Factory Reset an iPhone
Factory Reset an iPhone

Factory resetting an iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max involves restoring the device to its original factory settings. This process is helpful in various scenarios, such as resolving issues with the iPhone, preparing it for sale, or if you have forgotten your passcode or Apple ID password. But be careful – you will wipe all of your non-backed up data during this process so make sure you are aware of that. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to perform a factory reset on the iPhone 11 series of cell phones.

Before You Factory Reset

  1. Back Up Your Data: It’s crucial to back up all your data before performing a factory reset. You can do this using iCloud or by backing up to your computer. The backup process will be prompted during the reset, but it’s advisable to ensure your data is secure beforehand​​​​.

How to Factory Reset on the iPhone Itself

  1. Go to Settings, then tap General.
  2. Scroll down to Reset.
  3. Choose Erase All Content and Settings.
  4. Tap either Back Up Then Erase, or Erase Now.
  5. Enter your passcode to confirm.
  6. Tap Erase iPhone, then tap again to confirm.

This process is relatively quick, but it’s important to note that all data, including apps, photos, videos, music, contacts, calendars, notes, and settings, will be erased​​.

How to Factory Reset Your iPhone Using a Mac

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings.
  2. Tap on your name at the top of the screen.
  3. Choose Find My.
  4. Tap on Find My iPhone, then toggle it off.
  5. Connect your iPhone to your Mac.
  6. Open a Finder window and click on the iPhone’s name under Locations.
  7. If prompted, confirm that you Trust this device.
  8. Click on the General tab.
  9. Select Back up all the data on your iPhone to this Mac.
  10. Click on Back Up Now and wait for the backup to complete.
  11. Click on Restore iPhone

If the Restore button is greyed out, ensure you have signed out of Find My on your iPhone. After erasing, you can set up the iPhone as a new device or restore it from the backup you just made​​.

After a Factory Reset

After the reset, the iPhone will be restored to its original factory settings. This means all your data and settings will be erased. If you can’t erase your iPhone due to forgetting your passcode or because the device is disabled, Apple provides specific steps to resolve these issues​​​​.


A factory reset can be a useful way to resolve issues with your iPhone or prepare it for a new owner. However, it’s vital to back up all your data before proceeding and understand that this process will completely erase your device.


  1. What happens to my data after a factory reset?
    • All data, including apps, photos, videos, music, contacts, and settings, will be erased.
  2. How to back up before a factory reset?
    • You can back up to iCloud or a computer.
  3. What if I forget my passcode or Apple ID password?
    • You can still factory reset your iPhone, but all data will be erased.
  4. Can I restore from a backup after a factory reset?
    • Yes, you can restore your iPhone from a backup during the setup process.
  5. What to do if I encounter problems during a factory reset?
    • If you face issues, contact Apple Support for assistance.

Remember to follow these steps carefully to ensure a smooth and secure factory reset process.

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