Apple Ask To Buy
Apple Ask To Buy

“Ask to Buy” is a family sharing feature available on iOS devices, designed to provide control over the purchases made by family members, especially minors. It enables the family organizer to approve or decline purchases requested by other family members. However, there can be instances when the “Ask to Buy” feature doesn’t work as expected, leaving users puzzled. In this guide, we’ll explore some practical steps to resolve issues when iOS is not asking permission for purchases.

Understanding the “Ask to Buy” Feature

The “Ask to Buy” feature is crucial for managing purchases within the family group. It allows the family organizer to monitor and control the buying activities of family members, preventing unauthorized or accidental purchases. Understanding how this feature works can aid in troubleshooting when it’s not working correctly.

Verify Age Restrictions

Firstly, check if the family member for whom you want to enable “Ask to Buy” meets the age requirement. This feature is typically available for children under 18, and the age limit might vary depending on the country. If the family member is above the age restriction, you can’t enable “Ask to Buy” for them.

Check Family Group Settings

Ensure that the family member is correctly added to the family group. If the user is not properly added, the “Ask to Buy” requests might not reach the family organizer. Go to your Apple ID in the Settings app, select “Family Sharing” and verify the list of family members.

Turn “Ask to Buy” On/Off

Sometimes, simply turning the “Ask to Buy” feature off and then back on can resolve any glitches causing it not to work. Navigate to Family Sharing settings, select the family member’s name, and toggle the “Ask to Buy” switch.

Update iOS Software

Running an outdated iOS version can lead to functionality issues, including problems with the “Ask to Buy” feature. Ensure that your device is updated to the latest iOS version by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

Check Payment Information

If there is an issue with the payment method associated with your Apple ID, it might affect the “Ask to Buy” feature. Verify and update your payment information by navigating to Settings > [your name] > Payment & Shipping.

Resetting the Apple ID

If the above steps fail to resolve the issue, consider signing out and signing back into the Apple ID on your device. Sometimes, resetting the Apple ID can resolve various functionality issues.

Consult Apple Support

When all else fails, contacting Apple Support can provide professional insights and solutions. Apple’s support team can assist in troubleshooting and fixing issues related to “Ask to Buy” not working.


The “Ask to Buy” feature is a valuable tool for managing and controlling purchase activities within the family sharing setup on iOS devices. When it isn’t working, it can be frustrating, but following the above steps can help in resolving the issues efficiently. By ensuring that all settings are correct, software is updated, and seeking professional support when needed, users can restore the functionality of the “Ask to Buy” feature swiftly.


  1. Why isn’t “Ask to Buy” available for my family member?
    • This could be due to the family member exceeding the age limit for “Ask to Buy,” or they might not be correctly added to the family group.
  2. Can “Ask to Buy” be enabled for adults in the family group?
    • Typically, “Ask to Buy” is designed for minors under 18, but availability may vary based on country-specific age limits.
  3. How can I ensure that “Ask to Buy” requests are sent to the correct person?
    • Verify the family sharing settings and ensure that the correct family organizer is assigned, as they receive the “Ask to Buy” requests.
  4. What can I do if the “Ask to Buy” setting is grayed out?
    • This could be due to the family member being above the age limit or not being properly added to the family group.
  5. Can I enable “Ask to Buy” if I don’t have a valid payment method?
    • Having a valid payment method is essential for purchasing, and issues with payment information can affect the functionality of “Ask to Buy.”
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