Check if Airpods Are Fake
Check If Airpods Are Fake

The introduction of Apple’s AirPods revolutionized the wireless earbuds industry. With their sleek design and impeccable sound quality, they became an instant hit among tech enthusiasts and casual users alike.

But the counterfeiters have gotten so good at faking the real thing that visual inspections are difficult for most people. The best way to tell if you have real or fake (counterfeit) Airpods is by running the serial number on the Official Apple Device Coverage checker site at this link:

On that page you will enter the serial number and Apple will let you know if they are real or not.

Why AirPods are Widely Counterfeited

Given their popularity, it’s no wonder that counterfeit versions started flooding the market. After all, who wouldn’t want to cash in on the AirPods trend? But for the unsuspecting buyer, distinguishing genuine from fake can be a challenging task.

Physical Examination: Telltale Signs of Imitation

Weight and Build Quality

Genuine AirPods have a particular weight and solid build quality. Fakes often feel lighter and are made of inferior materials that might give off a cheap plastic feel.

LED Light Placement

Real AirPods have their LED light positioned correctly, whereas counterfeit ones might have it misplaced or even missing.

The “Designed by Apple” Text

Real AirPods come with a “Designed by Apple in California” text inside the lid. If this text is missing or misspelled, you’re likely dealing with a counterfeit.

Functional Differences

Sound Quality

Original AirPods are known for their crystal-clear sound quality. If your AirPods sound tinny, muffled, or just off, they might not be the real deal.

Battery Life

Counterfeit AirPods often promise long battery life, but in reality, they drain quickly, requiring frequent charging.

Connectivity Issues

Genuine AirPods connect seamlessly with Apple devices. If you’re experiencing persistent connection issues, be wary.

Packaging and Accessories

Typos and Misaligned Text

Counterfeit products often have packaging errors, like typos or misaligned text. Always inspect the box meticulously.

Quality of the Carrying Case

A flimsy or poorly constructed carrying case can be another red flag.

Price: Too Good To Be True?

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Genuine AirPods come with a premium price tag, so incredibly cheap offers should raise suspicion.

Using Apple’s Authenticity Features

Apple has built-in features to verify the authenticity of their products. When in doubt, connect the AirPods to an Apple device and check for genuine serial numbers and product details.


While counterfeit AirPods may look convincing at first glance, discerning eyes and a little knowledge can help spot the fakes. Always prioritize purchasing from reputable sellers and remember that if a deal seems too good to be true, it likely is.


  1. Where is the safest place to buy genuine AirPods?
    • Official Apple stores, certified Apple resellers, and reputable electronics retailers.
  2. Can fake AirPods damage my device?
    • While rare, counterfeit products may not adhere to safety standards and could potentially harm devices.
  3. Do counterfeit AirPods also come with a warranty?
    • Most fake products don’t offer valid warranties. Always check with the seller.
  4. How do I check the serial number of my AirPods?
    • Connect them to an Apple device, go to Settings > General > About > AirPods.
  5. Are there good quality AirPod alternatives?
    • Yes, many reputable brands offer high-quality wireless earbuds. Always research before buying.
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