Pixelating an image on an iPhone can be a fun and useful way to hide sensitive information or create a unique visual effect. Whether you’re looking to obscure a face in a photo or add an artistic touch, there are several ways to achieve this on your iPhone. This guide will walk you through various methods, from using built-in tools to exploring third-party apps.

Using the Markup Tool in Photos App

Step 1: Open the image in the iPhone’s Photos app and tap ‘Edit.
Step 2: Select the Markup icon.
Step 3: Choose the brush or pen tool to manually pixelate parts of the image by drawing over them.

The Markup tool in the Photos app is a convenient and quick way to pixelate images without needing any additional software.

Third-Party Apps for Advanced Pixelation

1. iOS Fotor: This app offers a dedicated pixelate function, allowing you to adjust brush size and pixel size for precise control over the pixelation effect.
2. Censor: Blur & Pixelate Photos: This app specifically focuses on blurring and pixelating images, perfect for obscuring parts of a photo.
3. Skitch: Known for its annotation features, Skitch also includes options to pixelate images.

Using iOS Fotor for Pixelation

Step 1: Download and open iOS Fotor, then select the photo to edit.
Step 2: Find the Pixelate function in the main menu.
Step 3: Adjust the brush and pixel sizes to pixelate the image as desired.

iOS Fotor is a powerful tool that offers more advanced features for those who need more control over their image editing.

The Blur Photo Editor App Approach

Step 1: Download and launch the Blur Photo Editor app.
Step 2: Choose the picture to pixelate and select the Pixelate effect.
Step 3: Adjust the brush size and apply the pixelate filter by using your finger on the desired areas.

The Blur Photo Editor app is another user-friendly option for quick pixelation tasks.

Why Pixelate Images?

Pixelating images can serve various purposes, from protecting privacy by obscuring faces or sensitive information to creating unique artistic effects in photography.

Tips for Effective Pixelation

  • Precision: When manually pixelating, zoom in for more precise control.
  • Experimentation: Try different brush sizes and pixelation levels to achieve the desired effect.
  • Quality: Ensure the original image is of good quality for the best results after pixelation.

Privacy Considerations

When pixelating for privacy, ensure that the pixelation sufficiently obscures the information. Double-check the final image to make sure the sensitive parts are not recognizable.

Creative Uses of Pixelation

Beyond privacy, pixelation can be used creatively in photography and graphic design to create interesting visuals or focus attention on certain parts of an image.


Pixelating an image on an iPhone is a simple process, whether you use the built-in Markup tool or opt for a third-party app. These methods provide you with the flexibility to either quickly obscure parts of an image or create detailed, artistic effects.


1. Can I undo the pixelation once applied?
If you pixelate an image using the Markup tool, you can undo it before saving. However, once saved, the changes are permanent.

2. Are there any free apps to pixelate images?
Yes, there are several free apps available like iOS Fotor and Censor that offer pixelation features.

3. How do I ensure privacy when pixelating a face?
Make sure the pixelation covers the entire face and is dense enough so features are not distinguishable.

4. Can I pixelate a video on my iPhone?
Some apps offer the ability to pixelate parts of a video, but this feature is more common in video editing software.

5. Is it possible to pixelate only a part of an image?
Yes, most apps allow you to selectively pixelate only certain areas of an image.

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