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No, you can’t sell your arcade in GTA. Instead, Rockstar Games has implemented a trade-in system, offering a unique way to upgrade your gaming empire. Let’s go over the details of how you can swap your current arcade for a new one and the factors you should consider before making the switch.

Trading Your Way to a New Gaming Haven

The Trade-In System

In GTA Online, you cannot directly sell your arcade property. However, you can trade it in for a different one. This system allows you to switch locations or upgrade to a fancier establishment. Keep in mind that you’ll only receive 50% of the value of your original arcade’s upgrades towards the new purchase.

Cost and Upgrades

Each arcade in GTA Online comes with a base price and additional upgrade options. The cost of an arcade can range from $1.235 million to $2.530 million. Upgrades can include various amenities like a garage, living quarters, and additional décor.

Summary Table

Arcade NameBase PriceUpgrades Available
Pixel Pete’s Arcade$1.235 millionGarage, Living Quarters
Wonderama$1.565 millionGarage, Living Quarters
Videogeddon$1.875 millionGarage, Living Quarters
Insert Coin$2.140 millionMaster Control Terminal, Garage, Living Quarters
Warehouse$2.345 millionMaster Control Terminal, Garage, Living Quarters
Eight-Bit$2.530 millionMaster Control Terminal, Garage, Living Quarters

Remember, choosing your arcade is a strategic decision in GTA Online. Not only does it serve as your base of operations for the Diamond Casino Heist, but it also offers a unique way to earn income through arcade games.

Understanding Arcades in GTA Online

Acquiring Your First Arcade

Players can purchase their first arcade through the in-game website, Maze Bank Foreclosures. This business functions as both a moneymaker and a front for more clandestine activities. Choosing the right location within Los Santos can greatly impact gameplay, as arcades positioned closer to the city center offer easier access for players.

The Role of Arcades in Heists

Arcades in “GTA Online” are pivotal because they host the setup operations for the Diamond Casino Heist. Becoming the CEO of your own criminal empire begins with an arcade, enabling players to map out and execute one of the most lucrative heists in the game. Players rely on this property not only for the heist but for managing other owned businesses through the Master Control Terminal.

Managing Your Arcade Business

Running an arcade in GTA Online is more than just fun and games; it’s a versatile venture that can pad your wallet if managed correctly. Here’s how to get the most out of your arcade business.

Benefits of Owning an Arcade

Owning an arcade serves as the front for the lucrative Diamond Casino Heist. Moreover, this business offers passive income through arcade games. Here’s the kicker: certain Twitch Prime benefits can also enhance your arcade experience.

Upgrading Your Arcade Infrastructure

To elevate your arcade game, integrate the Master Control Terminal which allows you to oversee all of your GTA businesses, including the nightclub, bunker, hangar, and motorcycle club businesses. Remember to upgrade your arcade games and consider expanding with a garage, drone station, or planning area. These are more than just cosmetic; they’re the backbone of your operations.

Optimizing Arcade Revenue

Making money goes beyond setting up the business; it requires strategy. Keep these points in mind: rotate in new arcade games regularly to keep customers on their toes, and monitor your setup and prep for sell missions diligently to ensure maximum profits with minimum fuss. This hands-on approach is what differentiates a fledgling arcade owner from a true mogul.

Personalizing Your Arcade Experience

In GTA V Online, players can purchase an array of arcades like Videogeddon in Mirror Park or Pixel Pete’s Arcade in the less traveled Badlands. Each location provides a unique backdrop, and players can deck out their arcades with a lineup of classic and new games, including fan favorites like Defender of Faith and The Love Professor.

Customization Options

Players have the power to personalize their arcades extensively. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Games: Choose from various arcade games such as Street Crimes: Gang Wars Edition or Race and Chase: Crotch Rockets.
  • High Score Screens: Flaunt high scores on games like Badlands Revenge II.
  • Extras: Add a personal quarters or a 10-car garage.

Aesthetic Choices

  • Wall Art: Dress walls with various murals, including options like Exposed Hipster or Another Realm.
  • Floor Options: Pick a design that fits your style, from Scale Up to Thunderclap.
  • Neon Lights: Brighten up the space with Neon Art to illuminate the arcade.

Players can also invest in extras that elevate the gameplay experience:

  • The Love Professor: A game that’s as quirky as it sounds.
  • Shiny Wasabi Kitty Claw: Attempt to win exclusive in-game toys.
  • Madam Nazar: Test your fortune-telling curiosity.

Personalizing your arcade not only attracts other players in GTA V Online but also reflects the individual’s style, creating a unique virtual business they can show off proudly. Whether operating a Motorcycle Club or just looking to make some in-game cash, an arcade provides a fun and profitable venture, especially when it caters to the player’s aesthetic sense and functional preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Selling or trading arcades in GTA Online can bring in some nice cash or a swanky new location. Here’s what players should know when looking to make a change to their in-game business ventures.

What is the process for selling an arcade in GTA Online?

You don’t actually sell an arcade, you must trade it in for another arcade. Select a new arcade from the in-game property listings and the old one will be traded in, with 50% of the original value going towards the new purchase.

Is it possible to trade an arcade for another property in GTA 5?

No, arcades can only be traded for other arcades. Players cannot swap them for different types of properties like businesses or facilities in GTA Online.

Can I sell my business properties in GTA 5 Online, including arcades?

Players can’t outright sell their business properties, but they can trade them in. When you buy a new property of the same type, like arcades for arcades, you get a partial trade-in value for the old one.

What are the steps to change my arcade location in GTA Online?

To change the arcade’s location, a player should purchase a new arcade where they want. The game will then offset some of the cost of the new arcade with the trade-in value of the old one.

How do I purchase an arcade in GTA 5 Online?

Players can purchase arcades through the in-game Maze Bank Foreclosures website. They need a fair amount of in-game currency since arcades can be a bit pricey.

Are there options to sell my facilities or other properties in GTA Online?

Facilities and other property types like apartments and garages cannot be sold. Similar to arcades, they can only be exchanged for a partial credit towards a new facility or property of the same type.

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