How to reopen closed tabs in your web browser
How to reopen closed tabs in your web browser

Ah, the world of browsing! We’ve all been there: reading something fascinating, juggling multiple tabs, and then… oops! One wrong click and that essential tab vanishes. But why does this happen? Sometimes, it’s a misclick. Other times, the browser crashes. And occasionally, it’s that overly eager close-all-tabs move. Kind of like accidentally dropping your favorite book mid-story.

The Panic Moment: Losing Important Information

We’ve all felt that rush of adrenaline when we close an important tab. It’s like accidentally deleting a cherished photo. Panic! But fear not, there are solutions.

Methods to Reopen Closed Tabs

For Computer Browsers


Good news for the Google folks! Hit Ctrl + Shift + T (or Cmd + Shift + T on Mac). It’s like magic! Your vanished tab will reappear.


Mozilla user? No worries. The same keyboard trick works here: Ctrl + Shift + T (or Cmd + Shift + T for the Apple fans). It’s like finding that lost sock in the laundry.


Microsoft’s browser also bows to the same command. Another victory for Ctrl + Shift + T.


Mac users, fret not! Although the combo is different (Cmd + Z), the effect is the same. Like turning back time.

On Mobile Devices

Chrome on Android and iOS

Lost a tab? Tap on the square icon (the one that shows your open tabs). Then, simply hit the + symbol. On Android, you’ll see a ‘recently closed’ section. On iOS, scroll down a bit. It’s like opening a forgotten drawer and finding treasures.

Safari on iOS

Click the overlapping squares icon at the bottom, then press and hold the +. A list of recently closed tabs will show up. Simply select the one you want. It’s like replaying your favorite song.

Benefits of Knowing How to Reopen Closed Tabs

Enhanced Browsing Experience

With this trick up your sleeve, browsing becomes smoother. No more disruptions!

Saves Time

Why go back and search for that webpage when you can just magically bring it back? It’s a true time-saver.

Reduces Stress

Tech stress is real. But with these handy moves, one less thing to worry about.


Tabs, in the world of internet browsing, are like chapters in a book. Sometimes, we lose our place. But with the right shortcuts, it’s easy to pick up right where we left off. Happy browsing!


  1. What if the keyboard shortcut doesn’t work?
    • Check if your browser supports it or if any extensions are interfering with the command.
  2. Can I reopen more than one closed tab?
    • Yes, repeatedly pressing the shortcut will open previously closed tabs in the order they were closed.
  3. Is there a limit to how many closed tabs I can reopen?
    • Browsers usually have a limit based on your recent browsing history.
  4. What if I accidentally close the whole browser?
    • Relaunching and using the same shortcut should bring back your session.
  5. Is there a way to prevent tabs from closing accidentally?
    • Be careful with your clicks, and consider using browser extensions that can ‘lock‘ tabs.
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