Unfortunately, in GTA Online, you cannot directly sell the Khanjali tank. This powerful vehicle is a permanent fixture in your Facility once you acquire it. But don’t lose hope – there are ways to use your Khanjali for a different kind of advantage.

How to Utilize Your Khanjali Tank for Profit

Put Your Tank to Work

The Khanjali excels in tough missions and heists due to its heavy armor and devastating weaponry. Here’s how to capitalize on it:

  • Heists: The Khanjali’s firepower makes it an asset during heists, especially the Doomsday Heist scenarios.
  • Freemode Mayhem: Dominate the battlefield and go on rampages with your friends.
  • VIP Work: Protect other players while completing VIP Work missions for some cash on the side.

Boost Your Khanjali’s Power

Upgrading your Khanjali can make it an even more formidable force, increasing its value for missions:

RailgunAdds a powerful long-range weapon
Proximity MinesLay traps for unsuspecting enemies
ArmorIncreases the tank’s survivability

While selling your Khanjali isn’t an option in GTA Online, it remains a highly valuable tool for navigating the game’s challenges and earning some serious in-game cash.

Key Takeaways

  • GTA Online’s Khanjali tank is unique in that you can’t sell it
  • The Khanjali is a great tool to use to gain huge advantages in the game

Frequently Asked Questions

When players finish the adrenaline-pumping missions in GTA Online, they often look to manage their vehicle assets, including the potent TM 02 Khanjali tank obtained in the Doomsday Heist. This section answers key questions players have about dealing with such military vehicles in the game.

Is there any steps I can take to sell the TM 02 Khanjali in GTA Online?

No. You can’t actually sell the Khanjali.

Is it possible to sell a tank in GTA 5 Online, like the Khanjali?

Selling military-grade vehicles such as the Khanjali tank is not an available option in GTA 5 Online. These specialty vehicles are viewed as investment pieces for gameplay rather than sellable assets.

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