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Earning Medals in Helldivers 2 is important for progressing and improving gameplay. These achievements are not just for show; they are used as currency for getting better weapons and gear for the game’s tough cooperative missions. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to efficiently earn Medals to equip your Helldivers with the best tools and abilities. There are different strategies for earning Medals in Helldivers 2. One good way is to take on challenging operations, as they usually offer better rewards. But it’s important to be prepared for these challenges. Tips like choosing the right missions and using effective gear can help you earn Medals faster. You can also take advantage of daily challenges and other in-game opportunities to maximize your Medal earnings.

Earning Medals in Helldivers 2: Strategies and Tips

Understanding Medals in Helldivers 2

Medals are the primary form of currency in Helldivers 2, used for unlocking new weapons, perks, and stratagems. They also contribute to your overall rank and progress in the game. There are several ways to earn medals in Helldivers 2, each with varying levels of efficiency.

Mission Completion

The most straightforward way to earn medals is by completing missions. You receive a base amount of medals for successful mission completion, with bonuses awarded for higher difficulty levels. Additional medals can be earned by completing optional objectives and discovering hidden caches during missions.

Difficulty LevelBase Medals Awarded
Difficulty 12
Difficulty 24
Difficulty 36
Difficulty 48
Difficulty 510
Difficulty 612
Difficulty 714
Difficulty 816
Difficulty 918
Difficulty 1020

Points of Interest (POIs)

Scattered throughout each mission map are POIs marked with a question mark on your minimap. These POIs often contain valuable resources, including medals. It’s worth exploring these POIs during missions, as they can significantly boost your medal earnings.

Daily and Personal Orders

Completing daily and personal orders is another reliable way to earn medals. These orders typically involve specific tasks or objectives, and the rewards often include a substantial number of medals. Be sure to check your orders regularly and prioritize completing them for a consistent medal income.

Efficient Medal Farming Strategies

If you’re looking to farm medals quickly, certain strategies can maximize your earnings.

  • Focus on Lower Difficulty Missions: While higher difficulties offer more medals per completion, they also take longer and are more challenging. Completing lower-difficulty missions quickly can often yield a higher medal-per-minute rate.
  • POI Hunting: Dedicate missions solely to exploring and looting POIs. This method can be highly lucrative if you find a map with a high density of POIs.
  • Repeat Specific Missions: Some missions are known for having easily accessible POIs or quick completion times, making them ideal for medal farming.

Additional Tips

  • Use the Scout Armor: The Scout Armor’s enhanced movement speed and stamina regeneration can help you reach POIs faster and complete missions more efficiently.
  • Bring a Friend: Playing with a friend can make POIs easier to clear and missions quicker to complete.
  • Upgrade Your Stratagems: Certain stratagems, such as the “Medal Booster,” can increase the number of medals you earn from missions and POIs.

Remember, patience and persistence are key to accumulating medals in Helldivers 2. Experiment with different strategies and find what works best for your playstyle. With consistent effort, you’ll soon have enough medals to unlock all the gear you need to become a true Helldiver hero.

Key Takeaways

  • Medals serve as important in-game currency for obtaining gear in Helldivers 2.
  • High difficulty operations and effective strategies facilitate faster Medal farming.
  • Utilizing daily challenges contributes to an increased Medal count.

Essentials of Medal Farming in Helldivers 2

In Helldivers 2, medals serve as a valuable currency for player progression. This section outlines the best practices for earning medals quickly and effectively.

Understanding Medals and Their Importance

Medals in Helldivers 2 are more than just rewards. They help players unlock weapons and gear which can change the tide of war. Players earn medals by completing missions and daily challenges. These medals are critical for purchasing items that can’t be bought with regular credits.

Key Strategies for Efficient Farming

Efficient medal farming hinges on choosing the right missions and using time wisely. Players should complete a variety of missions to maximize medal gain. Repeating the same mission might not yield further medals.

Optimizing Gameplay for Maximum Medal Yield

Players can boost their medal earnings by mastering gameplay mechanics. This involves completing missions swiftly and with high ratings. Focusing on speed and avoiding unnecessary conflicts can lead to faster mission completion and more medals.

Selecting Missions and Operations

The choice of mission types is key to successful medal farming. Eradication missions are often recommended due to their straightforward objectives. Players should prioritize missions within Operations that are known for higher medal payouts.

Tactical Use of Stratagems and Gear

Strategically using gear and stratagems makes a big difference in mission outcomes. Smart use of support weapons and specific stratagems can improve the chance of mission success, which in turn, leads to more medals.

Advancement and Rewards

As players collect medals, they unlock new advancement opportunities. Receiving more powerful weapons and gear is dependent on the number of medals a player has, making farming an essential activity for advancement.

The Role of Difficulty in Medal Acquisition

Tackling missions on challenging or extreme difficulty settings can result in higher medal yield. However, players need to balance the difficulty with their ability to successfully complete missions to ensure a steady stream of medals.

Additional Considerations for Players

In “Helldivers 2,” successful medal farming requires players to manage war resources and understand enemy patterns. This section breaks down important factors that influence success in farming medals.

Acquiring and Utilizing War Resources

Players need to gather Requisition Slips and Samples to unlock items and upgrades. These are found on planets and in various containers scattered across the galaxy. Use armor and upgrades to enhance your ability to collect these items and boost your medal count.

Dealing with Enemies and Environmental Hazards

The enemies, like the Terminids and Automatons, pose significant threats. Learn their attack patterns to avoid damage. Environmental hazards on planets can also impact your ability to farm medals. Stay aware of your surroundings and prioritize safety.

Progress Tracking and Achievement Milestones

Keep track of your progression through the Starmap. Achieve milestones to farm medals effectively. Completing personal orders and participating in operations boosts your medal count and helps track overall progress.

Community and Multiplayer Dynamics

Join the Helldivers community to tackle missions together. Multiplayer dynamics can lead to more efficient medal farming as teamwork often speeds up missions. Share knowledge and strategies for dealing with tough planets or enemies.

Beyond the Campaign: Expansion and Updates

Stay informed about expansions and updates through sources like PC Gamer and Eurogamer. These can introduce new challenges and opportunities for medal farming. Keep your game up to date and adapt your strategies accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Players looking to enhance their gameplay in Helldivers 2 often seek the most efficient ways to farm Medals. This section provides specific strategies to help players effectively earn Medals, Warbonds, and Super Credits.

What methods can be employed to efficiently earn Medals in Helldivers 2?

One successful tactic is to complete daily Personal Order challenges. They grant up to 15 Medals upon completion. Eradication Missions are also valuable, offering consistent Medals for taking down enemies.

What are the most effective strategies for acquiring Warbonds quickly in Helldivers 2?

Engaging in and completing Personal Orders daily is a dependable method for quickly gathering Warbonds. Players can earn a significant amount of Medals, which can be exchanged for Warbonds in the game.

Is there a particular system or approach recommended for grinding Super Credits in Helldivers 2?

For Super Credits, participating in level 1 dives proves to be a rapid collection method. It allows for quick farming of credits and medals, especially with the right gear and stamina enhancements.

Can you outline the best farming techniques for Medals in Helldivers 2?

Consistently running Eradication Missions is highly effective. Focus on completing as many Operations as possible, as rewards tend to increase with each mission within an Operation.

Are there any community-endorsed tips for optimizing Medal earnings in Helldivers 2?

The Helldivers 2 community suggests forming groups with other players to speedily execute missions. Cooperative play often leads to faster accumulation of Medals and other resources.

What are the latest tactics players use in Helldivers 2 for Medal and resource farming?

Players are currently finding success by sticking to a series of missions within the same Operation. The rewards for each subsequent mission ramp up, making full completions of Operations very rewarding.

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