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When playing Helldivers 2 alone, it’s important to focus on creating a strategic and versatile solo build. The right combination of weapons, gadgets, and stratagems is crucial for success. Solo builds should prioritize agility, crowd control, and tactical use of stratagems to survive against the relentless enemy hordes. Upgrades can enhance equipment performance, giving solo players a fighting chance against tough enemies. It’s essential to choose stratagems that provide defensive and offensive capabilities to adapt to various situations. Solo players need to shift their strategy towards agility and tactical use of resources to overcome the challenges of Helldivers 2. Here’s a breakdown of an effective solo Helldivers 2 build.


  • Primary Weapon: Punisher (Pump-action shotgun) – Great for staggering, one-shot kills on most weaker enemies, and controlling crowds at close range.
  • Secondary Weapon: Redeemer (Toxic Flamethrower) – Deals area-of-effect damage perfect for clearing clusters of smaller enemies; the lingering flames create chokepoints.
  • Perk: Cardio Accelerator – Stamina is essential for constant movement while kiting enemies.
  • Stratagems:
    • Orbital Airburst Strike – Massive damage for wiping out concentrated groups, especially effective against chargers.
    • MGX-42 Machine Gun – A deployable turret with decent damage offers some breathing room for objectives.
    • Airstrike – Powerful but less concentrated area damage than the Orbital Airburst Strike.
    • Resupply – Vital for keeping stocked on ammunition during lengthy missions.


The key to solo success in Helldivers 2 is constant movement. Here’s how to maximize your survivability:

  • Stay on the Move: Standing still is a death sentence, especially against ranged units like the Automatons.
  • Circle and Kite: Lead enemies in circles, thinning them out with your shotgun or flamethrower.
  • Prioritize High-Threat Targets: Eliminate dangerous units like Bug Grotesques or armored Illuminate as soon as possible.
  • Stratagem Placement is Crucial: Strategically timed and placed stratagems are essential. Use them to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed or to quickly complete objectives.
  • Manage Ammo and Supplies: Don’t hesitate to use Resupply when you have a moment to catch your breath.

Situational Stratagems

It’s useful to have at least one adaptable slot in your stratagem loadout to deal with unexpected challenges. Here are some strong options:

Static Field ConductorsCreates barriers to slow down enemies and gain some control.
Strafing RunAn airstrike that follows your movement, helpful for clearing paths.
EXO-48 ‘Obliterator’Heavy mech suit for overwhelming firepower as a last resort.

Remember, Helldivers 2 is all about flexibility. Adapt your loadout and playstyle to the specific mission and enemy compositions you’ll encounter.

Key Takeaways

  • A well-thought-out solo build is crucial for success in Helldivers 2.
  • Selecting the right stratagems and upgrades is key to adapting to different scenarios.
  • Versatility in equipment choices prepares solo players for diverse combat situations.

Optimizing Your Solo Build

The success of a solo player in Helldivers 2 hinges on a well-planned build that balances power and survivability. With the right weapons, armor, and stratagems, a solo player can tackle even the toughest missions.

Choosing Your Loadout

Weapons: Selecting the appropriate weapons is critical. The SG-225 Breaker shotgun is recommended for its close-range effectiveness against enemy trenches and bunkers. The RS-422 Railgun offers precision, while the Anti-Materiel Rifle delivers high damage, useful for eliminating tougher foes.

Armor: Your armor choice affects your speed and stamina. Light armor increases mobility, allowing for quick movement, which is crucial when playing alone. Heavy armor, on the other hand, offers more survivability against damage, which can be more suitable for higher difficulties.

Stratagems: These are essential tools for solo play; they can be the difference between success and failure. For defense, the SH-32 Shield Generator Pack improves protection. Offensive stratagems like the Mortar Sentry and Autocannon Sentry are good for holding ground. Stun Grenades and the G-10 Incendiary Grenades provide crowd control and area denial.

Ammo and Supplies: Ensuring ample ammo and supply stratagems like ammo resupply packs can sustain your combat effectiveness during extended fights or when dealing with hordes of enemies.

Strategic Playstyle Adjustments

Stealth: Ideally, a solo player should use stealth to avoid overwhelming enemy forces. Planning your route and using the terrain effectively can prevent detection and reduce direct confrontations.

Objective Focus: Maintain a clear focus on objectives, making efficient use of time. For example, in objectives like Launch ICBM or Purge Hatcheries, quick and decisive action is essential to minimize the risk of being overrun.

Solo Combat Tactics

Hit-and-Run: This tactic is particularly effective against bosses. Strike hard and then immediately reposition to avoid counterattacks.

Environment Usage: Use the game’s environment to your advantage. Choke points, high ground, and natural barriers can provide tactical benefits and increase your character’s survivability.

Defensive Sentries: Utilize defensive stratagems like the Autocannon Sentry to create a secure perimeter around objectives or during extraction phases.

Solo Missions and Progression

Mission Selection: Choose missions carefully based on your build’s strengths. Some missions may be more difficult to complete solo due to enemy types or objectives.

Difficulty Settings: Adjust the difficulty level through the menu options to match your build and playstyle. Lower difficulty levels may be a good place to start while learning the mechanics, gradually increasing as you enhance your skills and loadout.

XP and Rewards: As you complete solo missions, you will earn XP and medals, contributing to your progression and unlocking new options on the Galactic War Table.

By carefully selecting your equipment and tailoring your approach to individual scenarios, you can significantly improve your chances of thriving as a solo player in Helldivers 2. Remember, each mission requires keen awareness, strategy, and the ability to adapt as the situation evolves.

Equipment and Upgrades

Mastering solo gameplay in Helldivers 2 demands a strategic approach to gear and upgrades. The right combination enhances combat effectiveness, tactical decisions, survivability, and mobility, aiding in tackling tougher adversaries.

Weapons Selection and Upgrades

Choosing the right weapons is crucial for solo missions. For a balance between power and versatility, the SG-225 Breaker shotgun excels at close-range combat, while the RS-422 Railgun offers long-range precision and stunning capabilities. Each weapon should be upgraded to improve reload speed, firepower, and ammo capacity.

Armor and Defensive Gear

Armor choice impacts mobility and survivability. Light Armor increases agility, essential for dodging enemy attacks, whereas Heavy Armor offers more protection at the expense of speed. Consider using the SH-32 Shield Generator Pack for an added layer of defense against various threats.

Specialized Stratagems

Stratagems are crucial skill sets for solo players. The AX/LAS-5 ‘Guard Dog’ Rover provides reliable defense and offense support. Deployable assets like the Mortar Sentry and Auto-cannon Sentry offer strategic advantages in holding key positions. Usage of these tools should be planned to align with mission objectives.

Gearing Up for Tougher Levels

Higher difficulty levels introduce formidable foes like Tanks and the Bile Titan. Prepare for these encounters with the Eagle Cluster Bomb for area damage. Support weapons and buffs like stims can give the necessary edge to survive.

Managing Ammunition and Resources

Conserving resources is a key aspect of solo play. Ammunition management requires careful shot placement and the judicious use of ammo resupply stratagems. Bringing along support weapons with high ammo efficiency can prevent resource depletion during extended engagements.

Customizing Loadouts for Different Enemies

Adapt your loadout to match the enemy type. Against Automatons, anti-materiel rifles like the Breaker can quickly disable them, while the P-19 Redeemer Pistol is highly effective against Terminids. Customize your equipment to exploit the weaknesses of foes encountered on the battlefield.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address some common concerns and provide guidance for players taking on Helldivers 2 by themselves. These insights will equip you with the knowledge needed to succeed in single-player missions.

What are the best strategies for solo play in Helldivers 2?

Strategic play is crucial in Helldivers 2. Players should focus on using the terrain to their advantage and maintain mobility. Stealth and avoidance can often be more effective than direct confrontation.

Which perks and equipment are recommended for single-player in Helldivers 2?

Selecting the MD-99 Autoinjector perk for swift health regeneration is wise. For equipment, the RL-112 Recoilless Rifle offers excellent firepower and versatility, while the SH-20 Shield Generator Pack provides additional protection.

How does the difficulty scaling work when playing Helldivers 2 solo?

Helldivers 2 scales the number of enemies based on the number of players. Solo players will face fewer enemies, but the challenge remains as enemies will still be quite formidable.

Are there any specific tactics to defeat bosses in Helldivers 2 without a team?

Using hit-and-run tactics against bosses is effective. Choose powerful single-target weapons and stay on the move, always prioritizing dodging over dealing damage.

What updates or patches have improved solo play in Helldivers 2?

Recent updates to Helldivers 2 have introduced balance changes that make solo play more viable. These include adjustments to weapon damage and the behavior of enemies to better suit single-player sessions.

Can you unlock all achievements in Helldivers 2 by playing solo?

Yes, it is possible to unlock all achievements in Helldivers 2 while playing solo. However, some achievements may require more time and effort to complete without the help of a team.

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