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If you’re a savvy shopper or someone who loves to save money, you’ve probably heard of Apple Pay. This convenient digital wallet allows you to make secure payments using your Apple devices, such as your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. But did you know that you can also maximize your Apple Pay rewards and savings? In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Apple Pay and show you how to get the most out of it.

How to Maximize Your Apple Pay Rewards and Savings

Apple Pay offers a convenient and secure way to pay for your purchases, but did you know you can also use it to earn rewards and savings? Here’s a table summarizing various strategies to maximize your Apple Pay benefits:

StrategyDescriptionPotential Benefits
Use Apple Cash instead of debit/credit cardsApple Cash acts as a virtual debit card within Apple Pay, allowing you to earn Daily Cash on every purchase.Earn 2% Daily Cash on all purchases made with Apple Cash (excluding certain categories).
Take advantage of bonus Daily Cash offersApple Pay often partners with retailers to offer bonus Daily Cash on certain purchases.Earn up to 15% Daily Cash back at select retailers for a limited time.
Use Apple Pay for recurring paymentsEnroll your Apple Pay for recurring bill payments like utilities, rent, and subscriptions.Earn consistent Daily Cash back on your regular expenses.
Link your favorite rewards cardsAdd your loyalty programs and rewards cards to Apple Pay to earn points and rewards on top of Daily Cash.Double-dip on rewards by earning both Daily Cash and points from your linked programs.
Shop at Daily Cash partner storesApple partners with various retailers to offer Daily Cash back on purchases made with Apple Pay.Earn higher Daily Cash back at participating stores compared to standard purchases.
Use Apple Pay for online and in-app purchasesYou can use Apple Pay for secure and convenient online and in-app purchases.Earn Daily Cash on all Apple Pay transactions, regardless of the purchasing platform.
Take advantage of cashback appsCombine Apple Pay with cashback apps like Rakuten or Ibotta to earn additional cash back on top of Daily Cash.Maximize your potential savings by stacking different reward programs.
Set up automatic transfers to your bank accountAutomatically transfer your Daily Cash rewards to your bank account to avoid spending them and maximize savings.Treat Daily Cash as actual cash and save it for future purchases or financial goals.


  • Daily Cash is automatically added to your Apple Cash balance and can be used for future Apple Pay transactions or transferred to your bank account.
  • Apple Pay is a secure and contactless payment method, reducing the risk of fraud and lost cards.
  • By using Apple Pay strategically, you can earn significant rewards and savings on your everyday purchases.

Setting Up Apple Pay

Before we jump into the ways you can maximize your Apple Pay rewards and savings, let’s start with the basics. To use Apple Pay, you’ll need to set it up on your Apple device. Here’s how:

1. Open the Wallet App

On your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, open the Wallet app. If you don’t have it, you can download it from the App Store.

2. Add Your Payment Cards

Tap the “+” icon to add your credit or debit cards. You can also add store cards and loyalty cards.

3. Verify Your Cards

Follow the on-screen instructions to verify your cards. This may involve receiving a verification code via text message or email.

4. Start Using Apple Pay

Once your cards are verified, you can start using Apple Pay for payments in stores, online, and in apps that accept it.

How to Maximize Your Apple Pay Rewards

Now that you have Apple Pay set up, let’s explore how you can maximize your rewards and savings:

1. Use Apple Card

If you have an Apple Card, using it with Apple Pay can earn you cashback rewards on your purchases. Depending on your card, you can earn up to 3% cashback on your purchases.

2. Add Rewards Cards

Many stores offer rewards cards that can be added to your Apple Wallet. By adding these cards, you can earn points, discounts, or free items when you shop at those stores.

3. Explore Apple Pay Offers

Apple Pay often features special offers and promotions from various merchants. Keep an eye on the Offers tab in the Wallet app to discover deals that can save you money.

Tips for Saving with Apple Pay

In addition to earning rewards, here are some tips for saving money with Apple Pay:

1. Look for Cashback Deals

Some merchants offer cashback deals when you make a purchase with Apple Pay. Check the app or website of the store you’re shopping at to see if any cashback offers are available.

2. Pay with Your Phone

Using Apple Pay is not only convenient but can also help you save money. Many stores offer exclusive discounts for customers who use mobile payment methods like Apple Pay.

3. Keep Your Loyalty Cards Handy

By adding your loyalty cards to Apple Wallet, you won’t miss out on discounts and rewards from your favorite stores.

FAQs about Apple Pay Rewards and Savings

Q1: Can I use Apple Pay on any iPhone? Yes, Apple Pay is compatible with most iPhones, as long as they have the necessary hardware and software.

Q2: How do I know if a store accepts Apple Pay? Look for the Apple Pay logo or the contactless payment symbol at the checkout.

Q3: Can I use Apple Pay for online shopping? Yes, you can use Apple Pay for online purchases wherever it’s accepted as a payment method.

Q4: Are there any fees for using Apple Pay? Apple Pay itself does not charge fees, but your bank or credit card issuer may have their own policies.

Q5: How do I set a default card for Apple Pay? Open the Wallet app, tap on your preferred card, and then select “Make Default.”

Q6: Are Apple Pay transactions secure? Yes, Apple Pay uses tokenization to keep your payment information secure.

Q7: Can I use Apple Pay for public transportation? In many cities, yes. You can check if your local transit system accepts Apple Pay.

Q8: What should I do if my Apple Pay transaction is declined? Make sure your card is valid and has sufficient funds. If the issue persists, contact your bank.

Q9: Can I use Apple Pay internationally? Yes, Apple Pay works in many countries around the world.

Q10: How do I remove a card from Apple Pay? Open the Wallet app, tap on the card you want to remove, and select “Remove This Card.”

Now that you know how to maximize your Apple Pay rewards and savings, you can enjoy the benefits of convenient payments and discounts on your purchases. Happy saving!

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