Losing your Apple Watch can be stressful, especially if its battery is dead. But don’t worry, you can still find it. There are a few ways to locate it. Here’s what you can do:

Locating a Lost Apple Watch

Retrace Your Steps

Think back to where you last used or saw your Apple Watch. Check common places like your nightstand, desk, car, or gym bag. If you recently used your Apple Watch with Find My, you can check its last known location.

Use Find My

  1. Open the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad, or access it through iCloud.com.
  2. Select your Apple Watch from the list of devices.
  3. If your Apple Watch was online recently, you’ll see its last known location on a map.
  4. If it’s currently offline, you can enable “Notify When Found” to receive an alert when it reconnects to a network.

Mark As Lost

If you suspect your Apple Watch is lost or stolen, mark it as lost in the Find My app. This will lock it remotely and display a message with your contact information. It also prevents others from using Apple Pay on your watch.

Play a Sound

If your Apple Watch is nearby but you can’t see it, use the “Play Sound” feature in the Find My app. This will cause your watch to emit a loud chime, making it easier to locate.

Contact Apple Support

If you’re unable to find your Apple Watch, contact Apple Support for further assistance. They may be able to provide additional tips or resources to help you recover your device.

Additional Tips

  • If you have AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss coverage, you may be eligible for a replacement.
  • If your Apple Watch is stolen, report the theft to local law enforcement.

Remember, prevention is key. Keep track of your Apple Watch, use a strong passcode, and enable Find My to increase your chances of finding it if it goes missing.

Understanding ‘Find My’ for Apple Watch

The primary tool for locating a lost Apple Watch is the ‘Find My’ feature on your iPhone. To use this, you must have previously set up ‘Find My’ on your iPhone, which automatically adds your Apple Watch when paired​​​​.

Steps to Use ‘Find My’

  1. Open the ‘Find My’ App: First, you need to open the ‘Find My’ app on your iPhone​​.
  2. Navigate to ‘Devices’: In the app, go to the ‘Devices’ tab​​.
  3. Select Your Apple Watch: Look for your Apple Watch in the list of devices and select it​​.
  4. Check for Last Known Location: If your Apple Watch is dead, you won’t be able to play a sound or use the navigation feature. However, you can still view its last known location on the map for a limited time​​.

What to Do If the Location Is No Longer Visible

If you can’t see your Apple Watch’s location:

  1. Mark It as Lost: Scroll down in the ‘Find My’ app and select ‘Activate’ under ‘Mark As Lost’​​.
  2. Enter Your Phone Number and a Custom Message: This will help whoever finds your Apple Watch to contact you​​.
  3. Toggle on ‘Notify When Found’: This ensures you receive updates if the location of your Apple Watch changes​​.

Additional Recovery Steps

If someone finds and charges your Apple Watch or turns it on, you’ll receive an updated location. In the meantime, consider retracing your steps, checking with local lost and founds, posting in community social media groups, or filing a police report​​.

Dealing with Theft or Loss

If you suspect your Apple Watch is stolen or permanently lost:

  1. AppleCare Plus with Theft and Loss Protection: If you have this coverage, you can file a report and possibly replace your Apple Watch at a reduced cost​​.
  2. Check Apple’s Website: Confirm your coverage on Apple’s website​​.

Preventive Measures for the Future

To reduce the risk of losing your Apple Watch again:

  1. Get AppleCare Plus with Theft and Loss Protection: This provides peace of mind in case of loss or theft​​.
  2. Set Up ‘Find My’ and ‘Device Left Behind’ Alerts: Ensure ‘Find My’ is activated on your iPhone and set alerts for when you leave your device behind​​.
  3. Keep Your Apple Watch Charged: Regularly charge your Apple Watch and carry a charger during long trips​​.
  4. Attach an AirTag to Your Watch Band: This offers an additional way to track your Apple Watch​​.
  5. Engrave Your Contact Information on the Watch Band: This can help if someone finds your lost Apple Watch​​.
  6. Expand Your ‘Find My’ Network: Include trusted family and friends in your network for broader coverage​​.


  1. Can I locate my Apple Watch if it’s completely dead? Yes, you can see its last known location using the ‘Find My’ app.
  2. What should I do if I can’t see my Apple Watch on the map? Mark it as lost in the ‘Find My’ app, enter your contact details, and enable notifications for when it’s found.
  3. Is it possible to get updates on a dead Apple Watch’s location? If someone finds and charges it, you’ll get updated location information.
  4. Can I replace my lost Apple Watch through AppleCare Plus? Yes, if you have Theft and Loss Protection, you can replace it at a reduced cost.
  5. How can I prevent losing my Apple Watch in the future? Use preventive measures like setting up ‘Find My’, attaching an AirTag, and keeping it charged.
  6. Will my Apple Watch be added to ‘Find My’ automatically when paired with my iPhone? Yes, pairing your Apple Watch with your iPhone automatically adds it to ‘Find My’.
  7. Can I play a sound on my Apple Watch if it’s dead? No, you cannot play a sound if the Apple Watch is dead.

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