Helldivers 2 Logo Game Cover
Helldivers 2 Logo Game Cover

In “Helldivers 2,” how players progress in the game is important. Instead of just defeating enemies, players focus on completing tasks to earn rewards and experience. This affects how they play the game. The system emphasizes working together and getting better strategically, rather than just becoming more powerful individually. Completing missions helps players level up and access better equipment and upgrades. This includes weapons, armor, and strategies. The highest level a player can reach is 50. Players can also unlock ship modules and other elements to improve their options during missions.

Level Up, Gear Up: Helldivers 2’s Progression System

In Helldivers 2, progression isn’t just about leveling up your character. It’s about unlocking new gear, strategies, and facing tougher challenges. Here’s how it works:

Personal Progression

Experience and Levels

You gain experience (XP) by completing missions and achieving objectives. This XP contributes to your overall level, which unlocks new weapons, stratagems, and perks.

Unlocking Equipment and Stratagems

Each level you gain rewards you with requisition points. These points can be spent to unlock new weapons, stratagems (special abilities), and perks in the Armory.

Mission Progression


Missions in Helldivers 2 have different difficulty levels. Start with “Trivial” and work your way up to “Helldiver” by successfully completing missions on the previous difficulty. Higher difficulties offer greater challenges and better rewards.


Each mission has primary and secondary objectives. Completing these objectives grants you additional XP and requisition points, accelerating your progress.

Galactic Campaign

The Galactic Campaign is a persistent war effort where all players’ actions contribute. Liberate planets, push back enemy factions, and unlock new regions and rewards.

Strategic Progression


Stratagems are special abilities you can equip to enhance your Helldiver’s capabilities. Unlock and upgrade a variety of stratagems to tailor your playstyle and tackle different challenges.


Perks are passive bonuses that improve your Helldiver’s stats and abilities. Unlock and equip perks to further customize your character.


Create and save different loadouts with your preferred weapons, stratagems, and perks. Switch between loadouts to adapt to various mission types and playstyles.

Beyond the Basics


While not directly impacting gameplay, cosmetics allow you to personalize your Helldiver’s appearance. Unlock new armor sets, helmets, and weapon skins through gameplay or the in-game store.

Community Events and Challenges

Participate in community events and challenges to earn unique rewards and contribute to the global war effort.

Helldivers 2’s progression system offers a rewarding and engaging experience for players. Whether you prefer to focus on personal growth, strategic customization, or contributing to the larger war effort, there’s something for everyone. So gear up, Helldiver, and prepare to make your mark on the galaxy!

Unlocks, Rewards, and Experience

Helldivers 2 utilizes a progression system built around completing objectives and earning rewards. Unlike many games, your focus isn’t on maximizing kills but rather on successful mission completion. This rewards teamwork, strategic play, and a focus on objectives.

Key Progression Elements

  • Player Level: Gain experience (XP) by completing missions and objectives. Higher levels unlock new weapons, stratagems, and upgrades.
  • Medals: Earned through gameplay achievements and completing missions. Medals are used to purchase items at the Acquisition Terminal, such as cosmetics and emotes.
  • Requisition Slips: Acquired throughout missions. Used to unlock and upgrade equipment such as weapons and stratagems.
  • Research Samples: Discover and retrieve samples during missions. Contribute these to the Galactic Campaign for community-wide rewards and unlocks.

Unlocking New Gear

Here’s a breakdown of how you expand your Helldiver’s arsenal:

  • Leveling Up: Many weapons and stratagems become available as you reach specific player levels.
  • Requisition Slips: Complete missions and search for hidden supply crates for Requisition. Use this currency to purchase gear blueprints.
  • Upgrades: Once you own a blueprint, you can spend more Requisition Slips to enhance your weaponry and stratagems for greater battlefield effectiveness.

Progression Table

ElementHow It’s EarnedUsage
Experience (XP)Mission objectives, enemy kills, etc.Increase player level
MedalsAchievements, mission completionCosmetics, emotes, and more from the Acquisition Terminal
Requisition SlipsMissions, supply dropsUnlocks new equipment and upgrades existing gear
Research SamplesFound during missionsContribute to the Galactic Campaign, unlocking community rewards

Important Note: Remember, teamwork is paramount in Helldivers 2. Prioritize objective completion and strategic cooperation to maximize your progression!

Key Takeaways

  • Helldivers 2 utilizes objectives-based progression.
  • Strategic growth and teamwork are central to the system.
  • Rewards and levels are tied to mission completion and success.

Progression Mechanics

In “Helldivers 2”, progression is crucial to gameplay, with a variety of systems working together to shape the player experience.

Leveling and Experience

The journey in “Helldivers 2” begins with the XP system. As players complete various tasks and overcome challenges, they gain experience points. Leveling up is a straightforward process where accumulated XP translates into higher levels, signifying the player’s increasing proficiency and granting access to better gear.

Missions and Objectives

Each mission completed contributes to the player’s progression. Players face primary objectives, which are necessary to advance, and secondary objectives, offering additional challenges. Completion of these tasks not only pushes the player forward but also adds to the communal effort in defending against adversaries.

Rewards and Upgrades

Progress brings rewards such as credits, which serve as currency for acquiring new equipment. Players can invest in weapons, armor, and stratagems. Upgrades enhance the player’s capabilities on the battlefield, and as levels rise, the quality of these rewards improves, keeping the player equipped to deal with escalating threats.

Customization and Loadouts

Loadout customization is a critical aspect of “Helldivers 2”. It allows players to select the best weapons and equipment suited to their play style and the mission at hand. Choices made in loadout customization directly impact tactical options in the field and equip players to maximize their effectiveness during operations.

Gameplay Dynamics

The progression system in Helldivers 2 is multifaceted, impacting several aspects of gameplay dynamics from the challenges presented by enemies to the strategies employed during operations.

Enemy Encounters

Combat in Helldivers 2 presents a range of difficulties, influenced by varying enemy types and behaviors. Players will face numerous species, such as the Terminids and their nests, as well as hordes of bugs. Each enemy type requires a different approach, with higher difficulties introducing more formidable foes. Collecting samples during missions can lead to earning Boosters, providing a strategic advantage in these encounters.

Operational Strategies

Success in Helldivers 2 hinges on strategic planning and execution. Friendly fire is a real danger, making careful coordination of movements and airstrikes, like the powerful Eagle Airstrike, essential. The game rewards strategic thinking and players must use the tools provided efficiently to ensure victory on Super Earth and beyond. Progressing through the game equips players with better strategies and upgrades, enhancing their playstyle.

Multiplayer and Co-op Elements

Connecting with friends or other players online, Helldivers 2 shines as a co-op shooter. Cooperation is key, and the game’s progression system encourages team-based play through challenges and operations that are best tackled with a group. Currencies such as Requisition Slips and Supercredits obtained in multiplayer enhance the collective firepower and defense capabilities of the entire squad. The Helldivers 2 experience is designed to adapt to various playstyles, making it an engaging co-op game.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers common questions about the Helldivers 2 progression system to help players understand and maximize their game experience.

How do levels work in Helldivers 2?

Levels in Helldivers 2 reflect a player’s experience and achievements. As players complete objectives and missions, they gain experience points (XP), which contribute to increasing their level. This leveling system is essential for character enhancement and unlocking new gear.

What are the mechanics behind character progression in Helldivers 2?

Character progression in Helldivers 2 is tied to the acquisition of XP and rewards obtained through mission completions. Players improve their characters by gathering resources that can be used to upgrade weapons, armor, and abilities.

Can you explain the difficulty scaling within Helldivers 2?

Difficulty scaling in Helldivers 2 is dynamic and adjusts based on the player’s success in missions. As players complete more challenging tasks, the missions’ difficulty increases, offering a consistent challenge that scales with player advancement.

What kind of rewards can players expect from the progression system?

The progression system in Helldivers 2 offers both tangible and skill-based rewards. Completing objectives earns players new equipment, stratagems, and customization options, along with improved abilities that enhance gameplay efficiency.

Are there any late-game progression features unique to Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 introduces late-game progression features such as prestigious ranks and specializations. These elements allow for further character customization and strategic depth well into the game’s advanced stages.

How does the map system integrate with progression in Helldivers 2?

The map in Helldivers 2 plays a strategic role in progression. Successfully defending planets and completing missions in different sectors contribute to the overall war effort while earning players XP and rewards essential for progression.

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