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Helldivers 2 offers a Japanese language pack, but unfortunately, it’s region-locked to Japan only. This allows people in Japan to enjoy the game in their native language, but not Japanese speakers in other regions. With the regional restrictions on this pack the only way to get around them is to use a VPN or similar setup to get access outside of the country.

Region-Locked Content

Unfortunately, the Japanese language pack for Helldivers 2 is region-locked to Japan. This means players outside of Japan cannot officially download or access this language pack, even if they change their system or store region settings.

Reasons for Region Locking

There are a few potential reasons for this type of region locking:

  • Licensing Agreements: Distribution rights for voice acting and text translations may be limited to specific regions.
  • Localization Costs: The process of fully localizing a game into another language can be expensive. Publishers may limit localization to regions where they believe there’s sufficient demand.
  • Cultural Considerations: Certain content or themes may require adjustments for different cultural audiences, leading to region-specific versions.

Workarounds (Not Recommended)

Some players might be tempted to try workarounds like:

  • VPNs: Attempting to trick the store into thinking you’re located in Japan.
  • Modifying Game Files: Manually trying to add Japanese language files, if they can be obtained.

These methods are generally unreliable and could potentially violate the game’s terms of service.

Player Feedback

Many players outside of Japan have expressed a desire to use the Japanese language pack. Here’s how your voice can help:

  • Contact the Developers: Share your feedback directly with the Helldivers 2 developers or publisher, expressing your interest in the Japanese language option being made more widely available.
  • Community Forums: Discuss this issue on official Helldivers 2 forums and social media.

Availability of Other Language Options

It’s important to note that Helldivers 2 does include various other language packs. Here’s a table outlining some of those options:


Please check your game settings or store page for a complete list of available language packs in your region.

Key Takeaways

  • Helldivers 2 offers a dedicated Japanese language pack for immersive gameplay.
  • The language pack caters to players in Japan and Japanese-speaking gamers worldwide.
  • It simplifies access to the game’s content for non-English speakers.

Japanese Language Support for Helldivers 2

Players seeking to enjoy Helldivers 2 in Japanese will find this section crucial. It covers language support specifics, including interface options, gameplay features, and how these elements apply to the Japanese gaming community.

Japanese Interface and Download Options

Helldivers 2 players can adjust their console language settings to Japanese, where available, by visiting the system settings on their PlayStation 5. PC gamers using Steam can look for language packs, with special attention to regional availability for downloads.

Multilingual Game Features

The game offers an array of language options, including English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. This language support extends to various in-game elements such as subtitles and voiceovers, but it is important for players to note that some audio options may be exclusive to customers in Japan.

Helldivers 2 Gameplay Experience in Japan

For gamers playing in Japan, Helldivers 2 provides a wide range of language settings, ensuring local players have access to the full spectrum of available languages. This makes the experience fully immersive, whether players prefer to engage with the game in Japanese or another language.

Online Multiplayer and Community

Helldivers 2 supports multiplayer action for up to four online players, allowing for a dynamic online play environment. Accessibility options, including language support, further foster a vibrant international community, connecting players across various regions.

Special Editions and Exclusive Content

Special editions such as the Super Citizen Edition may offer exclusive content, including unique weapons like the DP-53 Savior of the Free and the MP-98 Knight. Details regarding exclusive content, such as language-specific voice packs or Warbonds, should be checked as they may differ by region.

Acquiring Helldivers 2 and Additional Content

Obtaining Helldivers 2 involves a straightforward process for gamers. Those interested in the Japanese language support can find the necessary details regarding download availability and additional content.

Purchasing and Downloading the Game

Players can purchase Helldivers 2 for their PC via the Steam platform. Just search for the game title in the Steam store and proceed with the purchase. Downloading the game is as simple as clicking “Install” after the transaction completes. Make sure to enter any region-specific information if prompted.

Stratagem Hero Ship Game and Expansion Packs

The game often comes with various expansion packs and DLC, such as the Stratagem Hero Ship game, which may include special in-game items or missions. You can buy these through Steam as well, often found on the game’s store page under “Downloadable Content.”

Update and Patch Notes

Players should keep their game up to date. Steam supports this by automatically updating games, but you can also manually check for updates by right-clicking the game in your Steam library and selecting “Properties,” then “Updates.” Patch notes outlining updates and fixes are posted in the News section of the game on the Steam platform.

Sharing Gameplay and Screenshots

For sharing your tactical exploits, Steam offers support for taking screenshots during play. Press the F12 key (default) to capture a moment. These screenshots can then be managed or shared via the Steam overlay, allowing players to show off their progress or ask for help with challenging missions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Players eagerly looking to enhance their Helldivers 2 experience with Japanese language features have some common concerns. This section aims to clarify these questions with straightforward solutions.

How can I install the Japanese language pack for Helldivers 2 on PS5?

For PS5 users, you can add the Japanese language pack by visiting the game’s page on the PlayStation Store and selecting the language pack from the add-ons section.

Where can I download the Japanese language pack for Helldivers 2?

The Japanese language pack can be downloaded directly from the relevant console’s store or, for PC players, from the game’s page on the platform you purchased it from.

Will adding a Japanese language pack to Helldivers 2 affect game performance?

Adding the Japanese language pack should not impact the game’s performance. It merely changes the text and audio to Japanese.

Are there any official Helldivers 2 language packs available including Japanese?

Yes, official language packs, including Japanese, are typically available through the game’s official channels such as the PlayStation Store or PC gaming platforms.

Can I switch Helldivers 2 to Japanese language settings in-game?

Players can switch to Japanese language settings in-game through the accessibility options in the game’s menu.

How do I change the subtitles to Japanese in Helldivers 2?

To change the subtitles to Japanese, access the game’s settings, navigate to the language options, and select Japanese for the subtitles.

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