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Storage space is a valuable resource, especially for Genshin Impact fans. The game’s vast fantasy world requires a significant amount of data due to its detailed environments and rich textures. However, the space requirements for the game vary across different platforms. For instance, PC users need at least 70GB+ of space for the latest version, although this figure may increase if you install language packs and other add-ons. Mobile players, on the other hand, require around 20-30GB of storage space for comfortable gameplay. However, this requirement may also increase depending on the language packs and add-ons installed. PlayStation 5 owners, however, need about 70GB-90GB of storage space to install the game. Therefore, players across all platforms must prepare for significant storage use.

Storage Considerations for Genshin Impact Players

Genshin Impact is a beautiful and expansive open-world RPG, but its detailed graphics and frequent updates come with a cost: storage space. Before you install, it’s important to understand how much space Genshin Impact will need on your device.

Genshin Impact Logo
Genshin Impact Logo

Genshin Impact File Size Across Platforms

Here’s a breakdown of the current approximate file sizes for Genshin Impact on various devices:

DeviceFile Size (Approx.)
PC (Windows)70GB – 140GB+
PlayStation 570GB – 90GB+
PlayStation 470GB – 90GB+
Android (Phones/Tablets)18GB – 35GB+
iOS (iPhones/iPads)15GB – 30 GB+

Important Notes

  • Updates: Genshin Impact receives frequent updates adding new areas, characters, and events. These updates further increase the game’s storage requirements.
  • Audio Packs: You can download language packs for additional voiceovers, which add to the overall file size.
  • PC Specs: The recommended storage space for PC players is more than 100 GB to allow for smooth updates and future content.

Additional Tips for PC Players Facing Storage Issues

The community has come up with some innovative solutions to Genshin Impact’s storage demands. Here’s a breakdown of the insights provided, along with some additional considerations:

Moving Game Data for Space-Saving

  • Identifying Movable Folders: Key folders within the ‘GenshinImpact_Data/StreamingAssets’ directory can be relocated to create space in your main Genshin Impact installation partition.
    • VideoAssets: Contains in-game cutscenes (large size, minimal impact on performance when moved).
    • AudioAssets: Holds essential game audio (potential for some slowdown if moved, especially on older HDDs).
  • Creating Junctions: After moving these folders, you’ll need to create ‘Junctions’ using Link Shell Extension. These act as shortcuts, allowing Genshin Impact to access the relocated files as if they were in the original location.

Pre-Installation Techniques

  • Downloading Pre-Installation Files: If you have limited space on your primary drive, you can download the game’s pre-installation files to a different location. After downloading, move the zip files to your Genshin Impact game directory and run the launcher for a seamless update process.

Updating the Game

  • Post-Update Tips: Once an update is completed, you can regain space by deleting the junctions created previously and moving selected folders (except VideoAssets for optimal storage) back to their original locations.

Managing the Entire Genshin Impact Folder

  • Relocating the Launcher: If every MB counts, you can even relocate the entire Genshin Impact launcher folder to a different drive.
  • Alternative Installation: For extreme storage constraints, download the full game files in parts and extract them directly to the GenshinImpactGame folder, bypassing the need for temporary duplicate storage.

Suggestions for Hoyoverse to Improve Storage Management

The community has proposed some ideas to help with storage:

  • Streamlined Updates: Downloading update files directly instead of large zip archives could reduce the temporary storage requirements during updates.
  • Flexible Installation: Allowing the launcher and game folders to reside in separate locations would give players greater control over storage usage.
  • Community Tools: A user-created program to read updates and install them without needing double the storage of the base game would be a huge help for players.

Important Note: Always ensure you have sufficient combined storage space across your drives before attempting these techniques.

How to Manage Genshin Impact Storage Space

  • Uninstall Extra Content: Delete language packs you don’t use to recover several gigabytes of space.
  • External Storage (Consoles): On consoles with the option, install Genshin Impact on an external hard drive.
  • Selective Download (Mobile): Mobile players can selectively download content to save space, though doing so will require re-downloading specific data for each new update.

If you’re a Genshin Impact enthusiast and are tight on storage space, keep these file sizes in mind so that you can manage your device’s remaining storage accordingly.

Understanding the required space is just the beginning for players planning to install or update Genshin Impact. System requirements for the game also vary from one machine to another. PCs need to run at least Windows 7 SP1 64-bit with a processor equivalent to Intel Core i7, 16 GB of RAM, and graphics capabilities starting from NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB. In contrast, the mobile version of the game will run on many modern smartphones but keeping your storage clear for game data and updates is vital for a smooth experience. Console requirements fall in line with the latest generation systems, ensuring players get the best possible experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Genshin Impact requires considerable storage space across all platforms.
  • Specific system requirements must be met for different devices.
  • Managing storage and updates is necessary for a seamless Genshin Impact experience.

Game Installation and Storage Management

When you install Genshin Impact, you need to know how much space it will take up and how to manage its files. Different devices require different amounts of storage space, and updates can change the space you need.

System Requirements for Different Platforms

Mobile Devices:

  • Android: Requires a minimum of Android 7.0 and ARM v8a 64-bit device, at least 8 GB of initial installation space.
  • iOS: Requires iOS 9.0 or later, compatible with iPhone and iPad, around 8 GB of initial installation space.


  • Operating System: Works on Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, and Windows 10 64-bit.
  • Storage: At least 30 GB is needed for a smooth installation and play.


  • PlayStation: Requires at least 30 GB, is expected with a PlayStation console.

Genshin Impact is not currently available for the Nintendo Switch.

Managing Game Files and Updates

To manage disk space:

  • Clear cache regularly
  • Delete unused language and voice-over files
  • Uninstall optional audio packs

Upon release of new updates:

  • Make sure you have more free space than required for the update
  • The size of updates will vary, oftentimes increasing the total installation size

Remember to always have additional free space for game data like cache and optional downloads. Managing your device’s storage ensures that Genshin Impact runs without issues.

Game Content and Features Affecting Space

Genshin Impact’s space requirements are influenced by its dynamic content and regular updates. The game’s extensive features impact the storage space it occupies on devices.

Characters, Quests, and Events

Genshin Impact offers a rich selection of characters and quests that players can experience in the vast world of Teyvat. Each character, from Mondstadt’s barbatos to Sumeru’s Nahida, adds layers of story and gameplay. The game introduces new characters through updates and special events. This constant addition of content increases the game’s size.

Expansion of Game World and Updates

Updates to Genshin Impact are frequent and often bring significant changes to the game, such as new regions like Chenyu Vale or expanding upon existing areas like Liyue and Inazuma. The PlayStation version and other console versions might see different storage needs, affected by these updates. Cross-platform gameplay also factors into these updates, as they must be consistent across mobile, PC, and consoles like PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game world’s growth with each version update directly influences the required storage space.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers common queries on the storage needs for Genshin Impact across different devices.

What is the required amount of storage to install Genshin Impact on a computer?

Computers need at least 30 GB of space to install Genshin Impact. However, it’s smart to leave extra room for updates.

What is the storage requirement for Genshin Impact on mobile devices?

Genshin Impact requires a minimum of 8 GB for the initial installation on mobile devices. Players should allocate more space for game files and future content updates.

On a PlayStation 4, how much space is needed for Genshin Impact?

For PlayStation 4 users, Genshin Impact requires a minimum of 30 GB of available storage space.

How many gigabytes does Genshin Impact occupy on an iPhone?

On an iPhone, Genshin Impact occupies around 8 GB of space after initial installation. Like other platforms, additional space is necessary for updates.

What is the total size of Genshin Impact after full installation?

The total size of Genshin Impact can vary. It can be around 30 GB on PCs and upwards, reaching much higher numbers post-installation due to updates and additional content.

Does a device with 64GB storage have sufficient space for Genshin Impact?

A device with 64GB storage should have enough space to install and run Genshin Impact. It’s important to consider extra space for game updates and cache files.

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