Frontier Internet Parental Controls
Frontier Internet Parental Controls

Many parents are concerned about keeping their children safe online, especially since the internet is such a big part of our lives. Frontier Internet, like other internet providers, has tools to help parents manage their kids’ online activities. Let’s talk about how Frontier Internet can be made safer for kids. But before we get technical, it’s important to understand how crucial online safety is for children. With so much time spent on screens, especially for things like online school and entertainment, the online world has both good and bad sides. The aim is to create a safe environment where kids can benefit from the internet while being protected from its dangers.

Setting Up Parental Controls

Router-Based Controls

One of the first lines of defense in making the internet safer for kids is through router-based parental controls. Most modern routers, including those provided by Frontier, come with built-in parental control features. These can include:

  • URL Filtering: This allows parents to create a blacklist of websites that are inappropriate or unsafe for children. Any site on this list will be blocked across all devices connected to the network, ensuring a blanket level of protection​​.
  • Time Restrictions: Limiting internet access during certain hours can help manage your child’s online time, ensuring they are not accessing the internet late at night or during homework time.

Software Solutions

In addition to hardware-based solutions, various software options can enhance your parental control capabilities. These programs offer more granular control and can be tailored to individual devices. Features might include:

  • Content Filtering: Beyond blacklisting specific sites, content filters can automatically block websites based on categories like adult content, gambling, or violent themes.
  • Activity Monitoring: Some software allows parents to monitor their children’s online activity, including websites visited and time spent on different sites.
  • App Management: Control which apps your child can download or use, and set time limits on app usage.

Educating Kids about Online Safety

While technical tools are essential, they’re not foolproof. Education plays a key role in ensuring your kids are safe online​​. Discuss with your children:

  • Privacy: Teach them the importance of not sharing personal information online.
  • Cyber Predators: Warn them about the dangers of interacting with strangers online.
  • Age-Appropriate Content: Help them understand what content is suitable for their age and why certain websites or materials are off-limits.

Being a Role Model

Your behavior can significantly influence how your children perceive and use the internet. Be mindful of your own screen time and the content you access. Show them that the internet is a tool for learning, entertainment, and staying connected, but it requires responsible use.

Additional Safety Measures

  • Device Security: Ensure all devices have updated security software to protect against viruses and malware.
  • Physical Precautions: Covering webcams when not in use and having a designated area for internet use can help prevent unwanted exposure and maintain family privacy​​.
  • Open Communication: Foster an environment where your kids feel comfortable discussing their online experiences, including any uncomfortable or concerning encounters.


Q1: How can I block specific websites on Frontier Internet? A1: Use the URL filtering feature in your router’s firewall settings to blacklist specific websites. This will block these sites on all devices connected to your network.

Q2: Are there parental control software options compatible with Frontier Internet? A2: Yes, there are various software options available that provide content filtering, activity monitoring, and app management features.

Q3: How can I educate my child about online safety? A3: Talk to them about the importance of privacy, the risks of cyber predators, and choosing age-appropriate material. Encourage open communication about their online experiences.

Q4: Can I set internet access times for my child with Frontier Internet? A4: Yes, most modern routers, including those provided by Frontier, allow you to set time restrictions for internet access.

Q5: What are some physical safety measures I can take to protect my child online? A5: Cover the camera on your computer and smart devices when not in use, and consider having a designated area for internet use to maintain family privacy.

Q6: How important is it for parents to be role models in internet usage? A6: Very important. Your approach to screen time and internet usage sets an example for your children, influencing their online habits.

Q7: Can parental controls block all inappropriate content? A7: While parental controls are effective, they are not foolproof. It’s crucial to combine these tools with education and open communication.

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