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In the challenging mission “Retrieve Valuable Data” in Helldivers 2, players go on a critical operation to secure and transmit important research data. This guide gives a thorough overview of the mission’s objectives, challenges, and rewards, providing you with the knowledge needed to successfully complete this important task. The mission “Retrieve Valuable Data” in Helldivers 2 involves a high-stakes journey to secure critical information from enemy territory.

The mission’s complexity lies in the steps involved, where players must locate and transport a special encrypted hard drive to a designated terminal. The gameplay requires strategy, combat skills, and clever maneuvering to outwit opponents. Success in “Retrieve Valuable Data” depends on precise actions. Players need to secure the encrypted hard drive, reactivate power generators, and fend off adversaries intent on thwarting their mission. Strategy is crucial, as the data must be uploaded before its destruction to prevent enemies from seizing it. Each step is risky, requiring quick thinking and decisive teamwork within the Helldivers’ unit.

Helldivers 2: A Data Retrieval Guide

Mission Overview

In “Retrieve Valuable Data,” Helldivers must secure vital research data from enemy territory. This involves collecting an encrypted hard drive, uploading the data to a secure location, and ensuring its safe transmission. The mission requires a combination of combat skills, strategic planning, and teamwork.

Mission Steps and Objectives

  1. Collect Encrypted Hard Drive: Locate and secure the hard drive containing the valuable data.
  2. Activate Terminal: Power on the terminal to access the research database.
  3. Log in to Research Database: Use the terminal to enter a 5-direction code to access the database.
  4. Initiate Emergency Data Backup: Trigger the backup process through the terminal.
  5. Eject SSSD Hard Drive: Safely eject the hard drive from the terminal.
  6. Collect and Transport SSSD Hard Drive: Retrieve the ejected hard drive and transport it to the communications relay.
  7. Upload Data via Local Relay:
    • Restore power to the satellite tower.
    • Raise the satellite tower using a 6-direction code.
    • Manually realign the satellite tower based on target coordinates.
    • Upload the data to the Super Earth Mainframe.
  8. Wipe Sensitive Data: Use the terminal to erase any sensitive information.

Challenges and Tips

  • Limited Weaponry: During hard drive transport, you can only use pistols and grenades. Consider having a lower-level Helldiver carry the drive for more flexibility.
  • Enemy Interference: Expect heavy resistance throughout the mission. Use strategic placements for turrets and utilize teamwork to overcome challenges.
  • Technical Glitches: The mission might involve complex interactions with terminals and equipment. Be patient and communicate effectively with your team to avoid errors.


Successful completion of “Retrieve Valuable Data” grants 500 Requisition Points and 100 Experience Points. These resources can be used to unlock new weapons, upgrades, and abilities, contributing to your overall progress in the game.

Collect Encrypted Hard DriveLocate and secure the hard drive.
Activate TerminalInteract with the terminal to power it on.
Log in to Research DatabaseInput the 5-direction code using the terminal.
Initiate Emergency Data BackupPress the up direction on the terminal to start the backup process.
Eject SSSD Hard DriveEject the hard drive from the terminal.
Collect and Transport SSSD Hard DriveRetrieve the ejected hard drive and carry it to the communications relay.
Upload Data via Local RelayRestore power, raise, and realign the satellite tower, then upload the data to the Super Earth Mainframe.
Wipe Sensitive DataUse the terminal to erase sensitive information.

Key Takeaways

  • The mission requires finding and safely delivering a crucial hard drive.
  • Players must reactivate generators and enter precise terminal codes.
  • Strategy and combat skills are essential to succeed in the mission.

Mission Overview and Objectives

In “Helldivers 2,” completing the “Retrieve Valuable Data” mission involves phases that require precision and strategy. Players must recover an important SSSD Hard Drive and handle complex objectives.

Mission Structure and Phases

The success of the mission depends on following a structured approach to reach the end goal. Initially, players locate the SSSD Hard Drive. This critical item contains valuable data necessary for mission completion. Once found, the player must bring the hard drive to a designated terminal.

Key Objectives and SSSD Hard Drive Recovery

  1. Find the SSSD Hard Drive: Search the game area to locate the hard drive.
  2. Carry the SSSD to the Terminal: After retrieval, transport the hard drive to the relevant terminal.
  3. Enter Terminal Inputs: Interact with the terminal by inputting required commands.
  4. Align the Relay Satellite Dish: Adjust the satellite dish to complete the data transmission process.

This structured process ensures that players focus on the decisive steps needed to retrieve and secure the mission’s objectives successfully.

Combat and Strategy

In “Helldivers 2,” executing missions requires not only precision but also a strategic approach to combat to successfully complete objectives. Here, we break down tactics against common foes and how to efficiently manage your resources during the mission “Retrieve Valuable Data”.

Enemy Analysis: Bugs and Automatons

Bugs are relentless and can overwhelm you with their numbers. It helps to keep moving and use weapons with a wide area of effect. Automatons, on the other hand, are armored and require heavier firepower to defeat. Ammo management becomes critical when facing these enemies, as running out during a skirmish can be fatal.


  • Stay mobile
  • Use area weapons


Strategic Use of Ammo and Stratagem Weapons

Your Stratagem Weapons are vital tools for survival on alien planets. Be strategic in their use; call down ammo drops only when necessary to ensure you don’t run out at critical moments. Using them effectively against tougher Enemies, like the Automatons, can turn the tide of battle. Here are key tips to keep in mind:

Ammo Management:

  • Call drops when low, not empty
  • Share with team members

Stratagem Weapons:

  • Time their use for maximum impact
  • Focus on enemy weaknesses

Having a good stock of ammo and the right stratagem weapons can spell the difference between success and failure in your missions for Super Earth. Remember, you are part of a team, and your decisions affect everyone’s survival.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers common inquiries on how to manage data missions in Helldivers 2, offering solutions for both novices and experienced players.

How can I locate Helldivers 2 save files on my system?

Save files for Helldivers 2 are usually in the ‘My Documents’ folder for Windows users. Look for the ‘Arrowhead’ folder and then the ‘Helldivers’ subfolder. For console systems, save data is typically accessed through the system’s storage settings menu.

What is the process for uploading data to a local relay in Helldivers 2?

Upload data by carrying the collected item to the relay station displayed on your map. Interact with the station to begin the upload process. Ensure your position is secure during the upload as enemy forces may home in on your location.

What are the steps for data extraction in Helldivers 2?

First, find the encrypted hard drive on the battlefield. Once obtained, bring it to an indicated point on the map and input the necessary codes to complete the extraction. Be prepared to defend against enemy swarms as the task progresses.

Can valuable data be retrieved in Helldivers 2 on both PS4 and PS5?

Yes, Helldivers 2 supports valuable data retrieval missions on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, with save data also transferable between the two consoles if connected to the same PSN account.

Is there a guide for completing the valuable data retrieval mission in Helldivers 2?

There are walkthroughs and strategy guides available online that detail the steps for completing the retrieve valuable data mission in Helldivers 2. Many of these guides can be found on gaming forums and wikis.

What tips are there for successfully retrieving valuable data in Helldivers 2 multiplayer?

Communication is crucial in multiplayer. Coordinate with your team to secure the hard drive and upload the data. Share tasks, cover each other, and move together to increase your chance of success. Utilize Stratagems effectively for defensive and offensive support.

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