Using Bluetooth Headphones on Nintendo Switch
Using Bluetooth Headphones on Nintendo Switch

Experiencing immersive gameplay audio without the entanglement of wires? Sounds dreamy, right? Let’s explore how you can connect Bluetooth headphones to your Nintendo Switch sans adapter.

Introduction: Wireless Gaming Experience

There’s something liberating about playing your favorite Switch games without being tethered by wires. And with the increasing popularity of Bluetooth headphones, gamers were eager for Nintendo to join the wireless audio bandwagon.

A Note on Nintendo’s Bluetooth Features

The Switch’s Initial Limitations

Originally, the Nintendo Switch did not natively support Bluetooth audio devices. Gamers had to rely on third-party adapters to connect their wireless headphones.

The Game-Changing Update

Thankfully, a Nintendo Switch software update changed this, bringing native support for most Bluetooth audio devices.

Step-by-Step: Connecting Bluetooth Headphones

Update Your Nintendo Switch

First and foremost, ensure your Switch is running the latest software. Navigate to System Settings > System > System Update.

Access Bluetooth Audio Settings

Once updated, head to System Settings. Scroll down, and you’ll find a “Bluetooth Audio” option newly available.

Pair Your Headphones

  • Activate the pairing mode on your Bluetooth headphones.
  • On your Switch, select “Add Device” under the Bluetooth Audio menu.
  • Your headphones should appear on the list. Select them, and voilà, you’re connected!

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

If you face difficulties:

  • Ensure other devices aren’t trying to connect to your headphones.
  • Move closer to the console and ensure no physical barriers.
  • Restart both your headphones and the Switch.

Pros and Cons of Bluetooth Connectivity on Switch


  • Wireless freedom.
  • No need for external adapters.


  • Possible latency in audio.
  • Limited to two wireless controllers when Bluetooth audio is active.
  • Doesn’t support Bluetooth microphones.


While the addition of Bluetooth audio support on the Nintendo Switch is a welcome feature, it’s essential to be aware of its limitations. Nevertheless, the ease of connecting headphones without the need for an adapter elevates the overall gaming experience.


  1. Can I connect multiple Bluetooth headphones simultaneously?
    • No, the Nintendo Switch supports only one Bluetooth audio device at a time.
  2. What if my headphones don’t appear on the list?
    • Ensure they’re in pairing mode and that they’re compatible with the Switch.
  3. Is there noticeable lag when using Bluetooth headphones?
    • Some users report slight latency, but this varies depending on headphones and games.
  4. Why can’t I connect more than two wireless controllers with Bluetooth audio?
    • Due to bandwidth limitations of the Switch’s Bluetooth module.
  5. Will Nintendo introduce Bluetooth microphone support?
    • As of now, there’s no official announcement from Nintendo regarding this.
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