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With the entire globe at our fingertips, we frequently use our cell phones as our main internet access points. Our surfing activities accumulate a record of the websites we’ve viewed over time, known as “browser history.” Although though using this history can help you quickly visit a site you’ve already visited, there are instances when you might wish to delete it for privacy or to clean up your browser. You can use this article to learn how to delete browsing history on a mobile device.

Clearing your browser history regularly is an essential step in maintaining your online privacy and safeguarding your personal data.

Why We Need to Clear Browser History

Browser history records every website you visit, along with the date and time of access. This information can be accessed by anyone who gains access to your device, potentially revealing your browsing habits, personal interests, and online activities. Additionally, over time, accumulated browser history can slow down your browser’s performance and make it more difficult to manage your browsing data effectively.

Clearing Browser History: A Step-by-Step Guide for Major Mobile Platforms

The process of clearing browser history varies slightly depending on the mobile platform you use. Here’s a step-by-step guide for the most common platforms:


  1. Open the Chrome app.
  2. Tap the three dots in the top-right corner.
  3. Select “History” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Tap “Clear browsing data.”
  5. Select the desired time range or “All time.”
  6. Check the boxes next to “Browsing history,” “Cookies and site data,” and “Cached images and files.”
  7. Tap “Clear data.”


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap “Safari.”
  3. Scroll down and tap “Clear History and Website Data.”
  4. Tap “Clear History and Data.”

Samsung Internet (Android):

  1. Open the Samsung Internet app.
  2. Tap the three lines in the bottom-right corner.
  3. Select “Settings” from the pop-up menu.
  4. Tap “Privacy and security.”
  5. Under “Browsing privacy,” tap “Delete browsing data.”
  6. Select the desired data to delete, including “Browsing history,” “Cookies and site data,” and “Cached images and files.”
  7. Tap “Delete data.”

Additional Tips for Enhanced Privacy

Apart from clearing your browser history regularly, consider these additional tips for enhanced privacy and security:

  • Use private browsing mode: Private browsing mode prevents your browsing history and cookies from being saved on your device.
  • Enable Do Not Track: Many websites offer the option to disable tracking, which prevents them from collecting your browsing data.
  • Install ad blockers: Ad blockers prevent websites from tracking your online activity and displaying targeted ads.
  • Be cautious about downloads: Only download files from trusted sources to avoid malware or spyware infections.
  • Update your browser regularly: Browser updates often include security patches and privacy enhancements.

Benefits To Deleting Browsing History

There are various benefits to deleting your browser’s history:

Privacy: Clearing your history might help you keep your privacy if you share your device with others.

Troubleshooting: A problematic website occasionally performs better with a clear history.

Cleaning Up Space: Your device’s storage space may be taken up by cookies, cache, and browsing history. These can be removed to assist make some room.

Enhanced Performance: A lengthy browsing history may cause your browser to lag over time. It could be sped up by clearing it.

How to Delete History in a Browser

The ways to clear the history vary between browsers. For the most well-liked mobile browsers, follow these instructions:

Chrome on Google:

On your phone, launch the Chrome app.

To access the browser menu, tap the three dots in the upper right corner (Android) or lower right corner (iPhone).

Choose “History.”

On the iPhone or Android, tap “Clear Browsing Data” at the bottom of the screen.

Make sure ‘Browsing History’ is chosen, then touch ‘Clear Data’ (Android) or ‘Clear Browsing Data’ (iPhone) (Android).

iPhone Safari:

Get your iPhone’s Settings app open.

Scan down to “Safari” and tap it.

Just select “Clear History and Website Data.”

Tap “Clear History and Data” on the pop-up to confirm your choice.


Launch the Firefox mobile app.

To access the browser menu, tap the three-line icon in the upper right (Android) or lower right (iPhone) corner.

Click “Settings.”

Tap “Data Management” (on an iPhone) or “Clear private data” when you scroll down (Android).

On the iPhone, select “Browsing History” and then press “Clear Private Data” or “CLEAR DATA” (Android).

Windows Edge

Get your phone’s Edge app open.

To access the browser menu, tap the three dots icon in the bottom center of either the iPhone or Android screen.

Click “History.”

Choose “Clear browsing data.”

Make sure “Browsing History” is chosen, then select “Clear.”


your phone’s Opera app should be opened.

To access the browser menu, tap the “O” symbol in the bottom right corner.

Click “Settings.”

Click “Clear browsing data” after scrolling down.

Verify that “Clear browsing history” is chosen, then touch “OK.”

Always keep in mind that cleaning your browser history will remove any traces of the websites you’ve visited and may cause you to lose access to websites where you’ve chosen to be remembered. Before starting a history clear, it’s a good idea to have any login information you might require close at hand.


Understanding how to manage your browser history is crucial in a time when online privacy is of the utmost importance. It can not only increase browser performance and save up storage space on your device, but it can also give you peace of mind by assisting in the protection of your privacy. This article will ensure that you can successfully delete your mobile phone’s browser history whether you’re keeping your online privacy, performing some digital spring cleaning, or debugging a website.

Clearing your browser history regularly is an essential step in this process, along with adopting other privacy-conscious practices. By taking control of your online data, you can navigate the digital landscape with confidence and protect your privacy in an increasingly interconnected world.

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