Helldivers 2 Logo Game Cover
Helldivers 2 Logo Game Cover

Helldivers 2 is a game that challenges players with dynamic combat scenarios, where strategy and execution lead to success on the battlefield. In the game, players have main objectives to complete, but there are also optional secondary objectives. These secondary objectives, such as destroying particular targets or rescuing captives, offer extra experience and other benefits to help players progress more efficiently. While the main missions push the story forward, it’s the secondary objectives that offer deeper gameplay variety and the chance to prepare for tougher challenges ahead. Completing these optional side missions adds extra challenge and spice to the gameplay, and they offer valuable rewards.

Mastering Missions in Helldivers 2: A Guide to Secondary Objectives

Secondary objectives in Helldivers 2 add an extra layer of challenge and reward to your missions. While not mandatory, completing them provides valuable bonuses like extra experience and Research points, which you can use to unlock new weapons and Stratagems.

What are Secondary Objectives?

Secondary objectives are optional tasks marked by blue icons on your map. They vary depending on the mission and location, but they often involve activating devices, destroying enemy structures, or collecting samples. These objectives are not visible from the start and are discovered as you explore the map.

Why Should You Bother?

Completing secondary objectives offers several benefits:

  • Extra Experience and Research Points: Earn valuable resources to progress faster.
  • Increased Difficulty: Challenge yourself and your team for a more intense experience.
  • Strategic Advantage: Some objectives, like activating a SEAF (Strategic Extraction and Armory Facility), can provide significant advantages during a mission.

Common Secondary Objectives and Tips

Activate SEAFArm a Strategic Extraction and Armory Facility to call in reinforcements and resupply.Prioritize activating SEAF early in the mission to gain an advantage.
Destroy Illegal BroadcastDisable enemy propaganda broadcasts to weaken their morale.Look for radio towers or satellite dishes and interact with the console to destroy them.
Destroy LaboratoryEliminate a research facility used by the enemy to develop dangerous technology.Approach with caution, as laboratories are often heavily guarded.
Collect SampleRetrieve valuable research samples for analysis.Use the scanner to locate samples, which are often hidden in containers or on the ground.
Retrieve Black BoxRecover a flight recorder from a crashed ship.The black box is usually located near the wreckage, but be prepared for enemy ambushes.

Finding and Completing Secondary Objectives

  • Explore the Map: Secondary objectives are often hidden in points of interest, so explore thoroughly.
  • Look for Clues: Environmental cues like smoke signals or damaged structures can indicate the location of objectives.
  • Use Your Scanner: The scanner can help you locate samples and other hidden objects.
  • Work as a Team: Coordinate with your teammates to complete objectives efficiently.

By incorporating secondary objectives into your Helldivers 2 missions, you’ll not only enhance your gameplay but also unlock greater rewards and strategic advantages.

Types of Secondary Objectives

Helldivers 2 features a variety of Secondary Objectives. Here’s a table outlining common types:

Objective TypeDescription
Destroy TargetsBlow up specific structures, enemy installations, or research stations.
Capture and HoldSecure and defend designated areas for a set amount of time.
Data RetrievalLocate data pods or crashed escape pods and interact with them.
Rescue or EscortProtect and guide NPCs to safety
Disrupt Enemy OperationsSabotage enemy equipment or defenses, like jamming devices or anti-aircraft batteries.


  • More Experience: Earn additional experience points to aid your character progression.
  • Requisition Slips: This currency is used to acquire new weapons, upgrades, and stratagems.
  • Personal Orders: Some Secondary Objectives might count towards completing your daily challenges.


  • Communication: Coordinate with your teammates to tackle Secondary Objectives efficiently.
  • Stratagems: Many objectives are vulnerable to orbital stratagem strikes. Plan accordingly!
  • Explore: Keep an eye out for blue markers, even if completing the Primary Objective is your immediate goal.

Key Takeaways

  • Secondary objectives provide opportunities for additional rewards and game progression.
  • Completing these tasks is optional but beneficial for an enhanced gameplay experience.
  • Efficient handling of resources and knowledge of secondary objectives can lead to greater success in Helldivers 2.

Understanding Helldivers 2 Secondary Objectives

Secondary objectives in Helldivers 2 offer players ways to gain extra experience points and rewards, enhancing the primary mission outcomes.

Exploring the Map for Secondary Objectives

Players should scan the map vigilantly to locate secondary objectives. Points of interest often hold key tasks that are marked by blue icons on the mini-map. Some objectives reveal themselves as you approach, so it’s wise to explore every corner of the map.

Maximizing Experience and Rewards

Completing secondary objectives grants experience points and warbonds, which are essential for requisitioning new gear. To ensure no opportunity is missed, players should strive to accomplish these tasks alongside their main goals to maximize their rewards.

Utilizing Strategic Assets

Resources like stratagems and support structures, such as artillery stations and satellites, play a crucial role. They can aid in completing tasks like deploying Hellbombs or activating terminals. Strategic asset management can greatly simplify mission challenges.

Engaging with Advanced Combat and Exploration

Secondary objectives often involve engaging in combat or exploring unfamiliar terrain. This can lead to the discovery of valuable resources and additional points of interest. Players can improve their combat proficiency and exploration skills significantly through these tasks.

Efficient Management of Resources and Progress

In Helldivers 2, careful management of acquired resources ensures steady progression and enhances your gameplay experience. Players aim to balance economic gains with strategic investments in gear and review their tactics for optimized mission outcomes.

Economic Balancing: Cash, Points, and Warbond

Players must prioritize economic resources like cash and points to thrive in Helldivers 2. Warbonds, another form of in-game currency, are crucial for purchasing advanced equipment.

  • Cash is earned through missions and can be used for immediate needs.
  • Points contribute to a player’s overall standing and can unlock new gameplay stages.
  • Warbonds facilitate substantial upgrades and should be spent wisely.

Players should allocate these resources to balance their in-game economy effectively.

Personal Orders and Requisition: Gear and Upgrades

To improve chances of success, players must use personal orders and the requisition system. This system allows for the acquisition and enhancement of weapons and other gear. Steps for effective use of this system include:

  1. Assess the current loadout and identify gaps in capabilities.
  2. Invest in upgrades and new gear that support individual playstyles.
  3. Use personal orders for specific equipment tailored to upcoming challenges.

This targeted approach ensures that the players have the right tools for their missions.

Strategic Planning and Review

Strategic planning involves setting goals and reviewing past gameplay. By examining completed missions, players learn from their experiences and refine their tactics. Crucial steps in strategic planning include:

  1. Setting clear objectives for resource acquisition and use.
  2. Reviewing mission outcomes to identify what was effective.
  3. Adjusting strategies to overcome previous shortcomings.

Through detailed planning and review, players can streamline their progress and manage resources more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Successful completion of Helldivers 2 secondary objectives can greatly enhance your gaming experience by offering additional rewards and experience points.

What are the different secondary objectives types in Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 offers a variety of secondary objectives. These can range from escort duties and resource collection to disabling enemy communications and recovering items. Each type provides a unique challenge and contributes to the overall mission success.

How does one locate the optional objectives in Helldivers 2?

Players locate optional objectives by looking for the blue markers on the map. Some objectives are marked at the beginning of missions, others appear as you approach their location. Using the radar tower can also assist in finding these objectives.

Can you explain the strategy for completing secondary objectives in Helldivers 2?

Completing secondary objectives requires a strategic approach. Some may need stealth tactics, while others call for direct combat. Team coordination, resource management, and adapting to unexpected challenges are key to success.

What mission types can be found in Helldivers 2?

Missions in Helldivers 2 cover a broad spectrum, including assault, reconnaissance, and defense operations. Secondary objectives complement these primary mission types by introducing additional tasks and layers of strategy.

What platforms support Helldivers 2 gameplay?

Helldivers 2 is available on platforms such as PlayStation and PC, enabling a wide range of players to engage in the game. The cross-platform play feature allows for an interconnected gaming experience across different systems.

How expansive is the Helldivers 2 game world?

The game world of Helldivers 2 is extensive, with a diversity of planets and environments to explore. This vastness allows for numerous missions and objectives, giving players plenty of content to experience.

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