How Many Amps Does iPhone Charger Use
How Many Amps Does iPhone Charger Use

When it comes to charging an iPhone, understanding the technical specifications can be a bit perplexing. Among the key specs is the charger’s ampere rating. This article will break down the amperage of various iPhone chargers, ensuring you get the optimal charge for your device.

Basics of Charger Ratings

Voltage vs. Current

While voltage (V) can be thought of as the “pressure” pushing electricity through, current, measured in amperes (A), represents the “flow” of electricity. Together, they determine a charger’s power (Watts).

Role of Amperage in Charging

The higher the amperage, the faster an iPhone can potentially charge. However, the phone’s internal circuitry will only draw as much current as it’s designed for, ensuring safety.

iPhone Charger Evolution

Traditional USB Chargers

Earlier iPhone models (up to iPhone 4s) came with a 5W charger, which outputs 1A at 5V. iPhones from 5 to 6s Plus had the option to use the 12W iPad charger, providing 2.4A at 5V for quicker charging.

Transition to USB-C

Recent iPhones (since the iPhone 8) support fast charging via USB-C. The 18W or higher adapter, for instance, delivers around 3A at 9V, significantly reducing charging times.

Factors Influencing Amperage

Cable Type

Not all charging cables are the same. The cable’s design and thickness can influence how much current it can carry without heating up.

Wall Adapter Variations

Beyond the official Apple chargers, third-party manufacturers offer chargers with a variety of amperage outputs. It’s essential to ensure they meet Apple’s standards for safety.

Safety and Compatibility

Using the Right Amperage

Always ensure your charger’s amperage is compatible with your iPhone. Using a higher amperage charger won’t harm the device, but a low-quality charger might.

Risk of Cheap Knock-offs

Opt for reputable brands. Cheaper, unbranded chargers might not regulate amperage properly, posing a risk to your iPhone’s battery health.


Does a higher ampere charger charge an iPhone faster? Yes, up to the iPhone’s maximum accepted current. Beyond that, the phone will only draw what it needs.

Can I use an iPad charger for my iPhone? Yes, most iPhones, especially models from iPhone 5 and onwards, can benefit from the higher amperage of an iPad charger without any risk.

What happens if I use a charger with too low an amperage? Your iPhone will charge more slowly, but it won’t harm the device.

Conclusion The world of iPhone chargers is more intricate than it seems at first glance. By understanding the significance of amperage and ensuring you’re using the right charger, you can ensure a swift and safe charging experience for your device.

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