Helldivers 2 Logo Game Cover
Helldivers 2 Logo Game Cover

Helldivers 2 offers many weapons for players to use to protect Super Earth. Each weapon has unique features. These weapons are important for strategizing against extraterrestrial enemies. Understanding the weapons is important for mastering the game. The game allows players to unlock more weapons as they complete objectives. Mastering and customizing weapons are very important if players want to face tougher challenges. Understanding how to unlock these powerful tools can help gamers adjust their tactics to conquer the game’s extensive combat scenarios.

Primary Weapons

These form your Helldiver’s core damage output.

Weapon NameTypeStrengthsWeaknesses
AR-23 LiberatorAssault RifleVersatile, good magazine sizeMediocre damage against armor
AR-23P Liberator PenetratorAssault RifleArmor piercing, fast fire rateSmall magazine, requires burst firing
AR-23E Liberator ConcussiveAssault RifleExplosive rounds, crowd controlLow direct damage
R-63 DiligenceMarksman RifleHigh single-shot damage, good against botsLess effective against swarms
R-63CS Diligence Counter SniperMarksman RifleUpgraded Diligence, even higher damageLower fire rate
SMG-37 DefenderSubmachine GunFast fire rate, good with shieldsLow armor penetration
SG-8 PunisherShotgunHigh close-range damagePoor accuracy at range
SG-8S SluggerShotgunStrong against armorSlow fire rate, small magazine
SG-225 BreakerShotgunVersatile, decent at most rangesLess specialized

Secondary Weapons

Sidearms provide backup firepower or specialized utility.

Weapon NameTypeStrengthsWeaknesses
P-2 PeacemakerPistolStandard, reliableUnremarkable
Dagger PistolLaser PistolUnlimited ammoLow damage
P-19 RedeemerHeavy PistolHigh damage, good against armorSlow fire rate


Called in from the ship, these offer powerful support or heavy ordnance.

Weapon NameTypeStrengthsWeaknesses
AutocannonTurretSustained damage, good rangeStationary, vulnerable
FlamethrowerArea DenialDevastating vs. swarmsShort range
Anti-Materiel RifleSniper RifleExtreme damage, armor piercingSingle shot, slow reload
StalwartMachine GunLarge magazine, crowd controlLess damage per shot

Important Notes:

  • Many weapons require unlocking by leveling up and spending medals.
  • Experiment to find loadouts that suit your playstyle!
  • Balancing updates may change weapon effectiveness over time.

Key Takeaways

  • Helldivers 2’s weapon variety is crucial for player strategy and success.
  • Weapons are categorized and can be customized to suit different playstyles.
  • Unlocking weapons is achieved by completing in-game objectives.

Weapons Overview

In Helldivers 2, the diverse weaponry empowers players to confront alien threats with precision and efficiency. The game offers a broad array of guns and support tools to suit various styles of play, each with unique traits and unlockable through gameplay progression.

Primary Weapons

Primary weapons form the backbone of a Helldiver’s arsenal, with choices ranging from versatile assault rifles to powerful shotguns. A notable example is the AR-23 Liberator, an assault rifle known for its balanced power and control. This weapon offers good handling and is suitable for taking on smaller foes. For those preferring close combat, shotguns like the SG-225 Breaker and the SG-8 Punisher provide significant stopping power against tough opponents. The SG-2251E Breaker Incendiary variant introduces fiery devastation to the mix. For players favoring precision, the R-63 Diligence Marksman Rifle and its counterpart, the R-63CS Diligence Counter Sniper, offer long-range targeting capabilities with the trade-off of a slower firing rate.

Secondary and Support Weapons

Secondary weapons, typically sidearms like the dependable P-2 Peacemaker Pistol or the P-19 Redeemer, offer backup when primary ammunition runs low or reloading is not an option. The SG-8S Slugger Shotgun packs a close-range punch, while the LAS-5 Scythe brings energy-based technology to the table. Beyond personal firearms, the game includes support weapon stratagems such as the deployable flamethrower, the autocannon, or the railgun for fixed-position firepower. Lastly, for those situations calling for a tactical edge, the versatile spear provides a swift method of taking down enemies. Each item in this category can be unlocked through progress and serves a purpose to compliment a player’s primary weapon choice, positioning them for success on the battlefield.

Unlocking Weapons and Loadout Customization

Customizing your loadout in Helldivers 2 ensures that your character aligns with your preferred playstyle. Acquiring the right weapons and gear is essential to your success on the battlefield.

Weapon Acquisition

In Helldivers 2, players can unlock weapons through various means. Some weapons are automatically given to players as they start the game. For a broader arsenal, players need to earn medals and warbonds, which are awarded for completing missions and achieving specific objectives.

Certain weapons become available as part of the Helldivers Mobilize Warbonds progression in the acquisitions menu. More advanced weaponry can be unlocked through the Steeled Veterans Premium Warbonds progression. For those who have the Super Citizen Edition, special gear is included as a pre-order bonus.

Here is a brief overview of how players can obtain weapons:

  • Default Loadout: Some weapons are available from the beginning.
  • Medals: Earned by completing missions and used to acquire new weapons.
  • Warbonds: Collected during gameplay for weapon unlocks.
  • Helldivers Mobilize: A warbonds track that unlocks more weapons.
  • Steeled Veterans: A premium track that grants access to high-tier weapons.
  • Super Citizen Edition: Offers exclusive weapons as part of its bonus content.

Customization and Playstyle

Customizing your loadout in Helldivers 2 involves choosing from a variety of weapons and gear to suit your playstyle. Players can select their armor, grenades, and weapons with different traits to create a personalized combat role. Playstyle can range from defensive to aggressive, depending on the chosen gear.

Weapon choice can influence your approach to combat scenarios. Weapons with high firepower might suit an offensive player, while stealthy players may prefer silenced weapons. Your loadout choices should reflect your strategy on the battlefield.

Here’s a simplified table that illustrates potential loadout components:

Loadout ComponentPurposeConsiderations
Primary WeaponMain offensePower vs. stealth
Secondary WeaponBackup or utilityPrecision vs. area effect
GrenadesTactical advantageDamage vs. disruption
ArmorProtection levelMobility vs. defense

Every choice impacts how you’ll engage in Helldivers 2’s cooperative gameplay, making loadout decisions strategic and meaningful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helldivers 2 offers a variety of weapons for players to choose from, each with unique ways to unlock and use effectively in combat. Here we cover some of the most common inquiries players have regarding the armaments available in the game.

How do you unlock all weapons in Helldivers 2?

To unlock weapons in Helldivers 2, players must complete specific objectives, missions, and achieve certain ranks. Some weapons may also become available through participation in community events or purchasing additional content packs.

How many weapons are there in Helldivers 2?

The game features an extensive arsenal with 29 Primary weapons, 8 Secondaries, 12 Stratagem Support weapons, and 10 Grenades, totaling to 59 weapons available at launch.

Which weapons are considered top-tier in Helldivers 2?

Top-tier weapons are selected based on their damage, rate of fire, and versatility. The community often creates tier lists ranking the weapons, reflecting the current meta and gameplay strategies.

What is the most effective weapon for automaton combat in Helldivers 2?

Effectiveness against automatons varies by situation, but weapons with high damage output and precision, such as railguns or laser-based weapons, tend to perform well against these adversaries.

Is the scythe an effective weapon choice in Helldivers 2?

The scythe is a laser-based weapon that offers continuous fire, making it effective for handling crowds of enemies and maintaining perimeter defense without the need for ammo reloads.

Can you provide a comprehensive guide to the weapons in Helldivers 2?

While a comprehensive guide is beyond this FAQ format, players can find detailed weapon information including unlock requirements and statistics on specialized gaming websites and community forums dedicated to Helldivers 2.

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