PS5 Controller
PS5 Controller

Maintaining a clean PS5 DualSense controller is vital for optimal gaming performance and hygiene. Over time, the controller can accumulate dust, grime, and oils from your hands. This buildup not only affects the controller’s appearance but can also interfere with button responsiveness. Regular cleaning extends the controller’s life and maintains its responsive gameplay experience.

To start cleaning your PS5 controller, ensure it’s turned off and disconnected from any power source. Gather a soft, dry microfiber cloth for wiping the surface and a cotton swab for detailed cleaning around buttons and in crevices. For tougher stains, rubbing alcohol can be used. Apply it sparingly to a cloth or cotton swab to avoid moisture damage to the electronics.

Clean PS5 Controller
Clean PS5 Controller

Cleaning Solutions and Tools You’ll Need

Before you start cleaning your PS5 controller, gather these supplies:

  • Isopropyl alcohol (70% or higher): This is your go-to cleaning solution for most areas of the controller.
  • Microfiber cloths: Opt for soft, lint-free cloths to avoid scratching your controller.
  • Cotton swabs: These are handy for reaching tight crevices and cleaning around buttons.
  • Toothpicks or needles: For stubborn dirt in narrow gaps (use these with great care to avoid scratching the plastic).
  • Optional: Goo Gone or similar product: This can help remove tough stains or sticky residue.

Note: Never spray liquids directly onto your controller. Always apply your cleaning solution to a cloth or cotton swab first.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Disconnect and wipe down: Unplug your controller if it’s connected to the console. Wipe the entire surface with a dry microfiber cloth to remove loose dust and debris.
  2. Clean the grips: Apply a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to a microfiber cloth. Clean the grips in circular motions to remove sweat and grime.
  3. Tackle buttons and thumbsticks: Dip a cotton swab into the isopropyl alcohol. Gently clean around the buttons and the base of the thumbsticks.
  4. Detail the crevices: For narrow gaps around buttons and triggers, use a toothpick or needle lightly. Be very careful not to scratch the plastic.
  5. Address scuffs and stains: If you have stubborn marks that isopropyl alcohol can’t tackle, try a small dab of Goo Gone on a microfiber cloth. Test it on a discreet area of the controller first.
  6. Clean the ports: Dip a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and gently clean the headphone jack and charging port.
  7. Air dry completely: Allow your controller to air dry fully before plugging it back in.

Additional Tips

  • Clean your controller regularly to prevent buildup.
  • Wash your hands before using your controller to minimize transferring dirt and oils.
  • For sticky buttons, you can try compressed air or disassembling the controller for deeper cleaning (if you’re comfortable with electronics).
Isopropyl alcoholGeneral cleaning and disinfecting
Microfiber clothsWiping surfaces, avoid scratches
Cotton SwabsButtons, thumbsticks, tight areas
Toothpick/NeedlesDeep in crevices (use with great care)
Goo Gone (optional)Tough stains and sticky residue

Key Takeaways

  • Regular cleaning prevents buildup and maintains controller functionality.
  • Begin with a dry microfiber cloth and proceed to targeted cleaning with a cotton swab.
  • Use rubbing alcohol on a cloth for tougher stains, sparingly to avoid damage.

Preparing to Clean Your PS5 DualSense Controller

Cleaning your PS5 DualSense controller is simple with the right tools. Knowing the controller’s design helps you clean without damage.

Gathering Required Cleaning Materials

Before you start, make sure you have all the cleaning materials at hand. A dry microfiber cloth is essential to wipe the controller without scratching it. Cotton swabs let you reach the controller’s tight spots. Compressed air can blow dust from narrow areas. Finally, alcohol wipes or a bit of isopropyl alcohol paired with a cloth can sanitize your device while being gentle on the plastic.

Needed MaterialsUse
Microfiber clothWiping down the surface
Cotton swabCleaning hard-to-reach spots
Compressed airRemoving dust from crevices
Alcohol (or wipes)Disinfecting the controller’s surface

Understanding the Controller Structure

The DualSense controller has distinct parts you should understand before cleaning. The buttons and joysticks are sensitive areas. Be delicate when cleaning around these parts. The touchpad and the grips have textures that might hold more grime. They will need a thorough wipe. Knowing this structure guides you to use the right cleaning method for each part.

  • Front: Contains the buttons, touchpad, and analog sticks.
  • Back: Consists of the gripping area that might have more texture.
  • Sides and crevices: May accumulate dust and sweat over time.

Step-by-Step Cleaning Process

Keeping your PS5 controller in top shape requires regular cleaning to prevent dirt and grime from causing issues. Here are simple steps to maintain cleanliness and function.

Exterior Cleaning for Dirt and Grime

With time, controllers gather dust and grime. Start by unplugging the controller. Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the surface gently. For tougher spots, dampen the cloth with a bit of isopropyl alcohol. Do not pour alcohol directly on the device. Go over the textured parts with care to remove trapped dirt.

Buttons and Joystick Maintenance

Dust can get under buttons and joysticks. Use a Q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean these areas. Ensure the Q-tip is not dripping wet. Compressed air can blow away loose dust without the need for disassembly. Aim the compressed air at gaps around buttons and joysticks.

Advanced Cleaning for Persistent Issues

If regular cleaning is not enough, consider gently prying off the controller’s exterior using appropriate tools. Only do this if you’re confident and aware that it could void warranties. With the outer shell off, use a Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol to clean the inner crevices. Goo Gone can help with sticky residues but should be used sparingly and carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers common questions about keeping your PS5 controller in top condition.

What is the safest method to clean the joystick on a PS5 controller?

To safely clean the joystick, gently wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth. If more cleaning is needed, lightly dampen the cloth with rubbing alcohol and carefully clean around the joystick.

How can I resolve stick drift on my PS5 controller through cleaning?

Stick drift may be lessened by cleaning around the joystick base. Use a cotton swab dabbed in isopropyl alcohol and gently clear away any debris. Let it dry completely before use.

What is the best way to clean sticky buttons on a PS5 controller?

Begin by turning off your controller. Use a toothpick to loosen any debris around the buttons. Then press a microfiber cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol onto the button surfaces to remove stickiness.

Is it safe to use rubbing alcohol to clean my PS5 controller?

Yes, it is safe. Isopropyl alcohol evaporates quickly and cleans well. Use it sparingly on a cloth to avoid moisture entering the controller.

How can I properly clean the charging port of my PS5 controller?

Turn off the controller and use a dry, small brush to gently sweep away dust from the port. Avoid inserting anything wet into the port.

What steps should I take to clean the DualSense Edge controller?

Follow a similar routine: use a dry cloth for surface dust. For a deeper clean, dip a microfiber cloth in isopropyl alcohol, wring it out well, and carefully wipe the surfaces. Avoid getting moisture in any openings.

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