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Selling a jet in GTA Online can help you earn extra in-game cash. To start the process, you need access to a hangar with a workshop upgrade. Once you’re at the hangar and it’s operational, get into the jet you want to sell. This will bring up a menu with the option to modify the aircraft. On this screen, go to the bottom to find the “Sell” option. Confirming this will sell the jet and credit your GTA Online account with the sale amount. Remember, you can’t sell Pegasus vehicles. It’s important to consider the current market and your financial goals before making a sale, as the transaction cannot be reversed.

GTA Online: Cashing In on Your Jet

Selling your jet in GTA Online isn’t as simple as driving it to a dealership. It requires a few specific steps and conditions:


  • Hangar: You must own a hangar to store and sell personal aircraft.
  • Workshop: Your hangar needs a workshop upgrade to modify and sell aircraft.

Selling Personal Aircraft

  1. Store the jet: Make sure your jet is stored in your hangar, not out in the open.
  2. Enter the hangar: Walk or drive into your hangar and approach the jet you want to sell.
  3. Enter the jet: Get inside the jet and press the button prompt to enter the modification menu (usually right on the D-pad).
  4. Sell the jet: Scroll down in the modification menu and select the “Sell” option. Confirm your choice to receive the sale price.

Important Notes

  • Pegasus aircraft: You cannot sell aircraft purchased from Pegasus. You can only remove them from your hangar to free up space.
  • Sale price: You’ll receive 50% of the original purchase price of your jet.
  • Workshop upgrade: If you don’t have a workshop, you can purchase it from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website.

Table: Hangar Locations and Prices

LocationPrice (GTA$)
Los Santos International Airport1,200,000
Fort Zancudo2,650,000
Sandy Shores Airfield1,375,000
Grapeseed Airstrip1,425,000
LSIA Hangar 13,250,000

Key Takeaways

  • Ensure access to a hangar with workshop upgrade to sell jets in GTA Online.
  • Pegasus model aircraft cannot be sold.
  • Selling a jet is irreversible, so decide wisely before completing the transaction.

Preparing Your Aircraft for Sale

When you’re looking to turn your jet into cash in GTA Online, a good prep job can make all the difference. Know the right spots to sell, how to make your jet appeal to buyers, and how to bump up its value.

Locating the Right Venue

To sell your airplane, you first need a hangar, which functions as your sales venue. You can purchase a hangar on the Maze Bank Foreclosure website. Having a hangar not only provides a place to store your aircraft but is also where you’ll entice potential buyers and close the sale.

Customizing Your Jet

Before listing your jet for sale, think about giving it a facelift. Gamers can customize their aircraft in their hangar if they’ve invested in a workshop attachment. By modifying your jet to meet a high standard, it may attract more interest. Simple yet effective customizations can include changing paint jobs or adding personal touches to make it stand out.

Improving Sale Value

Investment in Your Aircraft:
Invest in upgrades that increase performance or visuals to raise the airplane’s value.

Keep your jet in top condition to ensure you get the best possible price. Presale maintenance includes repairing any damages and ensuring the plane flies smoothly.

A clean and tidy jet always does better on the market. Clear out any personal items and ensure the interior is spotless.

Maximize profit by making smart upgrades and keeping your jet well-maintained. A well-prepared aircraft will ensure that gamers are willing to spend their hard-earned cash on what you have to offer in GTA Online.

Executing the Sale

When you decide to sell your jet in GTA Online, there are specific steps you should follow. This section will walk you through the process from listing your jet to completing the transaction.

Listing and Transaction Process

To start selling your jet, head to your hangar at locations such as Fort Zancudo or another owned property that houses aircraft. Upon entering your jet, the game will prompt you with a modification menu. Look for the Sell option within this menu. Selecting Sell will show you the price at which you can sell your jet. Confirm this decision, and you will receive the cash amount instantly into your GTA Online account.

Navigating Legalities and Security

Selling a jet in GTA Online is a straightforward process managed entirely through the in-game menus, so there are no real-world legal concerns. However, in-game security can be a concern. Always ensure you’re in a secure area free from potential threats by other players who might disrupt your sale. The hangar provides a prompt that enables the sale of your aircraft, acting as a legal façade within the game for these transactions. After completing the sale, the cash from the transaction is safely added to your in-game account, ready for you to use on new purchases or saved for upcoming heists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Selling a jet or other aircraft in GTA 5 Online might seem tricky, but it’s possible when you know the correct steps. This section answers some common questions to help you streamline the process.

Can you sell a JET in GTA 5 Online?

Yes, players can sell jets in GTA 5 Online, but the option is only available if the jet is stored in your Hangar and not a Pegasus vehicle. You need to have a Workshop attached to your Hangar to sell it.

How to sell planes in GTA 5 Online without Workshop?

Selling planes without a Workshop in GTA 5 Online is not possible. To sell a plane, you must own a Hangar with an attached Workshop where you can modify and sell aircraft.

How to sell helicopters in GTA 5 Online?

Selling helicopters in GTA 5 Online follows the same steps as selling planes. Ensure your helicopter is stored in your Hangar and that you have a Workshop. You can then modify and sell the helicopter from there.

How to sell Pegasus planes in GTA 5 Online?

Pegasus planes, unlike personal aircraft, cannot be sold in GTA 5 Online. These are considered as services, rather than owned vehicles, so there is no option to sell them.

Can you sell the hydra in GTA 5?

The Hydra is one of the Pegasus vehicles, which means it cannot be sold in GTA 5 Online. Once purchased, the Hydra remains in your Pegasus vehicle list indefinitely.

Can you sell properties in GTA Online?

Yes, properties can be sold in GTA Online. While you cannot sell a property directly, you can trade it in when purchasing a new one to receive a rebate on the price of the new property, effectively reducing the cost.

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