Keep Spotify Playing In Background
Keep Spotify Playing In Background

Are you an iPhone user who loves streaming music on Spotify, but find it frustrating when your tunes stop as soon as you switch apps or lock your screen? You’re not alone. Many users face this issue, but the good news is, there are simple solutions to keep your Spotify playing seamlessly in the background. Let’s dive into the steps you can take to enjoy uninterrupted music.

1. Enabling Background App Refresh

To ensure Spotify continues playing when your iPhone is locked or you’re using other apps, the first step is to enable Background App Refresh for Spotify. Navigate to Settings > General > Background App Refresh on your iPhone and toggle on the option for Spotify. This allows the app to keep running even when it’s not in the foreground.

2. Allowing Notifications

Another important step is to enable notifications for Spotify. This can be done under Settings > Notifications > Spotify. Turning on notifications ensures you’re alerted when your music starts playing, plus you receive other useful updates from the app.

3. Disabling Power-Saving Modes

Power-saving modes on iPhones can hinder Spotify’s ability to play in the background. To avoid this, disable any battery-saving settings that might be active. You can do this by going to Settings > Battery and turning off the Low Power Mode. This mode, while conserving battery life, can restrict background processes, including Spotify streaming.

4. Managing Sleeping Apps

Spotify may also stop playing in the background if your device enters sleep mode, a feature designed to save battery life. To prevent this, ensure Spotify isn’t listed in your ‘Sleeping Apps’ list. This setting can be checked and adjusted in the device care section of your settings.

5. Avoiding Multiple Audio Sources

Playing multiple audio sources simultaneously can cause interference, potentially disrupting Spotify’s connection to your device. To avoid this, ensure that only one app or tab is playing music or sound at a time while using Spotify.

6. Restarting the App or Device

If these steps don’t solve the issue, try quitting and restarting the Spotify app or rebooting your iPhone. This can clear temporary files or settings that may be interfering with Spotify’s background playback.

7. Enabling Background Data Usage

For uninterrupted streaming, it’s also essential to enable background data usage for Spotify. This can be done by navigating to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Spotify > Data Usage and toggling on the Background Data option. This allows Spotify to use data for music playback even when it’s not the active app.

8. Managing Battery Saver/Background Data Settings

On both iPhone and Android devices, adjusting the Battery Saver/Background Data settings to ‘No Restrictions’ can be beneficial. This setting, found under the Manage Apps section of your device’s settings, lets Spotify run in the background, although it’s important to note that this may impact your battery life.

9. Troubleshooting Playback Interruptions

Despite these adjustments, if Spotify continues to pause or stop, consider the possibility of connectivity issues or app glitches. Ensuring a stable internet connection and keeping the Spotify app updated can help mitigate these problems.

10. Final Thoughts

By following these steps, you can enjoy your favorite Spotify playlists uninterrupted, whether you’re browsing other apps, have your phone locked, or are experiencing connectivity fluctuations.


In conclusion, keeping Spotify playing in the background on your iPhone requires a few simple adjustments in the settings. By enabling background app refresh, allowing notifications, disabling power-saving modes, managing sleeping apps, and ensuring proper data usage settings, you can enjoy uninterrupted music streaming. Remember to also monitor your battery usage and keep your app updated for the best experience.

FAQ Section

Q: Why does Spotify stop playing when I switch apps on my iPhone? A: This usually happens when Background App Refresh is disabled for Spotify or if the phone is in a power-saving mode that restricts background processes.

Q: How can I prevent Spotify from pausing when my iPhone is locked? A: Enable Background App Refresh for Spotify in your iPhone’s settings and ensure that power-saving modes are turned off.

Q: Can Spotify play in the background while I use other apps? A: Yes, by enabling Background App Refresh and managing your battery saver/background data settings, Spotify can play while you use other apps.

Q: Why does Spotify pause when multiple apps are playing audio? A: This is due to interference from multiple audio sources. Ensure only one app is playing music or sound at a time.

Q: What should I do if none of the settings adjustments work? A: Try quitting and restarting the Spotify app or rebooting your iPhone to clear any temporary issues affecting playback.

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