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Accidents happen and breaking or cracking the screen on your iPad is something that you’ll have to deal with if you drop your iPad. Broken glass not only looks ugly, but it also affects the functionality of your tablet and may make it more difficult to use. If this happens to you, you might be interested in knowing how much it will cost to get the iPad’s glass replaced. In this thorough tutorial, we’ll examine the variables that affect the price of replacing the iPad’s glass, go over your options, and give you important information to aid in your decision-making.

Recognizing the Cost-Affecting Factors:

Depending on a number of variables, replacing the iPad’s glass can cost different amounts. These factors include the type of iPad you have, the degree of the damage, whether Apple or a third-party service provider will handle the repair, and whether AppleCare+ or any other warranty coverage is in effect. Newer iPad models with cutting-edge technology and bigger screens typically cost more to repair.

Official Apple Repair Options:

You have a few choices if you prefer to go the Apple route of approved service locations. Visiting an Apple Store or an Apple Approved Service Provider is the first step. Depending on the iPad model, Apple offers fixed-price out-of-warranty service fees for screen repairs that can range from $199 to $649. The alternative is to employ the Apple Express Replacement Service, which involves paying a fee—which varies depending on the model—for Apple to send you a replacement iPad.

Independent Repair Services:

Another choice is to look at independent repair providers like GadgetMates who can usually repair your glass at a much lower cost. At GadgetMates, iPad glass replacement is one of our specialties and we are experts in delivering fast, affordable, quality screen repair across all iPad models. Our prices will vary depending on market conditions but you can get updated pricing on each of our iPad model pages:

iPad Repair Prices | iPad Mini Repair Prices | iPad Air Repair Prices | iPad Pro Repair Prices

Choose the page corresponding to your iPad and scroll down to the pricing table. As of July 2023 the lowest prices for each iPad model are as follows:

iPad (Standard): As low as $69.99* Reference price for 4th Generation iPad
iPad (Mini): As low as $69.99* Reference price for 1st Generation iPad Mini
iPad (Air): As low as $79.99* Reference price for 1st Generation iPad Air
iPad (Pro): As low as $199.99* Reference price for 1st Generation iPad Pro (9.7″/10.5″)

*These prices are for illustration purposes only. Call your store for the current pricing.

Changing glass on your own:

There is also the possibility of DIY glass replacement for the tech-savvy and daring. It is important to note that iPad repairs call for specific equipment and expertise, and trying one without the necessary understanding could cause more harm to the gadget. If you choose to take this option, you can buy replacement glass kits online; prices vary based on the iPad model and often range from $30 to $200 depending on the device model.

Other factors to consider

It’s important to take into account your iPad’s total worth, its age, and its condition when estimating the price of an iPad glass replacement. A new glass panel might not be the most cost-effective option if your iPad is an older model or has other problems already. It would be worthwhile to think about upgrading to a newer model in such circumstances.

Looking into Insurance Coverage

Review the terms and conditions of your iPad insurance policy, such as AppleCare+ or a third-party insurance plan, to see what repairs are covered and any applicable deductibles. The out-of-pocket expense for replacing glass can be greatly decreased or even eliminated with insurance coverage.


The price to replace the glass on an iPad varies depending on the model, the degree of the damage, the available repair methods, and insurance coverage. Third-party repair services offer more cost-effective alternatives while Apple’s official repair services offer dependability but at a greater price. For individuals with technical capabilities, DIY repair is an option, but care must be taken. Considerations like insurance coverage and the overall value of your gadget should be taken into account when making a choice.

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