The original PlayStation 5 boasts an impressive custom-designed 825GB solid-state drive (SSD). The newer release comes with 1TB of storage. However, not all of that is usable for your games and media. The original system software takes up a chunk of space, leaving you with approximately 667.2 GB of usable storage.

PS5 Storage: How Much Space Do You Get?

Different PS5 versions will have different storage sizes:

  • Original PS5: This version, released in 2020, comes with a custom 825 GB SSD, of which approximately 667.2 GB is usable for games and other data.
  • Newer PS5 Model: A newer model was released in 2023 with a larger 1 TB SSD. This model offers about 863 GB of usable storage, providing more space for games and media.

Both models also allow for storage expansion via a dedicated M.2 SSD slot, enabling users to add even more storage capacity.

Built-in Storage: More Than Meets the Eye

Game Sizes: The Space Eaters

Modern games, especially those with high-fidelity graphics and expansive open worlds, can be quite hefty in terms of file size. Some games easily exceed 100GB, quickly eating up your available storage.

Game TitleApproximate File Size (GB)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II120+ GB
Grand Theft Auto V90+ GB
Final Fantasy XVI100+ GB
Hogwarts Legacy80+ GB
Spider-Man: Miles Morales50+ GB

Expanding Your PS5 Storage: Easy Solutions

If you find yourself running out of space, fear not! The PS5 allows for easy storage expansion with compatible M.2 SSDs. Simply install a supported SSD in the dedicated slot, and you can instantly increase your storage capacity and enjoy faster load times.

Tips for Managing Your PS5 Storage

  • Prioritize: Keep only the games you play regularly installed on the internal SSD.
  • External Storage: Use an external hard drive for storing PS4 games and media files.
  • Regularly Delete Unused Data: Delete game saves, screenshots, and videos you no longer need.

PS5 Storage Overview

When you pick up a PS5, you’re getting a gaming console with lightning-fast loading times and a sizable internal SSD. It’s essential to know just how much data can be stored and what that means for your gaming experience.

Internal SSD Specifications

The PS5 is equipped with a custom internal SSD. This drive boasts a total capacity of 825GB, optimized to provide high-speed data processing aimed at reducing game load times significantly. Sony has designed the PS5’s SSD to harness the console’s advanced capabilities, accommodating the substantial size and complexity of next-gen games.

Understanding Usable Space

Though the total storage of the PS5’s internal SSD is 825GB, not all of that is available for game storage. The operating system and essential system files take up a portion of the space, leaving approximately 667GB of usable space. For those craving more room, the PS5 includes an expansion slot for a compatible NVMe SSD. This allows players to increase their storage while maintaining the quick performance essential for enjoying the console’s extensive game library.

Managing PS5 Storage

Managing your PS5’s storage is crucial to keep your game library organized and functional. You’ll learn how to expand the internal storage and utilize external drives to ensure you never run out of space for your games and media.

Expanding Storage with M.2 SSD

The PS5 allows for storage expansion through a dedicated expansion slot. To increase your storage space, you can insert a compatible M.2 SSD into this slot. Make sure you have a Phillips or cross-head screwdriver to open the expansion cover and secure the SSD in place. The SSD must meet Sony’s requirements for speed and size, and after installation, you’ll need to format it through the PS5 settings to use it for game storage.

Using External USB Drives

For extra space without opening your console, connect an external USB drive. Both external HDDs and SSDs work, provided they use USB 3.0 or later. In the settings, you can choose USB Extended Storage to play PS4 games directly or store PS5 games. Remember, PS5 games can’t be played from an external drive and need to be transferred back to internal storage when you’re ready to play.

Game Installation and Storage Usage

The PS5 comes with around 825GB of total storage, but only 667.2GB is usable due to system files and the operating system taking up space. When installing games, there’s no difference in storage usage between digital downloads and disc installations. Games can vary greatly in size, so keeping an eye on your game library and storage settings helps prevent surprises.

Tips to Free Up Space

To clear up much-needed space, consider the following:

  • Delete games you no longer play from the library.
  • Saved data and video clips in the Media Gallery can add up; delete what you don’t need.
  • Games often have downloadable content (DLC) you might not use; remove it if it’s not essential.
  • If you have games on an external hard drive, ensure it’s designated for external storage to avoid using the internal SSD unnecessarily.

PS5 Game Management

Managing your PS5’s library efficiently maximizes the console’s storage potential and enhances your gaming experience. Below are strategies to optimize your game library, making it easy for you to focus on what you love most: playing games.

Library Organization and Access

Your PS5 game library is a central hub where you can access all the games you’ve downloaded or installed. Keep it tidy by creating folders or using the search function to quickly find the games you’re looking for. Settings > Storage iswhere you can see how much space each game uses and manage your data effectively.

Playing PS4 Games on PS5

The PS5 is backwards compatible, allowing you to enjoy PS4 games with improved load times and enhanced graphics. However, keep in mind that they also take up valuable storage space. To play these games, it’s recommended to use extended USB storage to save on internal space while still taking advantage of the PS5’s power.

Cloud Storage and PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus members enjoy the benefit of cloud storage for their saved data. This feature is a game-changer as it not only secures your game progress in the cloud but also saves local storage space for more games. Regularly back up your saved data to the cloud and liberate your PS5’s SSD from unnecessary clutter.

Frequently Asked Questions

The storage capacity of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) is a common concern among gamers. Let’s explore some specific questions to help clarify this aspect.

What is the base internal storage capacity of the PS5?

The PS5 comes equipped with an 825GB solid-state drive (SSD) as its base internal storage.

Can the PS5’s internal storage be expanded and how?

Yes, the internal storage of the PS5 can be expanded. Users can install an additional NVMe SSD that’s compatible with the console’s high speed requirements.

Is there a difference in storage capacity between the PS5 Digital Edition and the PS5 with a disc drive?

No, both the PS5 Digital Edition and the PS5 with a disc drive offer the same internal storage capacity of 825GB.

How do external storage solutions work with the PS5?

The PS5 allows for external USB drives to be connected for storing and playing PS4 games, as well as for storing PS5 games.

What are the options for increasing storage on a PS5 without replacing the internal SSD?

Users can connect an external hard drive or SSD via USB for additional storage, though this is mostly for PS4 games or as overflow storage for PS5 games.

What is the maximum external storage capacity that the PS5 can support?

The PS5 supports external USB drives up to a capacity of 8TB, giving players ample space for additional games and media.

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