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WhatsApp, as a widely-used messaging app, offers various features that enable users to stay connected, and making calls is one of its most used functions. Traditionally, to call someone on WhatsApp, you must first add them to your contacts. However, this might not always be practical or necessary, particularly if the call is a one-time interaction or if you’re aiming to maintain a more organized contact list. Fortunately, there are straightforward methods to make a WhatsApp call without adding the person as a contact, which can save time and streamline your conversation process.

Calling Without Creating A Contact

1. WhatsApp’s Click to Chat Feature

  • Open your web browser.
  • Type the following link, replacing ‘phonenumber’ with the full number (including country and area code):
    • Example: [invalid URL removed] (for a US-based number)
  • Press Enter. WhatsApp will open a chat with that number.
  • Start the call: Tap the phone icon within the chat to initiate a WhatsApp call.

2. Message Yourself Feature

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Search for your own name (usually listed as “You”). Alternatively, create a new chat and add only your own number.
  • Paste the unsaved number within the chat and send it as a message. The number will appear as a clickable link.
  • Click the number and select “Chat on WhatsApp.”
  • Tap the phone icon in the chat to start your call.

Important Notes:

  • Calling Only: For a pure call without first initiating a chat, you’ll need a third-party app or a slightly more complex workaround for your specific device.
  • WhatsApp Audio/Video Calls: These methods only work for WhatsApp’s built-in voice and video calling, not regular phone calls.

Key Takeaways

  • WhatsApp allows users to make calls without adding contacts.
  • Several methods provide a straightforward process for calling unsaved numbers.
  • Correctly formatted phone numbers ensure successful connections for such calls.

Preparing to Make a Call

Before initiating a WhatsApp call without a saved contact, it’s important to understand the app’s functionality and prepare the required information. This section will guide you through the necessary steps.

Accessing WhatsApp

To start, you need to open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone. If you prefer using a computer, open WhatsApp Web by navigating to the official URL on your browser. Ensure you’re logged into your account.

Understanding WhatsApp Call Feature

WhatsApp offers both voice and video calls directly from the app. You don’t necessarily need the other person’s contact saved in your phonebook. By understanding the app’s functionality, you can use it effectively for making calls.

Finding a Phone Number

You will need the full phone number, including the country code, of the person you wish to call. Use a reliable number lookup service if necessary to ensure accuracy. Have this information at hand before you begin.

Handling Contacts Not Saved in Phonebook

For those not in your phonebook, WhatsApp’s Click to Chat feature is helpful. It allows you to create a chat with someone without saving their number. By using a “” link, you can start a chat and then make a call from within that chat.

Utilizing WhatsApp Features for Calls

To make a call without a contact, use the phone icon in the WhatsApp interface to enter the number manually. If you frequently message yourself, the “message yourself” feature can be used to store numbers temporarily without saving them to your contacts.

Making the Call

When you need to make a call on WhatsApp but don’t have the number saved as a contact, there are a few straightforward methods you can use to start the call.

Direct Call Methods

To make a direct call, open WhatsApp and tap the call button or call option. Usually, this option is only available for saved contacts. However, some unofficial versions of WhatsApp, like GBWhatsApp, might offer a way to directly input a number and call. Remember that using unofficial apps can pose risks and is not recommended by WhatsApp.

Using the Click-to-Chat Function

Click-to-chat is a feature offered by WhatsApp that allows you to send a message to a number without saving it as a contact. To use this, open your browser and enter the URL, replacing ‘phonenumber’ with the full phone number in international format. Upon pressing enter, a web page will display with a Continue to chat option, allowing you to open a chat in WhatsApp with the respective number. From there, you can simply use the call function.

Exploring Workarounds for Calling Without Contact

Alternative methods for calling without saving a contact may involve using the Shortcuts app if you are using an iPhone. This app lets you create a shortcode that prompts you to enter a number and directs you to WhatsApp’s chat interface with an option to call. Additionally, voice assistants like Siri can facilitate creating prompts or shortcuts for calling unsaved numbers. It’s important to note that while workarounds exist, they should be used wisely and within the guidelines set by the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp provides a straightforward way to communicate with others via calls without needing to save their numbers. These FAQs will guide you through the process for different devices.

What are the steps to initiate a WhatsApp call with someone not saved as a contact?

To call someone on WhatsApp without saving the number, open the app and navigate to the ‘Calls’ tab. Tap the call icon and select ‘New contacts’, enter the phone number with the country code, and press the call icon to initiate the call.

Is it possible to use WhatsApp to call a number directly without adding it to my contact list?

Yes, it is possible. You can either use the method above to call directly through the app or create a clickable link using WhatsApp’s click to chat feature to start a call.

Can you start a WhatsApp chat or call with a number without storing it on your iPhone?

On an iPhone, you can utilize Siri shortcuts or the Shortcuts app to start a WhatsApp chat or call without saving the number to your contact list.

On Android, how do you call a new number using WhatsApp without adding the contact?

Android users have the option of entering a phone number directly in WhatsApp, similar to the first method described, to place a call without saving the contact.

How to use WhatsApp for calling a person who is not in my phone’s contact list?

WhatsApp allows calls to non-contacts through either direct input of the number in the app or by using the ‘click to chat’ feature to generate a link that initiates a call.

What is the process to send a WhatsApp message or make a call to a temporary number?

For temporary numbers, you can use WhatsApp’s ‘click to chat’ feature or input the number directly in the app to send a message or make a call without adding it to your contacts.

Using these straightforward methods, you can easily contact anyone on WhatsApp, even if their number isn’t saved in your phone.

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