down and tap “Block this Caller,” then confirm by tapping “Block Contact”​​.

3. Turning Off Notifications for FaceTime

For a less drastic measure, you might consider simply turning off notifications for FaceTime:

  • Go to Settings, navigate to Notifications, and then select FaceTime. From there, you can adjust the settings to stop notifications for FaceTime calls. This won’t stop the calls from coming in, but you won’t be notified of them.

4. Disabling iMessage and FaceTime on Old iPhones

If you’re looking to stop calls and texts on an older iPhone, which can be useful if you’ve switched to a new phone but kept the old one active:

  • Open the Settings app, navigate to Messages, and toggle off iMessage.
  • Follow a similar process for FaceTime by going to Settings > FaceTime and toggling it off​​.

These steps should help you manage FaceTime calls across your Apple devices, whether you’re looking to temporarily disable the feature, block specific callers, or stop notifications for these calls.

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