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Are you playing Helldivers 2 and want to learn how to overcome the robotic enemies known as Automatons? This guide provides a detailed overview of the Automaton forces, including their different units, strengths, weaknesses, and tactics. Whether you’re new to the game or an experienced player, this comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge to survive and succeed in missions against these mechanical foes.

The game challenges teams with missions that require strategic planning and the right equipment to defeat the Automaton enemies. By understanding their weaknesses and using the appropriate weapons, you can build a strong team ready for battle.

Helldivers 2: A Deep Dive into the Automaton Threat

Automatons, also known as Bots, are a formidable robotic faction in Helldivers 2, posing a significant threat to the galactic peacekeepers. Their forces are diverse, ranging from lightly armored foot soldiers to heavily fortified mechanized units. Understanding their strengths, weaknesses, and tactics is crucial for survival in the war-torn universe of Helldivers 2.

Foot Soldiers: The Backbone of the Automaton Army

The Automaton foot soldiers, including Troopers, Marauders, and Raiders, form the bulk of the robotic army. Although lightly armored, they are agile and aggressive, often engaging in close-quarters combat. Their weak point is their exposed metal head, making headshots a particularly effective strategy.

Unit TypeArmamentStrengthsWeaknessesTactics
TrooperMachine GunsAgile, NumerousLightly Armored, Weak to HeadshotsSwarm Tactics, Suppressive Fire
MarauderCannonHigh Damage OutputSlow, PredictableMid-Range Combat, Area Denial
RaiderRocket LaunchersExplosive DamageSlow Projectile SpeedIndirect Fire, Ambushes

Armored Units: Heavy Hitters on the Battlefield

The Automatons deploy a variety of armored units, including Scout Striders, Berserkers, and Devastators. These heavily armored units boast significant firepower and resilience, making them formidable opponents. However, they are slower and less maneuverable than their foot soldier counterparts.

Unit TypeArmamentStrengthsWeaknessesTactics
Scout StriderDual Machine GunsHigh Mobility, Flanking ManeuversLightly Armored, Vulnerable to Focused FireHit-and-Run Tactics, Disruption
BerserkerMinigun, Missile LauncherMassive FirepowerSlow, Predictable MovementArea Denial, Suppression
DevastatorHeavy Cannon, RocketsLong Range, High DamageSlow Turning Speed, Limited Anti-Air CapabilitiesArtillery Support, Base Defense

Specialized Units: Unique Threats on the Battlefield

In addition to standard foot soldiers and armored units, the Automatons also deploy specialized units, such as Hulks and Gunships. These units possess unique abilities and pose specific challenges to Helldivers.

Unit TypeArmamentStrengthsWeaknessesTactics
HulkMinigun, Grenade LauncherHeavily Armored, High FirepowerSlow, Weak Spot on the BackFrontline Assault, Tanking Damage
GunshipGatling Guns, MissilesAir Superiority, Heavy OrdinanceVulnerable to Anti-Air WeaponsAerial Support, Strafing Runs

This is just a brief overview of the Automaton forces in Helldivers 2. Each unit type presents a unique challenge, requiring Helldivers to adapt their tactics and strategies accordingly. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each unit, players can effectively counter the Automaton threat and emerge victorious on the battlefield.

Key Takeaways

  • Automaton foes in “Helldivers 2” are equipped with diverse weaponry.
  • Players need to strategically prepare and choose appropriate gear for each mission.
  • Teamwork and knowledge of enemy weaknesses are crucial for overcoming Automatons.

Understanding Automaton Enemies

In Helldivers 2, Automaton enemies pose a unique threat with their tough armor and powerful weapons. This section will help you identify these foes, exploit their weaknesses, and adopt the best strategies to overcome them.

Types of Automaton Foes

Automatons come in various forms each with its own strengths and roles on the battlefield. The Scout Strider swiftly detects Helldivers. Tanks like the Annhilator control large areas with heavy gunfire. Devastators and Hulks carry heavy armor that standard weapons can’t penetrate. Berserkers charge and explode upon death, while Chargers and Raiders engage in close combat. Troopers are the basic foot soldiers, and Commissars can call reinforcements.

Automaton Unit Weaknesses

The key to defeating Automatons lies in discovering and hitting their weak points. A common weakness among many Automaton units is the rear armor that is less fortified than the front. For instance, the Heavy Devastator is less protected at the back, making it vulnerable to attacks from behind. The Tank, while extremely armored, has a slow turret turn speed, which can be exploited. Explosive stratagems are also effective against heavy units.

Strategic Approach to Automaton Combat

A thoughtful approach is vital when facing Automaton forces. Bring armor-piercing weapons and targeted stratagems to handle tough foes. Positioning is crucial to avoid being surrounded. Defensive tactics such as strategic retreats or using the terrain for cover can be life-saving. Aim for the weak spots and keep moving to ensure a successful mission against the Automaton faction.

Equipping for Battle Against Automatons

When facing the mechanical might of Automaton enemies in Helldivers 2, the right gear is key. Players need to choose weapons and stratagems that can pierce Automaton armor and deal with their firepower.

Weaponry and Stratagems

Effective weaponry is crucial to combat Automatons. Shotguns and Machine Guns are solid choices for their raw power. The PLAS-1 Scorcher, a high-powered option, stands out for hitting hard and taking down normal Automaton enemies swiftly. Not all guns can penetrate the thick armor of certain Automatons, so something like a Rocket Launcher or an Orbital Railcannon may be in order. These offer the heavy hitting force needed for the tougher foes.

Stratagems are special abilities that can turn the tide of a battle. Against Automatons, bringing the best stratagems is a must.

  • Artillery: Calls down heavy artillery fire, useful for groups of enemies.
  • Airstrikes: Can clear dense enemy clusters quickly.
  • Defensive Gear: Shield and armor boosts that help you take a few extra hits.
  • Support Weapons: Anti-armor gear that destroys tough enemies.

Preparing Your Loadout

The loadout should be balanced. For defense, bring armor boosts to stay safe in the heat of combat. Offensive gear will depend on the mission. Close-range situations call for shotguns and machine guns, while open areas might benefit from the range and impact of rocket pods and autocannons.

Players should think about:

  • Armor: Some gear offers better protection against Automaton fire.
  • Grenades: Handy for a quick response to being surrounded.
  • Gatling Gun: Not only for offense but great as crowd control.

A concise combination of offensive and defensive gear ensures readiness for what Automaton enemies bring to the battle.

In choosing your equipment, remember to equip the right grenades and a primary weapon suited for your style. Match it with a strong secondary that covers your primary’s weaknesses. This way, you’re well-rounded and ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Helldivers 2, players often find themselves pitted against the mechanized might of Automaton enemies. The following frequently asked questions aim to equip Helldivers with the knowledge needed to tackle these formidable foes.

What are the unique abilities of the Automaton enemies in Helldivers 2?

Automatons come with a range of abilities that can challenge even the most seasoned players. They are known for heavy armor and powerful attacks. For example, the Hulk and Heavy Devastator require heavy firepower to defeat.

How can players effectively combat Automaton enemy types in Helldivers 2?

Effective combat against Automatons involves staying mobile and utilizing weapons that can penetrate their defenses. Forming a team with diverse weapon capabilities can turn the tide in these tough encounters.

Are there any specific weapons recommended when facing Automatons in Helldivers 2?

Yes, players should arm themselves with weapons that can bypass the tough armor of Automatons. The EAT-17 and Recoilless Rifle are good choices, as they have the armor-piercing qualities necessary to damage these enemies effectively.

What defensive strategies should be employed against Automaton attacks in Helldivers 2?

Staying on the move is key to avoiding damage. Players can also use the environment to their advantage, taking cover when possible, and keeping a safe distance from their powerful attacks.

Do Automaton enemies in Helldivers 2 have any weaknesses to exploit?

Like many enemies, Automatons do have weaknesses. For instance, while the Annihilator Tank controls large areas, its attacks are focused in a cone, which means a well-timed dodge can keep players safe.

Has there been an update or patch that affects the behavior of Automaton enemies in Helldivers 2?

Over time, developers may release updates that modify enemy behavior. Players should keep an eye on official patch notes for any changes to the capabilities or weaknesses of Automaton enemies.

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