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Navigating the bustling streets and highways of our daily lives requires a reliable GPS app. If you’re an iPhone user and a fan of Waze, you might be wondering how to make Waze your default navigation app. Although iOS does not provide a straightforward way to set third-party apps as the default, there are several methods to integrate Waze more seamlessly into your iPhone experience.

Understanding the Popularity of Waze

Why Choose Waze?
Waze is a highly rated app in the App Store for a good reason. It’s not just a navigation tool; it’s a community-driven platform that offers real-time traffic reports, road conditions, and even alerts about speed traps. The app’s user-friendly interface pairs well with various music streaming services, enhancing your driving experience. It’s the kind of app that doesn’t just tell you how to get from point A to point B but also keeps you informed about what’s happening on the roads in real-time​​.

The Challenge with iOS

iOS and Third-Party Maps
One key challenge is that iOS, Apple’s operating system, is designed to favor its own Apple Maps. While Android users can easily set third-party apps as their default navigation tools, iOS doesn’t offer the same flexibility. This limitation means that, by default, Siri and other iOS services will use Apple Maps for navigation​​.

Integrating Waze into iOS

  1. Using the Google App Trick
    One workaround is to utilize the Google app on your iPhone. After installing the Google app, you can set Waze as your default navigation tool within the app’s settings. This method requires you to access the ‘More’ menu in the Google app, select ‘Settings’, and then ‘Default Apps’, where you can choose Waze. Remember to restart your iPhone after making these changes for them to take effect​​.
  2. Working with Siri
    While you can’t set Waze as the default map for Siri commands directly, you can specify Waze in your Siri requests. For instance, instead of just asking Siri for directions, you can say, “Hey Siri, launch Waze and give me directions to…” This method ensures that Siri uses Waze for your navigation needs​​.
  3. Creating Siri Shortcuts
    Another approach is to create Siri Shortcuts within the Waze app. You can set favorites and activate ‘Siri Shortcuts’ in the Waze settings. This setup allows you to use simplified commands like “Hey Siri, drive home,” and Siri will automatically use Waze to provide directions​​.
  4. Using CarPlay
    For those with CarPlay, setting Waze as the default navigation app is possible. Ensure your iPhone runs Waze 4.43.4 or later. In the ‘CarPlay’ settings under the ‘General’ menu of your iPhone, you can rearrange your apps to prioritize Waze over Apple Maps​​.

What Not to Do

Risks and Limitations
While some users might consider deleting all navigation apps except Waze, this approach is not foolproof and could impact other location-based services on your iPhone. Additionally, resorting to iPhone jailbreaks to change default settings is risky and can void your warranty or even damage your device​​.

Conclusion: Navigating with Your Preferred App

Although iOS does not allow for a direct way to set Waze as the default navigation app, the methods mentioned above provide viable workarounds. By customizing settings within the Google app, utilizing Siri’s capabilities, or setting up CarPlay, you can make Waze a more integral part of your iPhone navigation experience.


  1. Can I set Waze as my default navigation app directly in iOS settings? No, iOS does not currently allow setting third-party navigation apps like Waze as the default directly through its settings.
  2. Will using Siri Shortcuts for Waze work for all commands? Siri Shortcuts for Waze are effective, but you need to use specific commands set up within the Waze app.
  3. Is it possible to use Waze with Apple CarPlay? Yes, you can set Waze as your navigation app in CarPlay by rearranging your apps in the CarPlay settings on your iPhone.
  4. What are the risks of jailbreaking my iPhone to set Waze as the default app? Jailbreaking can void your warranty, compromise your device’s security, and in severe cases, damage your iPhone.
  5. Why doesn’t Apple allow Waze to be set as the default navigation app? Apple’s iOS is designed to prioritize its own services and apps, such as Apple Maps, over third-party apps like Waze.
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