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Project Zomboid: How to Barricade Windows

1. Gather materials:– Hammer
– Wood planks (up to 4)
– Nails (2 nails per plank)
2. Equip hammer:Right-click the hammer in your inventory and select “Equip.”
3. Approach a window:Move close to the window you want to barricade.
4. Right-click the window:A context menu will appear.
5. Select “Barricade (Planks):”This will open a sub-menu with options for how many planks to use.
6. Choose the level of barricade:You can barricade with 1, 2, 3, or 4 planks.
7. Click the desired number of planks:Each additional plank used adds more protection and blocks visibility.
8. Confirm the action:A confirmation message will appear. Click “Yes” to proceed.
9. (Optional) Barricade the other side:Repeat steps 3-8 on the other side of the window for double protection.

Required Materials: Planks can be obtained by dismantling furniture or chopping down trees. <br> Nails can be found in toolboxes, garages, and other loot containers.

Additional Notes:

  • You can also use metal sheets and metal bars for stronger barricades, but these require additional tools and materials.
  • Barricading windows slows down zombies but does not completely block them.
  • You can unbarricade windows by right-clicking them and selecting “Unbarricade.” However, you will lose the nails used in the barricade.
  • Barricading windows with four planks will prevent zombies from seeing you through the window, but you will also not be able to see outside.

Understanding Barricading Basics in Project Zomboid

Barricading in Project Zomboid is a practical skill to master, as it significantly improves your chances of survival. By reinforcing windows, you create a strong defense against zombies.

Types of Barricades

There are mainly two types of barricades used for windows in Project Zomboid: wooden and metal.

  • Wooden Barricades:

    • Crafted using planks, nails, and a hammer.
    • Provides a first-line defense, slowing down zombies attempting to break in.
  • Metal Barricades:

    • Constructed with metal sheets or metal bars.
    • Requires more effort to install but offers enhanced durability.

Essential Tools and Materials

To start barricading, you’ll need a few crucial tools and materials.


  • Hammer: Essential for attaching wooden planks to windows and doors.
  • Saw: Needed to cut wood for planks if they’re not already available.
  • Propane Torch and Welder Mask (for metal barricades): These are necessary to install metal sheets.


  • Wooden Plank: The basic building block for wooden barricades.
  • Nails: Used with a hammer to secure the planks.
  • Metal Sheet/Metal Bar: Stronger materials for a more resilient barricade.

Gathering these items is the first step in crafting a safe shelter, with carpentry playing a key role in improving the effectiveness of your barricades.

Step-by-Step Barricading Process

When the hordes close in, securing your safe house is crucial. The following step-by-step guide will help you effectively barricade your windows and doors, fortifying your stronghold against the undead onslaught.

Securing Windows with Wooden Planks

Gathering Materials: Before anything else, they will need a saw, a hammer, and nails. These tools are often found in tool stores, army bases, or in crates and shelves around the world of Project Zomboid.


  1. Collect Wooden Planks: They can obtain wooden planks by dismantling furniture using the saw or by scavenging around the base.
  2. Equip Tools: They must ensure the hammer and nails are in their inventory to proceed.
  3. Begin Barricading: They should approach a window, right-click on it, and select the barricade option. This will start the process of boarding up the window.
  4. Check Durability: Each plank adds to the window’s HP (hit points), making it sturdier. Repeat the barricading procedure until the desired strength is achieved.

Installing Metal Barricades

Required Tools: They’ll need a propane torch and a welder mask, alongside the hammer, to work with metal.


  1. Collect Metal Sheets: Metal sheets can be scavenged or created via metalworking skills.
  2. Equip Necessary Items: The propane torch, welder mask, and metal sheets need to be in the player’s inventory.
  3. Commence Installation: When they right-click on windows or doors, they should choose the option to add metal barricades using the sheets.
  4. Increase Fortification: Metal barricades offer more HP compared to wooden ones. They can secure their base by attaching these bars until they’re satisfied with the level of security.

By following these straightforward steps, they can effectively board up and secure windows and doors in Project Zomboid, ensuring a safe haven amidst the chaos.

Advanced Tactics for Base Defense

When building your fortress against the hordes in Project Zomboid, knowing how to effectively deploy and upgrade barricades can mean the difference between a safe night and becoming zombie food.

Strategic Use of Barricades

To keep zombies and other unwanted guests at bay, players should employ a mix of wooden planks, metal sheets, and metal bars for barricading. Each material offers its own level of protection, and knowing when and where to use them can greatly enhance a base’s defense.

  • Wooden Planks: Easily sourced by chopping down trees and turning logs into planks with an axe, these are good for initial fortifications. They’re also handy when a quick response is needed, like boarding up windows after a surprise breach.
  • Metal Sheets and Bars: Acquired from loot in warehouses or hardware stores, or by dismantling metal shelves. This material offers superior protection, but demands a higher carpentry skill and additional tools like a welder mask and fuel.

Players must also consider the location of their base, zombie mechanics, and potential escape routes. For instance, using vehicles to block narrow pathways creates funnels that lead zombies into fortified killing zones.

Maintaining and Upgrading Barricades

Once a barricade is in place, regular checks and maintenance are critical. Intruders and zombies will wear down defenses over time, so players must remain vigilant, reinforcing and repairing as needed.

  • Inspection: Regularly inspect barricades for signs of wear. Any weakness must be addressed promptly to prevent a breach.
  • Upgrades: Replace wooden planks with metal sheets or metal bars as the survival game progresses for enhanced defense.
  • Carpentry Skill: Improving this skill is crucial for both constructing sturdier walls and for effective repair work.
  • Tools: Keep a crowbar handy to dismantle weakened parts and a considerable stockpile of materials for quick fixes.

By adhering to these advanced tactics and consistently evolving their safehouse fortifications, players can effectively secure their base against the relentless undead and other dangers in the world of Project Zomboid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Securing your safe house in Project Zomboid means keeping zombies out, and one of the most effective methods is to barricade the windows. Here’s what players commonly ask about fortifying their in-game safe havens.

What materials are needed to barricade a window in Project Zomboid?

To barricade a window, players need a hammer, nails, and wood planks. These items form the basic barricade, which is crucial in keeping those relentless zombies at bay.

What is the process for creating a window barricade in Project Zomboid?

Players must right-click on the window they wish to secure and select the ‘Barricade’ option. This action requires having a hammer, nails, and wood planks in the inventory. The barricade is then constructed directly onto the window.

Is it better to barricade a window from the inside or outside in Project Zomboid?

Barricading from the inside is usually safer because it doesn’t expose players to potential lurking zombies while they’re busy nailing up defenses.

How can I protect windows effectively against zombies in Project Zomboid?

Wooden planks are the first line of defense, but for enhanced protection, players can upgrade to metal barricades as long as they possess the proper materials and tools like a propane torch and welding rods.

What are the differences between using wood and metal to barricade windows in Project Zomboid?

Wood planks are easier to find and install but offer less protection. Metal barricades, however, require more effort and resources to construct but are much better at resisting zombie breaches.

How do you obtain the necessary resources, like planks, to start barricading in Project Zomboid?

Planks can be found by dismantling furniture with a hammer or saw or by sawing logs obtained from chopping trees. Players can search various locations like warehouses, hardware stores, and construction sites to gather these resources.

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