Charging On Hold
Charging On Hold

If you’ve encountered the “Charging on Hold” error on your iOS device, it can be a substantial obstacle to maintaining the device’s usability. This error can emerge due to a variety of reasons, and resolving it promptly is crucial. This guide will walk you through practical solutions to overcome this frustrating error and ensure a smooth charging experience.

1. Understanding “Charging On Hold”

This error typically occurs when the iOS device perceives a risk in drawing power, and it holds the charging process to prevent any potential damage or hazard. It does confirm that your iPhone is connected and most of the time this rules out “loose charging port” issues. The most common reason for the error is elevated temperature levels. This protective feature is incorporated in iOS 16 and later versions to shield your device’s internal components from potential heat-related damages.

This specific feature acts as a safety net, ceasing the charging process when the iPhone’s temperature surpasses the recommended operational range. It is designed to resume the charging once the device’s temperature is restored to normal, preventing any potential thermal damage to the internal mechanisms of the iPhone.

2. Inspection of the Charging Cable: Ensuring Integrity

Resolving this issue is generally a simple and straightforward task. Initially, disconnect the iPhone from the charger and allow it to cool. After the temperature has normalized, reconnect the charger. For users in a hurry, expedited cooling can be achieved by removing bulky cases, refraining from using the device for a short period, or turning off the power momentarily.

Inspect your charging cable. Look for any visible damages, frays, or bends. A compromised cable can be the root of the error, and replacing it can resolve the issue.

3. Cleaning the Charging Port

Accumulated dust, lint, or debris in the charging port can obstruct the connection. Gently clean the port using a soft brush or compressed air to remove any blockages.

4. Using an Apple-Certified Charger: Compatibility Check

Ensure that you are using an Apple-certified charger. Incompatible or counterfeit chargers can cause the error due to inconsistencies in power delivery. It’s important to choose MFi-certified accessories to charge your iPhone. While numerous third-party manufacturers offer more affordable alternatives, they may not adhere to Apple’s quality standards, leading to recurring “Charging On Hold” errors.

5. Restarting the Device: A Fresh Start

Reboot your iOS device. Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve underlying glitches causing the error and can facilitate normal charging.

6. Updating iOS: Patching the System

Check for any pending iOS updates and install them. Outdated software can harbor bugs and glitches that can trigger the “Charging on Hold” error.

7. Resetting Settings: Back to Basics

If the error persists, try resetting all settings on your device. This won’t erase your data but will reset system settings such as Wi-Fi passwords and wallpaper.

8. Control Apps & Background Processes

The Background App Refresh feature can contribute to excessive battery usage and consequently increased heat, leading to the alert. Manage this by controlling the Background App Refresh permissions for your apps individually, focusing on disabling it for infrequently used apps.

Activating Low Power Mode is another effective tactic to minimize heat generation and avoid the warning. This mode restricts background activities and lessens power consumption, significantly decreasing heat production.

9. Avoiding High-Usage While Charging

Refrain from using heavy applications while charging. High power consumption by apps can interfere with the charging process and trigger the error. Engaging in processing-intensive tasks while charging, such as recording videos or playing high-end games, can elevate the device’s temperature, triggering the warning. Refraining from such activities during charging reduces the risk of encountering this message.

10. Keep Your Phone Away From Heat

To prevent the appearance of this warning, keep your iPhone away from direct sunlight or any heat sources while charging. Place it in a cool, well-ventilated space to avoid overheating and ensure efficient charging.

Extreme temperatures can impact the charging process. Avoid charging your device in overly hot or cold conditions and opt for a room-temperature environment.

Seeking Professional Help: When All Else Fails

If you’ve exhausted all solutions and the error continues, it might be time to consult Apple Support or visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider for a professional assessment.


The “Charging On Hold” error in iOS can be inconvenient, but with diligent troubleshooting, it can usually be resolved swiftly. By maintaining your device properly, using compatible accessories, and keeping the software up-to-date, you can minimize the likelihood of encountering this error and ensure the longevity of your device.

In case these solutions don’t yield the desired results, reaching out to Apple support or visiting a repair center is recommended. Always prioritize using genuine Apple accessories to prevent potential charging issues and avoid damage to your iPhone.

Remember, proactive measures and informed choices are your best allies in ensuring a seamless and frustration-free experience with your iPhone, enabling you to enjoy the plethora of features and innovations it brings to the table without the constant worry of encountering the “Charging On Hold” alert.


  1. Can the “Charging On Hold” error damage my iOS device? The error itself is a protective measure and doesn’t cause damage, but it is crucial to address the underlying issue to prevent potential harm to the device.
  2. Is it safe to clean the charging port at home? Yes, it is safe as long as you use gentle tools like a soft brush or compressed air, and avoid inserting sharp objects that can damage the port.
  3. How can I ensure that my charger is Apple-certified? Apple-certified chargers usually bear an MFi logo. Always purchase accessories from reputable retailers or directly from Apple to ensure authenticity.
  4. Can I still use my phone while it displays the “Charging On Hold” error? Yes, the device can still be used, but resolving the error should be a priority to ensure the device receives adequate power.
  5. Do I need to back up my data before resetting the settings? Resetting all settings doesn’t erase your data, but it’s always good practice to regularly back up your data to prevent any potential loss.
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