Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy

In “Hogwarts Legacy,” players are tasked with uncovering the secrets of the wizarding world, and among these are the elusive Demiguise Statues. These mystical statues are crucial to progressing in the game and serve a practical purpose. Players need to collect these statues to enhance their Alohomora spell, allowing them to access new areas and uncover hidden treasures.

Demiguise Statue Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

RegionKey LocationsExample
Hogwarts CastleClassrooms, Towers, Faculty Rooms, Common RoomsDefence Against the Dark Arts Tower, Divination Classroom, Gryffindor Tower
HogsmeadeHouses, Shops, PubInside Tomes and Scrolls, Honeyduke’s, The Hog’s Head
Surrounding RegionsHamlets, Ruins, Points of InterestUpper Hogsfield, Pitt-Upon-Ford, Keenbridge

Important Notes:

Discovering the locations of Demiguise Statues is a challenge in itself. Spread across the vast landscape of the game, they require a keen eye and determination to locate. Once found, these statues grant Demiguise Moons, essential for upgrading the Alohomora spell. Upgrading this spell enables players to open doors and chests locked with higher-level spells, broadening the scope of their exploration.

Key Takeaways

  • Demiguise Statues enhance the Alohomora spell in “Hogwarts Legacy.”
  • Finding statues requires players to search across diverse game environments.
  • Upgraded Alohomora allows access to previously locked areas and items.

Demiguise Moons Locations


  • Tomes+Scrolls. Behind the counter in the room to the left. On the chest of drawers.
  • The Hogs head. Storage area behind the bar. On the surface next to the chest.
  • The 3 broomsticks. Private room at the very top of the stairs. On the table.
  • 3 story house to your right of the 3 broomsticks while standing outside Bingle+Blatch (shop with 3 doors in front of the boarded up PlayStation exclusive quest shop). Top of the stairs and on your left.
  • House on the right behind Honeydukes. On the table on the right, under the painting.
  • Gladrags/Dervish+Bangs – on the Dervish+Bangs counter.
  • House opposite the door of Brood+Peck. On the fireplace on the right.


  • Divination classroom. On Prof Onai’s desk.
  • Prof Fig’s office. On the table to the left of the fire.
  • Great Hall room. The door to the right of the top table, behind the Gryffindor lion pillar. On the coffee table.
  • Peeve’s out of order bathroom. Down the corridor to the right at the bottom of the musical paintings stairs/corridor (where the frog statue that takes you to the room with the door that opens on to air) between the south wing and the grand staircase wing. On the crate in the room behind the middle toilet door.
  • Library restricted section. Down to the 2nd floor at the end of the room. On the desk on your left, just before the doorway to the storage room where Peeve’s catches you.
  • Muggle studies classroom. In the dungeons down the stairs outside the history of magic classroom. Down all the stairs to where the sleeping dragon statue is. First door on the left down the corridor in front of it. On a chest of drawers to the right behind the door.
  • Castle ramparts. Stand in the north exit archway (to the Quidditch pitch) facing the castle. Follow the ramparts wall to the left to the door under the upward stairs. On the crate to the right.


  • Pitt-Upon-Ford. The house to the right (towards the bridge). There’s a cart in the front garden and cauldrons next to the door. In the bedroom at the top of the stairs. On the floor on your left.
  • Upper Hogsfield. The house with the wheel next to the door, opposite the well. On the drinks bar in front of you.
  • Aranshire. The house directly on the left with a gate on the left of the door and a cart on the right. Up the stairs, on the floor at the foot on the bed on your right.
  • Lower Hogsfield. The house on the right (the Bickle’s). On the floor to the left, just behind the door.
  • Brockburrow. The house directly across the square/Merlin trial from the floo flame. On the floor in front of the screen on the left.
  • Keenbridge. The 3 story house behind Madam Lewang. On the table next to the stairs in front of you.
  • Irondale. The house on your right while standing in front of the floo flame (Anthea Twiddle’s) on the floor between the breakfast bar and wood burning stove to the right.
  • Feldcroft – The house opposite the floo flame with Ivy all round the door. On the window ledge to the left.
  • Maurenweem. To the back of the hamlet towards the cliffs. The house opposite the rock hill and notice board. It has a stack of cauldrons and a washing line on either side of the door. On the floor between the worktops of the kitchen on the left.

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Locating Demiguise Statues

In “Hogwarts Legacy,” players seek out Demiguise Statues to enhance their Alohomora spell and unlock collectibles tied to the game’s rich narrative. While chasing these elusive items, adventurers gain access to restricted areas and complete the intriguing quest “The Man Behind the Moons.”

Hogwarts Castle

Within the sprawling walls of Hogwarts, several Demiguise Statues sit in wait. For instance, players might seek one in the Astronomy Wing near Professor Fig’s Office or along the window sills of the Long Gallery. The castle’s many secret passageways and rooms, especially near the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower, often conceal statues.

Hogwarts Grounds

The expansive grounds around the castle present a variety of statues hidden in less traversed corners. Venturing to the outskirts of familiar locations like the Transfiguration Courtyard and the Bell Tower can be rewarding. Use the Revelio charm to uncover statues that blend into the environment during your exploration.

Hogsmeade and Surrounding Areas

The village of Hogsmeade, with its shops like J. Pippin’s Potions and The Three Broomsticks, houses hidden statues within its bounds. Look for statues in the vicinity of shops and often-visited spots like Gladrags Wizardwear. Journeying to surrounding areas like Bainburgh or Hogsmeade Valley can yield additional finds.

Distant Locations

Travel beyond the central game areas to regions like the South Hogwarts Region, including locales like Aranshire or the Cragcroftshire, for more statues. Far-off places often harbor these collectibles, which may be nestled in tucked-away buildings or near natural land features like Marunweem Lake.

Challenges and Time-Specific Statues

Some Demiguise Statues can be extra tricky to acquire and may only appear or become accessible during specific times, like nighttime, or after solving puzzles. A talking gargoyle or a sleeping dragon statue could hold the key to revealing a hidden Demiguise Moon. The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament side quest can guide players to these challenge-bound statues.

Rewards for Collecting Statues

Gathering Demiguise Statues leads to valuable rewards, with the immediate benefit of upgrading the Alohomora spell, allowing entry to locked doors requiring higher spell levels. The quest associated with Gladwin Moon, “The Man Behind the Moons,” reaches its conclusion upon finding all statues, granting a sense of completion and achievement.

Utilizing Demiguise Moons

In “Hogwarts Legacy,” players must find and use Demiguise Moons to unlock magical potential. These moons play a critical role in accessing new areas and maximising spell upgrades.

Demiguise Moon Mechanics

Demiguise statues, scattered throughout the wizarding world, hold Demiguise Moons. Players will find these golden statues in various locations, such as the Astronomy Wing and near the Beasts Classroom. For example, one can locate a statue by the Tomes and Scrolls shop or within view of the Sleeping Dragon statue. Each statue is strategically placed and involves solving puzzles or exploring hidden paths to reach. Upon approaching them, the player must activate the statue to receive a Demiguise Moon, which will be essential for unlocking doors and chests throughout Hogwarts.

Strategic Use of Demiguise Moons

The Demiguise Moons collected from these statues are not just collectibles; they play a vital part in gameplay. For instance, to access higher-level locked areas in the Gryffindor Tower or the Faculty Tower, players need to upgrade their Alohomora spell. This upgrade is possible through the acquisition of Demiguise Moons given by Professor Onai after completing related quests such as “The Man Behind the Moons.” Proper use of these moons allows players to advance through previously inaccessible locations, such as certain rooms in the Bell Tower Wing or the Muggle Studies Classroom. Moreover, Floo Flames throughout Hogwarts, like those in the Potions Classroom, become more accessible as players can open more locked doors and shorten travel times. Players should strategize their collection of moons to prioritize areas with valuable resources or quest-related items.

Frequently Asked Questions

The “Demiguise Statues” in Hogwarts Legacy are collectibles that unlock valuable rewards. This section answers common questions to help players locate and collect these hidden items.

How can I collect Demiguise Statues in Hogwarts Legacy?

Players can collect Demiguise Statues by locating them throughout the world of Hogwarts Legacy. Each statue must be approached and activated by the player, which typically requires the use of the Alohomora spell to unlock nearby doors or containers.

Where can I find a map of all the Demiguise Moon locations?

While there is no in-game map that marks all the Demiguise Moon locations, players can find maps online created by the gaming community that detail the locations of these collectibles. Such maps are based on players’ exploration and discovery.

What are the locations of Demiguise Statues in Hogsmeade?

In Hogsmeade, players can find Demiguise Statues within buildings and sometimes hidden in alleyways. Each building in Hogsmeade may contain a statue, requiring the player to use the Alohomora spell to gain entry.

How are Demiguise Statues distributed throughout Hogwarts?

Demiguise Statues are scattered evenly throughout the Hogwarts school, including all its wings and towers. Players should search each floor and room diligently, often finding statues in classrooms, behind doors, and in less-trafficked areas.

Why am I unable to pick up certain Demiguise statues?

If you cannot collect a Demiguise statue, you might need a higher-level Alohomora spell. Progress through the game and complete quests that enhance your ability to unlock spells, which will allow you to access previously unreachable statues.

What rewards are unlocked when all Demiguise statues are found?

Collecting all Demiguise Statues rewards the player with an achievement or trophy. Additionally, it allows the player to fully upgrade their Alohomora spell, giving them the ability to open all locks in the game and explore areas that were previously inaccessible.

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