How to screenshot on iPad
How to screenshot on iPad

Screenshots on iPads are essential for capturing and sharing digital content. Whether it’s to preserve a funny meme, a useful piece of information, or a precious moment, iPads offer a range of methods to easily capture what’s on your screen.

Methods for Taking Screenshots on iPad

Method 1: Using Hardware Buttons

  • iPads with Face ID: Press and quickly release the top button and either volume button simultaneously. A thumbnail will appear in the lower-left corner​​.
  • iPads with Touch ID: Press and quickly release the top button and the Home button at the same time. The screen will flash, and you’ll hear a snap sound. A thumbnail appears for quick access​​​​.

Method 2: Using AssistiveTouch

AssistiveTouch is helpful for those who find hardware buttons challenging. Enable it in Settings > Accessibility > Touch. Assign the screenshot action in Custom Actions. To take a screenshot, triple-click the top button and double-tap the AssistiveTouch icon​​.

Method 3: Using Apple Pencil

For compatible iPads, drag the Apple Pencil from the bottom corner towards the center of the display. The screen will flash, and a thumbnail appears in the lower-left corner​​.

Method 4: Using Gestures in iPadOS 17 and 16

  • iPadOS 17: Access Settings > Multitasking & Gestures. Enable Swipe Centre from Corner and assign the screenshot action to a corner gesture​​.
  • iPadOS 16: Go to Settings > General > Gestures. Enable Allow Finger to Swipe From Corner and select the screenshot action for a corner swipe​​.

Full-Page Screenshots

Capture full-page content (e.g., a webpage in Safari) by following the standard screenshot method and then selecting “Full Page” from the thumbnail options​​.

Troubleshooting and Tips

  • Check hardware button responsiveness and software updates.
  • Verify accessibility settings and ensure sufficient storage space.
  • Some apps or content may restrict screenshots for privacy reasons, such as banking apps or streaming platforms​​.


  • How to save a screenshot? Tap the thumbnail, then select “Save to Photos”.
  • Can older iPads take screenshots? Yes, but the method varies. Check the user manual for specifics.
  • Can I edit screenshots? Yes, use the screenshot editor to crop, annotate, or mark up before saving.
  • Can I share screenshots directly? Yes, the editor provides sharing options to various apps.
  • Is rapid succession of screenshots possible? Yes, you can take multiple screenshots quickly by repeating the button presses.
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