Apple TV Remote
Apple TV Remote

Changing the battery in your Apple TV remote is a straightforward process, but it varies slightly depending on the model of your remote. Below is a step-by-step guide for different generations of Apple TV remotes.

Understanding Your Apple TV Remote Model

Before changing the battery, identify which model of Apple TV remote you have, as the process differs for each.

For First Generation Apple TV Remote

  1. Locate the Release Latch: Look for the little circle button at the bottom of the remote.
  2. Open the Battery Compartment: Use a paperclip to push into the circle button. This will release the battery compartment cover​​.

For Second Generation Apple TV Remote

  1. Find the Battery Door: The battery compartment is located at the back of the remote.
  2. Open the Compartment: Use a penny or a flathead screwdriver and turn the battery door counterclockwise to open it​​​​​​.

For White Apple Remote

  1. Access the Battery Compartment: The compartment is at the very bottom of the remote.
  2. Open the Compartment: Use a paperclip to open it and access the battery​​.

For Apple TV 4K Remote

  1. Heat iOpener: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the iOpener and place it over the face of the remote to soften the adhesive under the glass​​.
  2. Access the Battery and Charging Port: Follow the specific guide for your model to replace the battery and charging port.

Replacing the Battery

Once you have opened the battery compartment:

  1. Remove the Old Battery: Carefully take out the old battery from the compartment.
  2. Insert the New Battery: Place the new battery into the compartment with the positive side facing towards you​​​​.
  3. Close the Compartment: Replace the back cover or battery door.

Tips and Warnings

  • Use the Correct Battery Type: Ensure you use the right type of battery for your remote model. Refer to the user manual if you’re unsure​​.
  • Handle with Care: Be gentle when opening the battery compartment to avoid damaging the remote.
  • Proper Disposal: Dispose of the old battery responsibly.


Changing the battery in your Apple TV remote is a simple task that can be done in just a few minutes. Be sure to identify your remote model and follow the appropriate steps for a smooth and successful battery replacement.


  1. How do I know which Apple TV remote model I have? Identify your remote by its design. The first and second generations have a circle button at the bottom, the white remote has a similar design but in white, and the Apple TV 4K remote has a glass touch surface.
  2. What type of battery does the Apple TV remote use? It depends on the model. Most use CR2032 or similar coin cell batteries, but check your user manual for specific information.
  3. Can I replace the battery in an Apple TV 4K remote myself? Yes, but it requires careful handling to soften the adhesive under the glass surface, as described in the iOpener instructions​​.
  4. How often should I change my Apple TV remote’s battery? This varies based on usage, but it’s typically necessary when you notice reduced responsiveness or functionality.
  5. Is it safe to change the Apple TV remote battery at home? Yes, as long as you follow the correct procedure for your remote model and handle the remote and battery carefully.
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