Facetime Share Screen
Facetime Share Screen

FaceTime, Apple’s renowned video conferencing app, not only facilitates face-to-face connections but also offers a screen-sharing feature, perfect for presentations, collaborations, or troubleshooting.

Understanding the Screen-Sharing Feature

Screen sharing in FaceTime projects your computer’s screen to other call participants, making it useful for various collaborative tasks.

Initiating Screen Sharing

  1. Active FaceTime Call: Start by being in an active FaceTime call.
  2. Control Bar: Click on the control bar at the bottom of the FaceTime window.
  3. Share Content Icon: Find and click the “Share Content” icon, symbolized by a rectangle with a person in front.
  4. Choose Share My Screen: From the pop-up menu, select “Share My Screen”​​.

Screen Sharing Options

  • Share Entire Screen: FaceTime defaults to sharing your entire screen.
  • Share Specific Window: Alternatively, select “Share Window” to focus on a specific window​​.
  • Change Sharing Preference: Switch between full screen and window sharing anytime during the call.

Viewing Shared Content

Participants will see your shared screen, with the ability to zoom in for a closer view.

Ending Screen Sharing

Click the “Share Content” icon again and select “Stop Sharing My Screen” to end the session​​.

Prerequisites and Considerations

  • Software Requirements: Ensure both parties have iOS 15.1 or later, iPadOS 15.1, or macOS 12.1 or later. An Apple ID is also required for FaceTime​​.
  • Content Limitations: Be mindful that content from subscription-based apps cannot be shared. Apple suggests using SharePlay for such content​​.
  • Privacy Concerns: Screen sharing hides notifications, but sensitive information on your screen can still be visible to others​​.


FaceTime’s screen-sharing feature enhances the app’s functionality, allowing for more interactive and collaborative communication. Whether for work or personal use, understanding how to effectively share your screen can vastly improve your FaceTime experience. Always be cautious of what you share and remember the prerequisites for a seamless screen-sharing experience.


  • How do I share my screen on FaceTime? Start a FaceTime call, click the “Share Content” icon, and select “Share My Screen.
  • Can I share specific apps or windows? Yes, you can choose to share a particular window instead of the entire screen.
  • Are there any limitations on what I can share? Yes, content from subscription-based apps cannot be shared via FaceTime screen sharing.
  • Is it possible to pause screen sharing? You can stop and resume screen sharing at any point during the FaceTime call.

By following these guidelines, you can utilize FaceTime’s screen-sharing feature to its full potential, ensuring effective and secure communication in your video calls.

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