How to get your signature onto a computer
How to get your signature onto a computer

In today’s digital age, everything from office memos to official contracts is handled electronically. Ever been in a situation where you were required to sign a document electronically? Well, that’s where electronic or digital signatures come into play. E-signatures not only offer convenience but also speed up many administrative tasks.

Moving beyond the traditional pen and paper

Gone are the days when we’d print a document, sign it, and then either mail or scan and email it back. Now, it’s all about efficiency and speed without losing the personal touch of one’s signature.

Methods to Digitize Your Signature

1. Using a Scanning Device

One of the most straightforward methods! All you need to do is:

  • Sign a white piece of paper.
  • Scan the paper using a scanner.
  • Save the scanned image, preferably in a PNG or JPEG format.
  • Crop the image around your signature using any image editor.

2. Drawing with a Touch Screen or Graphics Tablet

Got a touchscreen device or a graphics tablet? Great!

  • Open a drawing application or software.
  • Use your stylus or finger to sign on the screen.
  • Save the signature as an image.

3. Online Signature Creation Platforms

Several online platforms allow you to create a digital signature:

  • Visit sites like HelloSign, DocuSign, or Smallpdf.
  • Follow their process, which typically involves drawing, designing, or typing your signature.
  • Save the generated signature.

Implementing Your Digital Signature

Using Software like Adobe Acrobat or Word

  • Open the document.
  • Click on the ‘Insert’ option (or similar based on software).
  • Choose ‘Image’ or ‘Picture’ and then select your saved signature.
  • Place and resize the signature as required.

Integrating in Emails

Some email platforms like Outlook allow you to incorporate a signature:

  • Go to settings or signature options.
  • Upload or insert your signature image.
  • Save changes and your emails will carry your signature!

Ensuring Signature Security

The importance of secure platforms

While digital signatures bring convenience, it’s vital to prioritize security. Using trusted platforms and software ensures that your signature remains your own.

Tips to keep your digital signature secure

  • Store the signature image in a secure location on your device.
  • Don’t share or send your signature file recklessly.
  • Use password protection for documents that carry your signature.


Getting your signature on a computer is a blend of technology and old-school signing. It’s about embracing the future while staying rooted in tradition. With the right tools and a bit of caution, you can smoothly navigate the digital signing landscape.


  1. Is a digital signature the same as an e-signature?
    While used interchangeably, an e-signature is a broader term that includes anything representing consent. A digital signature, however, often refers to a cryptographic, secure signature.
  2. Are digital signatures legally binding?
    In many countries, digital signatures are legally recognized, but always check local regulations and consult with legal advice if unsure.
  3. Can I change my digital signature?
    Absolutely! Like your traditional signature, you can update or modify your digital version whenever you like.
  4. Is using online platforms for signature creation safe?
    Most reputable online platforms use encryption and security protocols. Always ensure you’re using a trusted site and check their privacy policy.
  5. How can I verify a received digital signature?
    Some platforms offer verification tools that validate the authenticity of a digital signature. Always double-check signatures on critical documents.
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