Helldivers 2 Logo Game Cover
Helldivers 2 Logo Game Cover

Helldivers 2 offers a wider selection of characters for players to choose from, including both male and female characters. Each character has unique attributes that affect gameplay. This choice aims to create a more inclusive gaming environment. The game also incorporates diverse voice talents, allowing players to further customize their characters with unique vocal expressions. Player customization extends to physical appearance and voice selection, both of which impact in-game performance. Additionally, female characters are available from the start of the game, and players can fully customize them after completing the tutorial.

Expanded Civilian Representation

The female characters in Helldivers 2 aren’t just limited to the battlefield. Two new notable female civilians make their debut, enriching the lore and adding authenticity to Super Earth’s population:

  • Samantha Dakin: This determined woman represents the everyday resilience of civilians during relentless alien invasions.
  • Nina Zendejas: Another pivotal female civilian, Nina brings additional depth and dimension to the world.

Stat and Ability Differences

While cosmetic and voice choices offer significant personalization, gameplay differences do exist between male and female Helldivers.

CharacteristicFemale HelldiverMale Helldiver
StaminaApproximately 65% of male staminaStandard stamina pool
Health70 HP100 HP
Melee DamageLowerHigher
Sprint Duration (Full Gear)ShorterLonger

Playing as a female Helldiver offers a slightly more challenging yet rewarding experience. You’ll receive a 10% experience bonus along with unique rewards designed to compensate for the stat differences between genders.

Key Takeaways

  • Helldivers 2 introduces diverse characters with unique gameplay attributes.
  • Voice talents add personalization and depth to the gaming experience.
  • Character customization significantly influences in-game performance.

Character Profiles and Voice Talents

In Helldivers 2, female characters bring new dynamics and voices to the gameplay. This section explores the profiles of these characters and the talent behind their voices.

Main Female Characters

Coretta Kelly is one of the notable female figures in Helldivers 2. With distinct in-game stats and attributes, her character adds a fresh perspective to missions. Players can customize her appearance, which also influences her interactions in the game.

Supporting Female Characters

The game features various supporting female characters including the Democracy Officer, Service Technician, and Ship Master. Each one brings unique elements to the Helldivers 2 universe. They serve key roles aboard the starship and on the battlefield, enhancing the game’s narrative.

Voice Acting Talent

Cindy Robinson lends her voice to Coretta Kelly, bringing a depth of experience from voicing characters in other video games. Erica Lindbeck and Julie Nathanson are among the other accomplished actresses contributing to the game. The voice acting extends to various roles, from Mission Control to the Super Earth Spokesperson.

Female CharactersVoice Actors
Coretta KellyCindy Robinson
Democracy OfficerSamantha Dakin
General BraschMichelle Wong
Service TechnicianNina Zendejas
Ship MasterJaimi Barbakoff
Super Earth SpokespersonJennifer Armour
First Ad VoiceJoseph Balderrama
Second Ad VoiceIke Amadi

The voice pack in Helldivers 2 also includes notable male actors like Todd Haberkorn and Yuri Lowenthal, emphasizing the game’s focus on quality and immersive audio experiences.

Customization and Gameplay

In “Helldivers 2,” character customization plays a significant role in gameplay experience. Players can adapt their avatars to fit their playstyle preferences.

Armor and Loadout Options

Players find themselves in the Armory where they can change their character’s armor and select from various loadout options. Every piece of armor, from helmets to capes, can contribute to a player’s buffs. Choosing the right combination of armor pieces and secondary weapons can be the key to successfully completing missions.



Progression and Rewards

The game rewards players for completing missions and achieving in-game milestones. Earning EXP increases a character’s level, which in turn unlocks new items and abilities. Credits and Warbonds act as the in-game currency, allowing purchases and further customization. Accumulating Super Credits opens up even more elite options, while medals, victory poses, and emotes personalize the experience.

Currency Types

  • EXP
  • Credits
  • Warbonds
  • Super Credits


  • Armor Parts
  • Weapons
  • Victory Poses
  • Emotes

Strategy and Mechanics

In “Helldivers 2,” tactical decisions and character mechanics significantly influence gameplay. Health and stamina systems require players to consider their characters’ HP levels during combat. Players need to select weapons and stratagems that align with their intended playstyle, whether it’s more aggressive or defensive. Different classes and mission types ask for unique approaches and tactics.

Considerations for Playstyle

  • Health (HP)
  • Stamina
  • Resistance


  • Weapons Choice
  • Classes Role
  • Mission Objectives

Frequently Asked Questions

Helldivers 2 introduces a range of options for players who wish to explore the game as a female character. With a focus on customization and varying gameplay elements, these options enrich the player experience.

Are there female character options available in Helldivers 2?

Yes, players can choose female characters in Helldivers 2. The game includes this option to cater to different player preferences.

What customization features are there for female characters in Helldivers 2?

Female characters in Helldivers 2 can be personalized with various armor styles, voice packs, and two body types. These features allow for a tailored in-game look.

Can you play as a female character from the beginning in Helldivers 2?

Players can opt to play as a female character right from the start of the game. No additional requirements are needed to access female characters.

What are the differences between male and female characters in Helldivers 2, if any?

There are gameplay differences between male and female characters. Female characters have less stamina and health compared to their male counterparts. However, to balance gameplay, they receive more experience points.

How does the character progression work for female characters in Helldivers 2?

Character progression for female characters operates similarly to male characters. By taking part in missions and achieving objectives, players enhance their character’s abilities and stats.

Is there any exclusive content for female characters in Helldivers 2?

While there’s no content exclusively for female characters, the range of customization options and gameplay adjustments provide a unique experience for players choosing to play as a female character.

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